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I enjoy a nice herbal tea and I really enjoy sex.

If the two can work in concert together, I’m a happy reviewer. However, I’m also a serious skeptic of pheromones, aphrodisiacs and sexual supplements.  I’ve been exposed to a lot of information over the years and have come to learn and experience that most of the time, these items are too good to be true. So when the folks at Intimate Teas contacted me for a review and they claim in their FAQ section that their teas “REALLY” work, I was intrigued.

Intimate Teas offers two different blends. The first, My Maple Cookie, is touted to make both men and women smell and taste as sweet as maple in their most intimate areas. The second, Screaming O, is supposed to increase passion, an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant that can intensify orgasms. These are some pretty big claims.

We immediately noticed how fragrant they were, making us both salivate.

Each tea blend is available in a 4 pack or 12 pack tin.  The packaging of the 12 pack tins that we received are rather simply designed and executed: a metal tin with some colorful labels. Upon opening the tins, we immediately noticed how fragrant they were, strong maple odor for the My Maple Cookie and peppermint for the Screaming O, making us both salivate.

Even though I was skeptical of the claims, I really wanted them to work. To give these teas the best shot of success, my husband and I decided to give them a try at a time when our sex life was in great shape. By trying them at this optimal time, we’d be most open to the teas effects.


There was no noticeable difference in feeling, taste, smell or pleasure.

We followed the directions for My Maple Cookie drinking 2 cups, then having another cup the next day, the day of sex.  While the tea tasted and smelled very yummy and was enjoyable to drink, we did not experience a notable difference in smell or taste of sexual juices or genitals during our encounter. Even subsequent cups days later proved no different.

A couple of weeks later, we decided to give the Screaming O a go. Again, we followed the instructions on the tin, had a couple of cups during the day, the last one being several hours before our intimate encounter. I’m not sure what we were supposed to feel. Our encounter was amazing, they always are and our orgasms were great, which they usually are too. So I can’t say with absolute certainty that the Screaming O tea was the cause of our great orgasms. Neither one of us experienced any noticeable difference in arousal, pleasure or orgasm.

Since these teas are considered herbal dietary supplements, the statements made by the company do not have to be evaluated by the FDA. So I did some quick research on the main ingredients. The main ingredient for My Maple Cookie, Trigonella Foenum Gracum, is an herb used in many Indian dishes and has several medicinal uses as well with no serious warnings. The main ingredient in Screaming O is peppermint, something we’re all familiar with and poses no real threat either. I checked on the other two listed ingredients: suma and ginseng. Suma is a somewhat unknown herb as far as its health benefits and adverse effects. On most sites, pregnant and/or nursing women, young children and those with liver or kidney diseases were advised against using it. Other than that, no real warning signs popped up. However, there are serious advisories about Ginseng. It’s the last listed ingredient on the package which normally means there should be very little of it, however, the exact amount in the tea is unknown. These are herbal supplements afterall and as with any, you have to weigh the possible pros and cons before indulging and I leave that detialed research up to you.


Intimate Teas claims their products are not novelty items, however, in my experience that’s all they have turned out to be.

Even though I was initially skeptical and always will be about herbal enhancement items, I really wanted these teas to work. I wanted to experience the fun and excitement that’s been touted and surprisingly experienced by others; but the simple fact is that my husband and I did not find either tea to cause a noticable difference in our smell, taste or experience of sex which is what Intimate Teas claims their products really do. At the time of writing, the 12 pack sells for $32 and the 4 pack for $13.00, a decent chunk of change if you’re buying for it’s “aphrodisiac effects” that you probably won’t feel. There are plenty of maple and peppermint flavored teas that cost much less and even come in nicer looking boxes, bags and kits if you wanted to give tea as a gift. Since these items are being touted as “Erotic”, they have a higher price tag on them, which I’m struggling to accept. Even as a gift item, to spend $32 on a 12 pack tin of tea bags, I would expect the packaging to look more professional. Intimate Teas offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, but after reading through the shipping and return process, it seems like more hassle than it’s worth. In reviewing all the information on their website and looking back on my experience with these items as sexual enhancements and considering them for possible naughty gift items, I think these Intimate Teas are worth passing up.

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