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I’m one of those gals with a very large collection of sex toys. However, there are a few I like to keep close by so I can easily grab them either in the middle of play or get them ready just before. I also periodically have guests that I don’t want to see what I do when they’re not around. So where does a sexy girl keep her toys handy, yet hidden? The Stashe Pillow  is just the thing this sexy type of gal needs.

It’s an 18″x18″ velvet-like covered pillow that you can hide your sex toys, movies, lube, batteries or whatever naughty items you want out of sight. It looks like a real pillow and functions like a real pillow, even when there’s a few things inside. Basically what you’ve got is a plush filled, satiny-like lined encasing that you can stashe your naughty items in. Then zip up the velvety cover and no one’s the wiser to your naughty deeds.

There’s a bunch of things I love about the Stashe Pillow.

First, you can fit A LOT of stuff in it. I filled mine with a Hitachi Magic Wand (no small item), Koi rabbit style vibrator, Heart shaped paddle, neoprene cuff set, 3 adult DVDs, 4.3 oz. spray bottle of toy cleaner, Cosmos Steamy Sex Games Card Set, a 100 ml bottle of lube, Pocket Rocket and my glass dildo. The cherry on top the this delicious cake of toy storage was that, as long as I strategically filled the pillow, it didn’t look like there was anything in it as it sat on my bed and couch. There was no wacky lumpy appearance. Of course, the more items you put in it, the less natural it will look. And if you’re like me and have an extremely large toy collection, you won’t be able to fit all your toys in one pillow, however, you can use it to keep the most used and most desired items handy, so they’re always in your bed/play area and ready to go.


a safe place to store these intimate gems

The Stashe is also a plain pillow, available in various colors and patterns that will work well for women AND men. Yep, you guys out there with your lube, condoms, masturbation toys, cock rings, anal toys and/or porn flicks that you don’t want your buddies or even partners to know about but can’t live without; you can hide them in the Stashe Pillow as well.

The Stashe Pillow is covered in the same velvety fabric as Liberator’s other items, so it’s easy to clean in the washing machine and toss in the dryer. My cover has gone through several washes over the past few months and it looks good as new.

The inside is lined with a cushy satiny-type lining that’s great for storing rubber, jelly or silicone items because the fabric within doesn’t leave all kinds of lint and fabric particles on your toy, making it a safe place to store these intimate gems. As long as you clean your toys before storing, they’ll be clean and ready to go when you remove them from the pillow. It’s also very soft and cushiony making it a great place to store more delicate glass toys as well.


The Stashe Pillow is a very clever item allowing men and women to store their toys in a safe and discreet place keeping them handy for playtime and out of the sight of prying eyes. I see this item working best for people that live with others like college students in dorm rooms, those living with parents and couples with children. So if you’ve been wanting to try a sex toy or naughty movie and you’ve been holding back because you don’t know how on earth you’re going to hide these items, that issue is solved. At the time of writing, the Stashe Pillow costs $30.00. From my experience with the Stashe Pillow and all of Liberator’s other items, I can say with confidence that you’re going to be able to store a good number of items while getting some serious mileage out of this item, so I think it’s well worth it.

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