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Olivier Sanchez stars in the ‘homage’ to the Wham Bam directors of HardCore. This ‘featurette’ style documentary takes you behind the scenes and into the mind of ‘mr Sanchez’, a larger than life sex maniac porn director. Take a look behind the scenes and into the real lives of the gonzo with the Lipstick elite of Euro porn babes. It’s not chic just real, straight down to your face, fucking, sucking and of course, to quote mr. Sanchez ‘Straight to the anal’ Hardcore.

I received this movie for review a while ago

It’s another title that got lost in the shuffle, catching up on unwatched porn is an interesting experience. I remember previewing it when I first got it and thought that Olivier was quite a hoot and that this movie should be a fun and hopefully arousing watch.

Anal, Anal, Anal!

If you’re into anal, this movie’s got lots of it. Six sex scenes featuring anal penetration in some way. In fact, they deliver it up first thing in the first scene. They throw the standard porn order of events out the window. Usually you see some oral sex; vaginal sex then anal’s the big finale. Not true here, Olivier gives Lady Mai a good rim job and the anal sex begins! Ian Scott joins them and she’s getting anally plowed by both of them. One is banging her anally, while she blows the other guy and then they switch it up and switch positions. Plus they’re out by the pool in the obvious hot sun; so if you into a sweaty anal banging by the pool, this should be delightful.  Just before the 4th sex scene begins, Olivier tells his cast, Julie Silver, Anneka Duran and Cage, that he doesn’t want any kissing or blow jobs and to go “straight to the anal”.

Ass to Mouth

This is a big one in this film as well, cocks go ass to mouth, fingers go ass to mouth, toys go ass to mouth. So if you’re an ass to mouth person, you’ll appreciate this.

No extreme close-ups

I enjoyed that there weren’t a ton of extreme close ups of just the genitals. There were short shots and long shots, so they got up close, but not too close. Plus I like seeing the group have sex as well. The guys were attractive so the fact that they were in the shots, was not a bad thing.

Internal Pop Shots

I’ve not seen this often in porn, but right in the first scene Olivier shots his load in Lady Mai’s ass and then she squats on the picnic table and so we can see it leak out her ass. You get another internal pop shot in the 4th sex scene too, the foursome scene, and again you get to see it leak out of the booty.

Favorite Sex Scenes

The last scene, the threesome starring Vanessa May, Claudia Rossi and Olivier was the hottest scene. It opens with these two lovely ladies pleasuring each other. There’s more chemistry between the two of them than any of the other ladies in the movie. So once you get to this scene, it’s a welcome change. It doesn’t go on for too long because Olivier gets too excited watching them and has to join in. After pleading and begging them, the ladies let him join them. It starts out with a dual bj which can be fun to watch and here it was, then Vanessa helps Olivier send his cock into Claudia’s ass and we’re off and running. This scene was one of the best because there was chemistry among everyone. Olivier was very inclusive with both women, which makes watching a threesome hot.  Plus, Vanessa and Claudia know how to keep themselves involved in the action of a threesome and they were really into each other, so it all worked out to make a hot scene. I really enjoy threesome, foursome and moresome scenes where everyone looks like they’re having fun and are doing what they want.

The other hot scene was the Bonus Lezbo Scene, starring Vanessa May and Claudia Rossi. It was fun a little gem to find because I was really enjoying them in the beginning of the scene and then it got cut short. They’re not fake lesbians and not just performing for the camera, they looked to be really giving each other pleasure. Hottest moment was when they both gave each other an orgasm at the same time while fingering each other in 69!

Least Favorite Scene

I’m all for group sex, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes…bring it on! However, the foursome scene with Julie Silver, Anneka Duran, Cage and Olivier wasn’t that hot for me, mostly because Julie and Anneka just didn’t seem into each other. I had seen so much anal sex and women being plowed anally at that point, to see these two enjoying each other while Cage and Olivier had their way with them would have been an improvement. Unfortunately, there just didn’t seem to be any chemistry there and Julie wasn’t that exciting. So this scene became tiresome after a while.

Confusing Bit

So they’re shooting this film in beautiful Ibiza, a place that offers the most gorgeous of sceneries for outdoor sex and they shoot the whole movie at a house. Two scenes are by the pool, 3 were on the patio and one is in the house. That was a bit disappointing, seemed like they could’ve added a really exciting background to their sex scenes and they didn’t.

Silly Bit

First scene with Lady Mai, she’s wearing these black fishnet stockings and gold lame outfit by the pool and even Julie Silvers outfit for the foursome is black netting too. It seemed overly dark and silly for shooting outside in Ibiza. The other ladies in the other scenes were matched better for their location wearing neon colors and neon fishnets and leggings.

Aggravating Bit

The ladies in this movie are European attractive, they all have lovely accents that would have added so much hotness to this movie, however, they barely spoke during the sex scenes. It seemed as though they were directed to take more submissive roles and just do whatever the guys want. They weren’t controlling any of the action, unless it was a lesbian thing and then a little more so.  So most of the women didn’t really stand out too much as a hot performer. Throughout most of the movie, I felt like you could just interchange them and it wouldn’t matter. Although I do give props to Vanessa May and Claudia Rossi; they saved the film.

I also wasn’t too impressed with Olivier referring to all the ladies as Bitches throughout the movie, but that’s just me.

Funny Bit

The Behind the Scenes featurette is a hoot. There were many moments that made Hubby and I laugh out loud.

Overall Thoughts

If you like your porn to feature anal sex, ass to mouth featuring attractive European women that take on a submissive attitude and don’t talk too much during their sex scenes with a little lesbianism sprinkled throughout, threesomes and foursomes with lots of anal, then this movie is for you. If you’re a fan of the gonzo style porn, you may also enjoy this movie. In my preview, I thought Olivier would be quite a hoot to watch and his horny attitude would add a bit of fun and even silliness to the porn, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Even though the movie features hardcore anal sex, and a basic ‘getting it on’ with lots of hot and sweaty bodies, it didn’t really get me excited. I started to get bored after a while and a lot of the scenes felt the same. They could have mixed things up by shooting at the beach or at a club, but they didn’t, they stayed at this house and in this house that could’ve in all honesty been anywhere. If it weren’t for the enthusiastic participants in the last scene and the bonus lesbian scene, this movie would have really sucked for me. I like to hear from the ladies in porn, especially ladies that have accents. I like to see the ladies take control of the action and control of their pleasure and be into each other and that was really lacking here, hence I didn’t really enjoy it.

  • Starring: Olivier Sanchez, Vanessa May, Claudia Rossi, Julie Silver, Lady Mai, Anneka Duran, Ian Scott, Cage, Nick Moreno
  • Studio: Daring Media Group
  • Running Time: 140 Minutes
  • Extras: Behind the Scenes, PAL, All Region Codes
    Audio language options: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
    Subtitle language options: Portuguese, Dutch and Greek
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