Housewife’s Guide to the Practical Striptease

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What it promises (from back cover)

Toss your mop and gloves aside! You’re about to get naked! The Housewife’s Guide to the Practical Striptease is an entertaining, informative manual for women of all shapes and sizes!  It’s about time somebody wrote a “How to” for the practical striptease. Everything you ever wanted to know, and a few things you didn’t!  Tips and insider secrets from real strippers!

  • Trimming your landing strip
  • Music to strip by
  • Choosing your wardrobe
  • The Art of Lap Dancing

Getting lost in the world of diapers and dishes? Rediscover yourself and every sensuous inch of your body! Learn how to use your best assets to knock his socks off! Introduce him to the woman he married, and would marry all over again…


Miyoko gives you a great pep talk and shares reasons why you should try giving your lover a striptease. Then she gives you the ideas for putting a good striptease together along with describing, in detail, some basic moves for standing up, being on the floor and giving a lap dance.

Favorite Bits

Hunting down good music to strip to can be a rough task and if you have no experience in dancing sexy for your lover, this task can become overwhelming.  Don’t worry, Miyoko shares lists of songs categorized by theme that you can use in your striptease.

6 songs for a schoolgirl theme

5 songs for jungle or animal prints

3 songs for nurse or doctor

5 songs for Cowgirl

8 songs for Firewoman

6 songs for Police Officer

7 songs from Sexy Soundtracks

All the songs can be found with ease and with the ability to purchase 1 song at a time these days; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to put your playlist together.  I’ve taken a bunch of pole dancing classes and have been doing more and more stripteases these days, so Hubby and  I went through the lists of songs. They aren’t actual playlists, feel free to move the order of the songs around. Some of the songs had a surprisingly quick beat to them for someone stripping for the first time, so make sure you sample the songs and try to your striptease with each song. You may find one is a little faster than you desire to move to. Also, you don’t need to stick to a theme; mix and match these songs to have a non-themed striptease too.

I like that she not only gives you general outfit ideas to use, but describes the kind of the clothes you’ll need to obtain in order to complete the look. It’s a short list, but really valuable. If you’ve never done this before or have wanted to do it and don’t know where to start, this list will have you off and running.

The Moves

You’ll learn how to do a sexy walk to get your striptease started with basic moves against a wall, bending over, sexily slinking down a wall or pole. You’ll learn how to move your clothes around to reveal your body in sexy ways.  She explains how to play with your breasts in a sexy way. Hair is also important in a striptease and you can use it to your benefit so there’s 3 ways to incorporate sexy hair tossing. You’ll learn which part of the body helps strippers make the big bucks.

You’ll also learn how to bring your sexy striptease to the floor and she starts with the most important thing, getting down there in a sexy way. She describes step-by-step the proper way to do it. Then once you’re on the floor, 6 moves are described to you.

Now it’s time for the lap dance portion because what good is a striptease if you can’t tease him up close? In this portion, you receive 4 moves and some tips on what to do in this portion of your stripping.

Other Good Bits

She tackles body issues and how to go about this in a way that you’re comfortable with. Plus you get to hear from actual strippers throughout the book. They share some tips and secrets that help them to be more successful and make more money. Although it’s in a print that’s more fine than the rest of the book, the “What Not to do your First Time” section is definitely worth a read, especially if you’re someone with an erratic schedule.

It’s not a magic book

While this book shares basic moves, and easy to put-to-use information, you will need to give yourself some time to put it all together. So you’ll have some tasks to add to your already busy schedule. I’m one of those gals that learn dance moves better with a video or personal instructor, if you are generally the same way, you may need to give yourself extra time. Since I was already familiar with some of these moves, I picked them up rather quickly. Although, once you learn the moves, you’ve got a good foundation. Once you do this for the first time, you’ve got the hard part done. Every time after this can be a variation of what you’ve already done. You’re not going to use all these songs the first time around, so you’ll still have songs for another striptease session, still have other costume/outfit ideas to incorporate. And the more you practice these moves, the better you’ll get at them and with a quick search online or on YouTube, you should be able to find others that have put together dances that you can replicate.

Does it deliver what it promises?

Yes it does! By the time you finish this book, you’ll have a bunch of ideas about possible themes to use for your striptease with outfits, music, props and lighting. Plus by spending some time going along step-by-step with Miyoko’s instructions for the moves, you should have a variety of moves for your 1st striptease.  There’s no way you’ll put this book down and think, “I have no idea what to do.” There’s just so much information.   If anything, you’ll be excited to put together your striptease.

Overall Thoughts

The Housewife’s Guide to the Practical Striptease is a fun, playful and informative book that is very encouraging for women that would like to strip for their lover, but just don’t know where to start. Miyoko has a lot of passion about this and understands that this can be a sensitive topic for some and tackles the subject in a manner that will make you feel good about yourself and trying a striptease out.

At only 60 pages, this book is an easy read; I read the whole thing within a couple of hours while sitting out at the pool. Of course, one quick read through won’t have you dancing the night away. You’ll need to revisit Chapter 3 and take each move step-by-step in order to learn them properly. However, once you understand what the moves are and how to do them, the rest is putting it all together and that miscellaneous information is basically spelled out for you. Just pick out your theme, your outfit, your songs, follow her guide for lighting, get any props you need and practice that striptease. And once your first time is over, you’ll have more information to work from to do it again and again. So for a book that’s only $7.99 (at the time of writing) you’ve got information and encouragement that will last you a long time.

  • Author: Miyoko Fujimori
  • Publisher: Indulgent Press
  • Format: Softbound
  • # of pages: 60
  • Erotic or Self-Help: Self-Help
  • Easy or Difficult Read: Easy
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