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The Hype

Ignite your senses…Women’s erotic fiction just got a lot hotter. Introducing SPICE novels, a hot new lineup of sexual and sensual stories for discerning women.

From the back cover…
There was a time when Marlowe Wyatt had abandoned herself to the unrestrained pleasures of love; she’d been bold and unashamed, giving her heart and body to her lover without inhibition or hesitation. Until she was betrayed. It’s ironic, then, that she now earns a living composing love letters for clients incapable of communicating desire#nbsp;— erotic fantasies she skillfully creates with her head, but never her heart…deliberately disconnected from her passionate core.
Her newest client is about to challenge all that. From the moment of their first encounter, Gideon Brown ignites in her an overpowering hunger like none she’s ever known, and a vulnerability she thought she’d vanquished. As the powerful attraction that sizzles between them inspires Marlowe’s best work, sensations and desires she’d long held in check sweep her toward the brink of surrender. Yet her own fear, plus thoughts of the woman for whom Gideon hired Marlowe to write the letters, holds her back. But for how long?

Initial Thoughts

I was contacted by the folks at eHarlequin about reviewing their new series of erotic novels. I’m not familiar with erotic novels. I usually read the compilations of short stories because they’ve always offered the really hot, down and dirty action. But I thought that erotic novels may be cool. If there’s a really strong storyline with hot, naughty sex, then I’m all for it. From the initial hype of the Spice series, I thought that’s what I was in for.

What I Liked Most About This Book

M.J Rose is a very descriptive and detailed writer.  She wrote a great book. It was very easy to get lost in and difficult to put down. I could very easily picture where the characters were, the looks on their faces and deeply feel the things they felt. The sexual tension between Marlowe and Gideon is very palatable. As I was reading through, I was hoping it would come to an orgasmic conclusion. The story was so good and I was so involved, I wanted to skip to the end of the book to see if it does, but I resisted temptation. The drama really unfolds towards the end of the novel and that’s what really kept me turning the pages.

Sexiest Part

Most erotic part is a letter for a woman from her lover about her.  It tells the story about the woman being told by her husband to dress and prepare herself in a very specific way…black velvet dress, no panties, garter, even details of how to fix her hair and make-up…Then when the limo arrives to pick her up, she quickly gets into the limo expecting to see her husband, but instead, she sees a woman that looks just like her.  The other woman is dressed in the same exact manner, has the same hair style and make-up.  This woman is flirting and trying to seduce the wife. However, as much as she wants to, she hesitates until she realizes that the driver of the limo is really her husband.  Then she recalls the night that she told her husband that she wondered what it would be like to have sex with herself…it’s very erotic.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book

The strong sexual tension between the two main characters, along with the hype about the Spice series, had me thinking and expecting the sex to be pretty hot. Unfortunately it wasn’t. There are some sexual parts in the book, but they are more erotic, than pornographic. Those moments did not get me excited like the short stories that I’m familiar with. I didn’t have the urge to stick my hand in my panties…not even once.

I also felt the erotic scenes were rather far apart. For a book that’s being sold as erotica, I thought there would be more erotic moments in it. That part was rather disappointing.

I don’t want to give the ending away, but I did expect the sex when it got there to be a little hotter than it was. The big moment that I was worked up for, ended up being rather anti-climactic.

So Who Is this Book For?

Women who want erotica, not pornographic stories.

Overall Thoughts

This is the first erotic novel I’ve ever read and I was so excited to dig in. M.J. Rose is a great writer. The story is strong. It’s interesting. She makes you care about the characters and really pulls the reader in. However, when the sexy stuff does come around, it just wasn’t as naughty and pornographic as I like it to be. There also wasn’t enough of naughtiness and eroticism in this book. I felt like I really cared about these characters and when they finally do get together, I didn’t experience the orgasmic conclusion I was expecting. I don’t at all feel I wasted my time reading this book. The writing is excellent, it’s just not the kind of book to read when I want something dirty to get me off. This is my first novel from Spice/eHarlequin and I am still looking forward to reading more books from them. If you’re looking for a strong story with a little sexiness, this book is for you. If you want hardcore sex, you should pass on this one.

Vital Stats:

Author: M.J. Rose
Publisher: Spice Books
Erotic or Self-Help: Erotic
Format: Soft Cover
# of Pages: 314
Easy or Difficult Read: Very Easy

Where It's Available:

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