My Private Life: Real Experiences of a Dominant Woman

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The Hype

From the back cover…”Mistress Nan allows the reader a privileged glimpse into her private life as a dominant woman. Touching on slavecraft, foot fetish, leather bondage, and corporal punishment, to a name a few, it is often hard to believe that these stories are true. But nothing in this book is fiction. Mistress Nan has luxuriously recounted some of her more sensual and exciting encounters with the men and women in her life. Each scene is vividly detailed and reads like the finest erotica, and knowing that these scenes actually occurred as written adds to the sexual excitement they elicit. If you wish to read for erotic stimulation or simply want to gain insight into the intimate life of a dominant woman, this book will not disappoint.”

What to Expect

The hype really doesn’t lie about what you’ll encounter in this book. There are 16 chapters recounting actual scenes that took place. Most are written by Mistress Nan, but there are 2 chapters that were written by a witness of a scene and by one of Mistress Nan’s slaves. So you also get some views from folks who are not the dominant, which adds an interesting aspect to the mix.

As far as details, nothing is held back. Mistress Nan shares her inner thoughts while thinking of a scene and during a scene. You also get the goods on what’s happening at the time, how the slave is reacting and even what’s going on in the background. The details are so vivid that I had no problems picturing exactly what was going on. It was pretty intense.

I do feel that it’s important to warn readers that think this is an erotic, sensual bondage book that it’s really not. Mistress Nan is one tough cookie who takes great pride in delivering tough punishments, filled with pain, torture and humiliation. So this book is not for the faint of heart. It may not sound hot and exciting; however, I found the hardcore bondage in this book to be very arousing. I guess in my case it’s hotter to read about it than to experience it.

My Favorite Scene/Story

There was one scene that I thoroughly enjoyed and would like to highlight, but not give away too many details.I could never do it justice. Mistress Nan’s female slave Alex is really into games and role playing. One day she phones Mistress Nan and plays the part of a woman named Maggie who wants to meet Nan . Although she stresses the fact that she doesn’t want to ‘play’. This is a more arrogant and dominant role that Alex is taking on. Of course since Nan knows this is really Alex, she can’t wait to give it to her good. So Nan and ‘Maggie’ plan to meet at Nan ‘s dungeon for a day. The next day, Nan is already scheduled to meet with Alex. This scene was intense! The role playing was incredible. Alex didn’t break character for a second and fought Nan the entire way. It was a full 24 hours of bondage, sexual pleasure and humiliation. Nan brought Alex to her absolute limits on this day and it was hot!

Most Amazing Bit

The power and control that Mistress Nan has over her slaves was so interesting to read about. The variety of things she can encounter into a scene with the same slave blew my mind. She cooks for them and feeds them. She has control over when they go to the bathroom, when they can orgasm, when they can touch her or pleasure her. She even gives them enemas.With Alex, she loves to invade Alex in that way and fill her to her absolute limits so that she knows that Mistress Nan has control of her from the outside to the inside. She’s a very powerful woman and as you’ll see a very caring woman as well. Although she does have some of her own bratty moments that also add a little bit of comedy to each tale. But no matter what you read, she’s very responsible and always keeps a watch over her slaves and makes sure that they’re always safe.

Most Surprising Bit

Mistress Nan takes her life as a dominant woman very seriously, however, she still has time for her family, children and job. You’ll have to read all about it to get the details.

Bits I Loved

In the Preface, Mistress Nan shares with her readers how she got involved in such a controversial lifestyle, what attracted her to it and why she likes it so much. It’s a great way to open this book. I believe without that information, the reader wouldn’t be able to see her in such a positive light through all the punishments.

She also lets you know in the beginning that all the scenes in this book are within everyone’s limits and boundaries. Everything is completely consensual and no one is harmed or traumatized by anything that happens to them. She’s a woman who likes to push her limits and her slaves limits, but she’s very aware of what those limits are for each slave that she has a session with and she always keeps their best interests in mind.

Important Note

I Feel the Need to Share As I stated above, Mistress Nan shares the nitty gritty details with her reader. It’s part of what makes this book so fascinating and exciting to read. However, this is in no way shape or form an instructional book on how to create your own bondage scenes. If you do get the desire, or feel you want to try anything out from this book, I strongly recommend you get yourself an instructional book, like Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, or an instructional DVD, like Fetish FAQ: Chapter 1. Many of the things that Mistress Nan is doing can be extremely dangerous if not done properly and safely. I mention this because I know how great books like this can give one ideas and fantasies that they’d like to make reality. With that said, onto my conclusion.

Overall Thoughts of My Private Life by Mistress Nan

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I found it fascinating, interesting, exciting, arousing and at times, rather funny. I think Mistress Nan is an intriguing human being and I am very glad that she shared these stories with us. I think this book really sheds light on how even the more hardcore bondage, dominant/submissive type play and relationship is really not scary at all, unlike popular belief. It highlights the incredible bond of trust and care that goes into nurturing and maintaining such a relationship. So it can be a true eye opener for some.

I was surprised at how hot this book actually got me. As I said above, for me, it’s definitely hotter to read about these types of acts than actually experience them. Although it did bring out my inner dominatrix, which made for some exciting sexual encounters.

My Private Life is a very easy read. All the stories move along rather smoothly and all the details help the reader really visualize what’s going on.a plus for those looking for an arousing read. It was my pool book of choice and I didn’t even have to put a book cover on it. Unless one was really staring at it, there was nothing nasty or overtly naughty about it, so that was also a plus. Once I picked this book up, it was really difficult to put it down.

The Hype was spot on, if you’re aroused by this type of play than this book will get your juices flowing for sure. On the other hand, if you’re interested in finding out more about this lifestyle, you’ll get a whole lot more than you could have ever expected!

  • Author: Mistress Nan
  • Publisher: Daedalus Publishing Company
  • Format: Soft Cover
  • # of Pages: 196
  • Erotic or Self-Help: Erotic
  • Easy or Difficult Read: Very Easy

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