Diving Dolphin

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What the Box Promises

Amazing triple action love ring will arouse your most erotic emotions.

How’s It Supposed to Be Used

It makes a wacky finger puppet to amuse your children or drunken friends. But seriously, it’s a souped up cock ring that provides strongest vibrations to her clit when she’s on top and intermittent vibrations when he’s on top.

The Best Parts of the Diving Dolphin

The Diving Dolphin Vibrator is a toy that probably won’t arouse your most erotic emotions, but it is a toy that will definitely get you both off. Whoa Nelly, the vibrators are really f*$#ing powerful, making my clitty very happy. My boyfriend says the cock ring holds your cock real tight, so you stay erect longer and actually feel a more intense orgasm when you finally do cum. My boyfriend also liked the vibrator against his testicles. He said the whole thing felt like it vibrated and added to the whole experience. The controller has two separate controls, so when the woman needs her vibe on mega high, his balls don’t go numb, because he can keep that one at a lower setting, or not use it at all.

Silliest Parts

If you don’t lube up those bullet vibes before sticking them in the holes of the dolphin, they’re never coming out.

diving dolphin on penisAnnoying Parts

The controller is attached by a 28″ long cord, so you will wind up losing your controller in the throws of passion. That jimmy jammy always gets lost in the blankets and when you cum you need to stop that dolphin from vibrating your clitty off with a quickness. A wireless version would be better. I didn’t mind the buzzing, but if your looking for a quiet toy, this is not it. Those vibes pack some serious punch, so there’s no way they’re going to be completely and you have two of them. Although they are muffled a little when inserted into the dolphin.

What’s It All Add Up To

I love this vibrator. My boyfriend loves this toy. It does so many things at the same time: clitoral and testicular stimulation and it’s a cock ring too. This is a great toy for couples that are hesitant to incorporate toys into their sex life. Neither partner has to worry about holding an intrusive vibrator, the man becomes the vibrator! It’s a wonderful toy to use when making love with your partner. It gives the woman all the clitoral stimulation she needs, holds him tight like a raging bull and the couple can still keep their bodies touching one another, there’s no hands or vibrators in the way. Lovemaking can still be sensual, romantic and close unlike with other hand held vibrators. Hmm… so maybe it does arouse your most erotic emotions…Naww it just makes you yell really loud when you cum.

  • Size: Dolphin is 3 3/4″ long
  • Extras: 2 bullet vibrators attached to a battery pack
  • Batteries: 3 “AA”, not included in package
  • Time to Orgasm: 3 minutes or longer, depending on what position I’m in
  • Water Friendly? No

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