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I am a total geek when to comes to sex information

Even with all the experiences I’ve had and the thoughts I’ve shared online, I still want more information, more opinions, to hear other people’s stories and have more experiences myself. So when a new book comes along, especially one that looks as unique as The Sex is Fun Book, I’m totally psyched. I was really glad that the Sex is Fun people sent this to me for review.

In this world of expressing ourselves in 140 characters on Twitter…

And being able to fast forward through commercials or not even have them included in our viewing experience at all, it seems as though our attention spans are waning. On my message board,, I get many people coming on and just wanting THE answer to their question and not wanting to be bogged down with any other related information, no matter how helpful. When I originally flipped through the pages of Sex is Fun and saw its comic book design, I was intrigued. I immediately thought it would appeal to the younger folks and those that don’t want a tome on sex. The comic book style presents the information in a very playful, friendly way.

All Sexual Orientations Apply

I also love the fact that they include illustrations of characters of all different sexual orientations. They’re with the times. We’re all having sex, we’re all sucking cock or licking pussy. Many of us are curious about BDSM and anal sex, so why just focus on heterosexual couples? It’s just not necessary any more. Lesbians, Bisexual women and men all need to understand how the female body works and how to give it pleasure. Gay men, bisexual men and women need to understand how the male body works so they can give it pleasure. The fact that they include illustrations of all these couples and combinations makes this book inviting to read for all.

Safe sex included, but not harped on

Safe sex information is everywhere, no matter where you look; you can find information about it. While it’s extremely important, I sometimes feel that some books just throw it in to be responsible or take up space. Sex is Fun included safe sex information; they cover the basics and move on and get to the heart of it. They also make it clear, in the beginning of book, that all characters are free of STI’s and are fluid bonded so barriers aren’t necessary and won’t be shown in the illustrations.

Favorite Chapter

The “Before the Foreplay” Chapter is my favorite. I get a lot of questions about this and to me the topic seems simple, how to get ready for a night of sex. However, it’s not as simple to everyone. So in this chapter, the Sex is Fun folks illustrate and explain how men and women can get ready for a night of sex: how to properly clean yourself so you’re a sweet smellin’, smooth to the touch lover. I’ve not seen this kind of information covered too often in sex information books and I commend them for including it. It’s unfortunate that it’s such a quick chapter, but it covers the most important points and things that people really don’t realize they should do.

Talking Dirty

This is another favorite chapter because it’s also a topic I get asked about often. I think their approach to getting your dirty talk on is something that even the shyest can follow and incorporate. They explain that you should start small, baby steps and many, many people want to go to from zero to sixty right away. Not possible if you don’t know how to do it or are really self-conscious about it. Again though, unfortunately, the chapter ended rather quickly and I thought that more ideas or examples could have been shared.

Information is current

The sexual subjects that Sex is Fun tackles are up to date and current with topics that I hear about regularly:

How to take a sexy picture
How to make a sexy movie
How to last longer or cum quicker
How to stimulate the prostate
How to stimulate the G-Spot
How to be a generous lover even when intercourse isn’t an option
Plus they explore various fantasies and how you can make them a reality

And there’s so much more, just about every aspect of sex play is covered: Oral sex, anal sex, intercourse, different positions, BDSM, blindfolds, sex in the bath or shower, sensation play…

It’s not just a book you read, it’s a book you do

Following many of the chapters, you’ll come across questions, quizzes and exercises to help you, your partner or both to explore your thoughts on different activities and desires. As long as you’re honest with yourself, I think these activities can be very enlightening and helpful.

Disappointing Bit

The anal sex chapter, while it hits some important points, anal sex is so much more complicated for many than vaginal sex and I don’t think they spent enough time on the topic. To me, it felt like more of an introduction to the topic, but unfortunately, there was no suggestion of a more thorough resource. They also didn’t take the time to even mention that you should never go from  anus to vagina without cleaning first, that’s very important when any woman is involved in that sexual activity.

Overall Thoughts

For the most part, I enjoyed the Sex is Fun book. The design is so fun and friendly and the language so straightforward and easy to understand that once you start reading it, you’re off and running. I was sucked right into it. There’s some great ideas shared within that will no doubt shed some very helpful light for single men, women and couples of all orientations.

However, the difficulty in writing an book like this is that there is sooooo much information to cover and to spend any amount of time on any one topic would cause you to have a 900 page book like the Guide to Getting It On. A book that thick these days looks very daunting and even intimidating to many, even though it’s a book chock full of information that you’ll probably keep around forever to keep referencing. There were just so many topics that I wished they had spent more time on.

While the comic strip design is unique, playful and even helpful in visualizing some of the topics and actions, it may be another reason why the information is so limited.

Don’t get me wrong, the information is solid, it’s helpful and should have folks headed in a more positive sexual direction when they’re finished reading it. They don’t make learning about sex feel like a chore or that any ‘work’ has to be done to make positive changes, and that’s also a good thing. I just really wish some of the topics had more information. You learn how to do some things, but know that it’s really introductory knowledge that I feel people should be encouraged to seek out further information. The more you know the better sex you’ll eventually have. This book is a great foundation to move in that direction.

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