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I consider myself a serial kisser.

I just love the smoochin’ and can’t get enough of it. I also love instructional books and am always on the lookout for ways to improve, not just my own sex life, but yours as well. So when Cleis Press sent this to me for review I was really hoping I’d find another instructional gem to recommend. And this time it was about the simple, yet erotically hot act of kissing.

An interesting and friendly tone through and through

I found the writing to be very conversational, as if Violet Blue was telling me this information herself in person or on her podcast. There are some funny moments, some serious moments and some real, sound advice moments too.

She stays on target

This book is about kissing, that’s all you’re going to get. It’s not a book with a title about kissing, and then veers off onto other sexual or emotional relationship topics. If you want to learn all about kissing, this is it.

What to expect

Seal It With a Kiss starts out with some basic foundational information on kisses and kissing, then you can take a quiz to see what kisser of you kisser you currently are. I had some trouble finding answers that fit me perfectly, but I did find ones that were close enough and learned that I’m most likely a “Hot Lips” and my kissing mantra is, “Hello-my name is Your Addiction” I’m happy with that because I’m not a shy kisser, not even on the approach, I get what I want, but I’m not a bully about it either and I’ve heard I’m good at it from other playmates.  So that was a fun start.

There’s a good amount of time spent on first kisses and I can understand that because the first kiss is THE kiss between a couple. You can’t get that moment back, so make it a great one. Even though I had my first kiss with hubby 21 years ago, I also realize that we all tend to get stuck in our ways with the things we do and that goes for sex and lovin’ too. So while my first kiss happened a long time ago and I’m not looking to form that emotional/romantic bond with anyone else, I’m also looking to be the best that I can be when we’re being naughty with new playmates and I honestly feel that this section of first time kisses will give even the most seasoned kissers some things to consider.

You’ll learn about the different kinds of kisses that exist. I was surprised at the amount of different ones, or at least that have been officially identified and named. One of the main lessons in this book is that a kiss is not just a kiss. Those babies are not all the same. Not only do you learn about what they are, but how to do them as well. I found Violet’s instructions to be rather easy to understand.

Favorite Bits

You’ll be taught some very pointed “Kissing Do’s and Don’ts” which are very valuable for the newbie kisser and a good reminder for those that have been in the game for a while.

Towards the end of the book, she explains a variety of kissing games. Some can be done with a group of people (I appreciate that) and others are just for you and your very special someone.

Violet Blue also shares what foods and drinks make you more kissable and the ones that don’t. (At least one of the don’ts was surprising to me.)

I also loved the part about caring for your mouth and lips; things like what to put on them for taste or smell or softness. When you’re that intimate with someone, the tiniest of details matter.

Most Valuable Bit

Things do not go smoothly during any kind of lovin’ and it’s those moments that many of us are unprepared for so I was very glad to see a section on most common “Kiss Catastrophes and Remedies” in Chapter 6. Whether you’re with a new lover or the ‘old ball and chain’, kissing can and will go wrong, but it doesn’t have to ruin everything. The tips that Violet Blue shares will help you and your partner to continue on with that sexy or romantic moment.

Tying it all together for ya

Early in the book, we take a quiz to find out what kind of kisser we currently are. Then we learn about different kinds of kisses and how to do them, then we learn how to spice up those kisses and take some more chances in the kissing department, we learn things to avoid, ways to handle the kissing faux paus and keep things moving along smoothly. Well, Violet doesn’t leave us just hanging with all this information. She wraps it all up in a nice and neat package. So don’t worry about how to incorporate all this stuff because she tells you. She takes the different kinds of kissers that you learned about from the quiz and then orders the different kinds of kisses for each kissing type. She takes you from getting things started to heating them up to leaving your partner wanting more. So by the end, kissing is a no-brainer, just follow her steps and become the kisser you want to be.

Who is “Seal It with a Kiss” for

I feel that this is book is written mostly for women, although men can get a good amount of information from it too. I also feel that while seasoned kissers can always learn a new trick or two, it’s most valuable to those new to kissing or those that are on the dating scene.

A fun book that gets to the heart of how to kiss

“Seal It with a Kiss” by Violet Blue is a great read. It’s a pocket-sized book, written in a very friendly, easy-to-read tone that absolutely stays on the topic. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, there’s probably a kind of kiss you’ve never heard of, experienced or tried to do before, so there’s new information within. One read through and you don’t have to worry about how to handle the awkward kissing faux paus. You’ll always have the most kissable lips, which is really hot. You’ll understand what kinds of foods and drinks make you kisstastic. And for those that haven’t had their first kiss with that special someone, you’ll be ready to knock their socks off. So whether you’ve been kissing a lot or a little, you should get this book, I’m sure it will improve your smooch factor.

Vital Stats:

Author: Violet Blue
Publisher: Viva Editions/Cleis Press
# of Pages: 131
Self-Help or Erotic: Self-Help
Easy or Difficult read: Easy

Where It's Available:

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