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Not only am I a fan of good porn…

I also enjoy documentaries about sexuality. My Sexuality was part of the Cinekink Film Festival in 2010 and due to other responsibilities; I was unable to see it. I really wanted to; so when I saw that it came out on DVD, I contacted them and asked if they would be interested in sending a copy for review. I’m so glad they did!

What you’re in for

Basically, My Sexuality features 5 women of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and sexual orientation. I really appreciate that didn’t focus on just one age group, etc. Each woman has issues, baggage, fears about all different kinds of things that affect how they view themselves sexually. The result overall seems to be poor sexual self-esteem and low self-confidence.  These women go on a journey, partaking in different activities that the film maker hopes will improve their sexual self-esteem and sexuality. As the viewers, we get to go on this journey with them.

Not surprising, but definitely aggravating

I hate putting spoilers in reviews, but honestly, it shouldn’t be surprising that 4 out of the 5 women had little to no sexual education from school or their parents which has ultimately lead to the issues that they’re having now. You see this quote from Carol Queen come to life: “When sexuality is impaired in some way it almost always affects people’s emotional lives, their psychology, their relationships, their sense of self. It really is very fundamental to have access to tools for a positive sex life.” These ladies are overwhelmed and overburdened with misinformation about sex and sexuality that has caused some of them to just give up on it all and no one should deprive themselves of that.

Some activities to encourage change

I love that Felicia Giouzelis, the filmmaker, takes us along for the ride on all the activities and classes that the ladies take. Together the ladies go to a pleasure party, take a strip tease course, pole dance classes, corset fitting and makeover & photo shoot. I’ve taken pole dance classes before and when I tell other ladies, it’s like this taboo thing and they want to know, “Oh my God, what did you have to do?” As if it was something terrible. By watching this film, you see that these parties, courses, fittings and shoots happen in a safe environment and that it can all actually be a lot of fun. You easily realize that this is something your next door neighbor is currently doing or has already done, it’s no big deal. It’s a whole lotta fun and can really help to improve one’s self-esteem.

Watching people evolve…

I love watching people have their world open up and evolve into happier beings and that’s what you see here. During each activity at least one of them has a fear, challenge or obstacle to overcome for whatever reason and they’re all fighters. They all participate regardless of what they’re fighting internally. This is wonderful and fascinating to watch. My Sexuality shows that women with a little commitment to themselves, dedication and courage have a better outlook on themselves. Plus the overcoming part can be really fun. I think women are beautiful, especially when they respect themselves, respect others and have security in who they are. This film shows that’s possible for any woman to obtain.

Carol Queen rocks

Carol Queen is a sex educator that I’ve always followed. I hope the ladies (and I hope men watch this film too)really pay attention to the knowledge and thoughts that she shares because there are so many gems within that could be really helpful and lead to some very positive conversations with a partner or lover.

Men really should watch too

I think men should watch this movie too, especially if they’re not succeeding with the women in their lives. This is a tiny window into aspects of ourselves that we’re struggling with. Being aware of these very common concerns and issues that these women have could help you make someone feel really good and really special and that’s a great thing. We all have our issues, men too. They have their own insecurities, we all do and that’s where this movie reminds us all to be kinder and flirtier with those that we care about and are attracted to.

Was there anything I didn’t like or agree with?

Not really and I spent some time thinking this over. I thought My Sexuality was well edited, relaying important information about the ladies. I enjoyed the small interview segments. They helped me to get to know all the ladies a little bit better. I also enjoyed the bonus interview segments with all the teachers and educators that the ladies spent time with. There are gems of information in those sections too.

Favorite Bit

Being taken into the classes and experiencing with the ladies really shows what the classes are about, how they’re not scary or overly sexual and how they can be very enlightening, a lot of fun and ultimately helpful and rewarding.

Not easily available

This is the only downside. As of this writing, My Sexuality is only available on DVD through the film’s website, which I will link to below. If you follow them on Facebook you’ll find out about any public screenings. They get involved in a lot of film festivals. I’d also keep an eye on Netflix and Amazon Unbox, hopefully it will be available through those outlets soon.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed My Sexuality. I understand why it won the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Cinekink Film Festival, 2010. Felicia has taken a sensitive topic and addressed it with great care while also providing enough information to viewers to make positive changes in their lives as well.  I think it’s a very inspiring movie and hope that  a lot of people see it.

Vital Stats:

Run Time: Approximately 1 hour
Studio: 21st Century Pictures Group
Director: Felicia Giouzelis
Film Type: Documentary
Extras: Trailer and Extra Interviews

Where It's Available:

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