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Hustler has recently come out with a new line of toys

They’re not really high priced toys, seems like most are in the more affordable spectrum. I’ve been getting their movies to review for years so I when they contacted me about sending complimentary toys for review, I definitely wanted to give them a try.

This review is a little different

The bottom line is, I didn’t get to use this toy as it’s really intended, but I can speak of how it works and my experience with it so please bear with me…

Initial Thoughts

The Gossip Ring was the first toy I was drawn to in the shipment of toys sent to me from Hustler. It looked so cool and fun. If it wasn’t for the stretchiness of the ring, I would have sworn it was a vibrating finger ring and that I thought was the ultimate in a cool toy for my purposes. Hubby and I go out to a lot of sexy parties and events and I’m always on the hunt for something fun, different and naughty to bring or wear to a party. When I saw the Gossip Ring, I knew this would be a perfect accessory to wear and buzz the sexy ladies with.

So what is it?

Basically, the Gossip Ring is a vibrating cock ring. After the man gets an erection, he slides it around the base of his cock or cock and balls, whatever he prefers, and it stops the blood from flowing out of the penis, helping the man to maintain a stronger, longer erection. It also has a bullet vibrator that gets inserted into the flower on top to provide vibrations to the man’s penis and woman’s clit during intercourse. However, I didn’t immediately use it that way, I had other plans for this lovely item and was planning to use it for its intended purposes later.

It was a hit

Yep, all the ladies at the club loved the ring and it was a great conversation piece, I may have sold some for Hustler that night. They thought, as I did, that it was a fun vibrator to wear on your finger. Most didn’t really care about the cock ring aspect. Anyway…

Vibrator didn’t last

So I wore the cock ring on my finger for one night, at one party, for a total of 5 hours. I didn’t have it buzzing for 5 hours, mind you. I’d turn it on, buzz a lady briefly, turn it off. We giggled, talked about it, kissed, whatever but most of the time, the vibrator was off. Unfortunately, the battery didn’t make it through the night. At the end of the night, I went to buzz another lady friend and it didn’t work.

So I tossed it to the side and made a note that I needed new batteries for it. When I was in the store, I couldn’t just eye the correct battery. Upon inspection, it looks like maybe a watch or hearing aid battery and there are lots of different kinds. Finally, I brought the vibe and package with me to the store and got the correct battery, there were a bunch in the pack so I figured I’d have enough for a few uses, at least. By the time we got the battery out, which is rather difficult and put the new battery in, the vibrator buzzed, but like the battery was running out. Then Hubby and I could hear something rattling in the vibrator, like something broke. So now the vibrator doesn’t work, even with a new battery.

Why this review is a little different.

I always like to find new uses for toys, to me; it makes them more worth their price if it’s possible. However, the little plastic bullet vibe didn’t last through the night I had it with me and it wasn’t even on the whole time. Seems like the vibrator is a bit fragile and will break easily.

Are the vibrations strong?

Even when it was working at full power, the vibrations were more mid-range. Plus with the thick flower it was embedded within, the rubber material subdued the vibrations even more. So if you’re not a fan of ultra powerful vibrations, this could be a possibility.

Gossip Ring has Multiple Uses

So we can see that it can be worn as finger ring, it’s also a cock ring and because the bullet vibe is removable, you also have a small vibrator that can be used on its own without the cock ring.

Cock Ring Review

We didn’t actually use it as a cock ring, but from what I can gather and with my knowledge on good cock rings, it’s made of a stretchy rubber and starts out really small. The hole isn’t even 1/2″ in diameter, so the more the ring has to stretch to fit around the penis, the tighter grip it should give you. It really depends upon the guy, as to whether or not it’s too tight. Since it’s made of a rubbery material, I’d make sure you use lots of lube so you can slide it on and off easily.


Pretty easy…Take the bullet vibe out and clean the ring with soap and water. You can spray the bullet vibe with toy cleaner or alcohol and wipe clean. Just because the Gossip Ring is made of Phthalate Free materials doesn’t mean it’s non-porous. Rubber can be a porous material which means that bodily juices, after many, many uses can build up in the pores of the material, creating bacterial build up. Sometimes the toy starts to smell a bit stinky and sometimes you start to see a bit of disintegration of the material.

Overall Thoughts

This review was difficult to write especially because I couldn’t write about the toy as it’s intended to be used. My fault in this is that I’m always excited to find new ways or alternative ways to use toys, I feel like it makes the toy more worth it’s price, even an affordable toy like this one. However, because the battery that it came with didn’t even last me through a 5 hour party in which I probably had it on for a total of 30 minutes if that, I thought that was worth reporting. And  then when we changed the battery and it just didn’t work anymore, that was disappointing and also important enough to report. Maybe I got the defective one in the bunch, maybe not. But even at under $15.00, I can’t really recommend this toy since there are other vibrating cock rings available that may have a longer life without being as fragile. I’m hoping I got a defected one because this can really be a fun a sex toy with multiple uses.

If Hustler wants to send me another one, I will gladly give it another chance and use it first and foremost as its intended to be used and then I will gladly update this review.

Vital Stats:

Size: Cock ring measures approx. 1 1/2″ long by approx. 1 1/4″ wide. Bullet vibe measures approx. 1 1/2″ long by approx. 1/2″ wide.
Water-Friendly?  Yes, package says it’s waterproof
Power: 2 Button Cell 1.4 Volt Size 13 Batteries (Included)
Extras: Package it comes in can also be used as storage container

Where It's Available:

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