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The Hype

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Written by former escort Amanda Brooks, The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 1: The Foundation is an “Escort 101” and beyond – an open, honest look at what it’s like to be a successful independent escort in the interactive age. If you’re already an escort – or thinking about a career as an escort — this is an absolute must-read.

The Handbook is written from personal experience of Ms. Brooks and views from women who have made escort work their job.

Ms. Brooks’ frank style provides an incredibly insightful and engrossing look at an unusual job. From the essential things every online escort should know to an honest discussion of sex, nothing is out of bounds here.

Initial Thoughts

I was very interested in reading this book. Internet Escorting isn’t a career that interests me, but I don’t know of many books out there that have been written on such a topic in what appeared to be a professional manner.

What I Liked Most About This Book

The Internet Escort’s Handbook: Book 1 has a very friendly, professional, playful and frank tone throughout. I could tell that the information was coming from a person that was not only experienced in this career, but that did well with it and survived, physically and mentally.

According to Amanda, “…most of the actual sex during my appointments lasted a maximum of fifteen minutes…some men lasted much longer…But having sex will be the least time-consuming activity in your business.”  Even though sex isn’t the whole business, she spends a lot of time on safe sex. There’s no need to yawn though, because Amanda explains it in everyday, easy-to-understand language. She then explains how STI’s and diseases can be caught and what activities are safe, unsafe and why. This is important in this kind of work and with the way the stuff is written, it won’t make one fall asleep. This is actually good information for anyone that has an active sex life.

I love the “Personal and Physical Considerations” chapter. Some important issues are brought up here like: Do you have alcohol, emotional, drug, relationship, sexual problems/issues? Do you need to make fast cash? Are you a people person? You’ll be dealing with people from, possibly all over the world, so do different races or ethnicities cause a problem? What about issues of infidelity? These are important topics to consider before getting into such work. I really enjoyed her honest and straightforward answers to these issues/concerns.

One thing I learned from this book is that while sex is important, it’s really who you are physically and mentally that gets you far in this business. How well can you carry on a conversation? Are you a good listener? Are you a well rounded individual? She really points out how you’re there for the client and to fulfill his needs. Which brings me to my next favorite section…

“Deciding Your Personal Boundaries” talks about just that. What things are you willing, not willing to do with a client. Yes, it’s all about making him feel good, important, satisfied, but what do you do when your boundaries doesn’t match a clients desires. Amanda gives a good overview in Book 1; I’m hoping that one of the other books down the line expands on this idea. However, the information in this section is perfect for someone that’s considering or merely curious about Internet Escort work.

The “Misconceptions” section is interesting. There were some things about escorting that I didn’t realize that this section brought to my attention. I learned not just in this section, but throughout the whole book that escorting isn’t just about having sex…there can be more to time spent with clients.

Amanda stresses the importance of how your body and your mind is your product. I think the body care tips are very helpful whether a woman is planning on becoming an escort or not.

The cover of the book is rather discreet. It doesn’t have any smutty or sexy photos on it. It looks like a professional book. So if you do decide to read this on the train, bus, subway or café, you should have nothing to worry about.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book

One thing Amanda points out is that you have to be a ‘people person’ to do this job. Communicating with others is important.  She speaks about asking open ended questions to clients to get them talking and to keep the conversation moving. However, she doesn’t go into great detail about how to do that. I’ve read many books on communicating with others and this is a common thing that’s mentioned, but very few people go into detail with examples. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, this book is only an introduction. Hopefully, she expands on that later.

Most Surprising Part

Call me ignorant, but I was very surprised at how much time and emphasis Amanda spends on discussing how to run this like a real business …taking care of administrative tasks, making contacts, advertising. I love the honesty in her saying that a woman can’t and shouldn’t be involved in this career forever, but stresses that a woman can absolutely make money, live happily and retire a very healthy human being.

Does It Live Up to the Hype

Yes it does. Amanda gives the reader quite an eye-opener about what it entails to be an internet escort. She doesn’t pull any punches either. She lets the reader know exactly what to consider, how to prepare and gives a good overview about what is expected in this unique and controversial career.

Overall Thoughts

The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 1: The Foundation is a very interesting read. It’s the perfect introduction to the escort lifestyle. I found it to be a very enjoyable and completely honest book on a very controversial job. It’s very informative for women that are interested in Escorting and a great read for the merely curious.  The tone is playful and the information is honest and frank which assists in the enjoyment and absorption of all the information without making you run for the hills or confusing the hell of out you. A definition section and references throughout tell you where you can go to find more information. If you’re interested, merely curious or want an interesting read then The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 1: The Foundation has all the information you need to decide if this career is for you and without overwhelming you. Even though I personally don’t agree with this type of career and wouldn’t recommend that anyone get involved in it, this book, this series is unique. I simply can’t find another book like this one that approaches such a controversial career with such honesty, respect and professionalism.

Vital Stats:

Author: Amanda Brooks
Publisher: Golden Girl Press, LLC
Erotic or Self-Help: Self- Help
Format: Soft Cover
# of Pages: 214
Easy or Difficult Read: Easy

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