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I was sent this movie awhile ago for review

It’s one the items that feel through the cracks, Hubby and I kept putting it in when we started a romantic evening, but we would wind up having sex and wouldn’t see any of it. From hearing it in the background it sounded like there was a lot of sex. So when I finally sat down to really watch it for review, I had high hopes for it.

Shot on location in Naples

That’s one of the things that are touted in pamphlet in the movie box; however, everything is shot in a studio that could be located anywhere and apparently from the extras, a very hot studio too. So you don’t really see any of the lovely Naples, I guess because most of historic Italy is gone, according to the interview with the director. Even in shots where the outside is in the background, it’s obvious that it’s all fake.

Some Prettiness

They use lots of luxury fabrics and warm colors which are pretty to look at. All the ladies are dressed in what appears to be fine fabrics with their gorgeously done hair for the time period and make-up that makes them look flawless. A couple of the guys are attractive.

Heavy storyline

Even though there are 7 hardcore sex scenes in this movie, there is a heavy storyline to follow and to continue with on the next two DVDs that you have to purchase separately.  Unfortunately, it’s not pulled off very well.


If you like scenes with lots of people having sex, Roma offers a few of them. 1st scene opens with a threesome on one side of the set and and a man and a woman having sex on the other side of the set. They cover the gamit of oral, vaginal and anal sex. You even get a DP.

The 4th sex scene is sex in a brothel, so you’ve got lots of people having sex, a couple of threesomes, some guy/gal sex with the oral, vaginal and anal sex being covered as well. You get a little bit of lesbian action too, but not too much and nothing that’s worth talking about.

POV Action

If you’re a lover of the Point of view movies where the actresses play to the camera, then you may enjoy this because they do a lot of it. At first I thought it was just the first actress’s thing, but then they were all doing it, so apparently this is something they were told to do, however, it got annoying after awhile. No matter what position the ladies were in, they would go out of their way to look at the in camera in the same sexy way. They literally all had the same facial expression and because of this, not one of the ladies stood out.

Not only did this looking at the camera become tiresome, it also proved on several occasions that were they were paying no attention to the guys they were having sex with. There were moments in which the guy would actually surprise them by moving them around or poking them in the face with their penis because the ladies were so focused on the camera.

This was not arousing to me because it’s not always the activity that’s hot, but the chemistry between the people involved in the action. There was zero chemistry between most of the stars having sex in this movie and that totally turned me off.

Sex is Standard

Usually in my reviews, I try to offer up at least one scene that made my panties wet. With the pretty ladies, the group sex scenes and the attractive sets you’d think that in 7 sex scenes , 1 would excite me. None of them did. The sex was so formulaic. Guy might give lady oral, then she definitely gives him oral, then he bangs her vaginally, then she may blow him again, then he bangs her anally, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, then he blows his load on or near her mouth and some of it drips off on her tits and what she manages to get in her mouth, she wads up and lets seep out back onto the cock that just shot it on her. She does this a bit while sexily looking at the camera then it fades out into the next scene. BORING!

What’s with the unattractive guys?

Okay, so the ladies are good looking and appear to be flawless in this movie. However, the guys that are in more than 1 sex scene are not attractive at all. You learn right away in the 1st sex scene that what appears to be a pleasant looking man, has this pot belly that sticks out further and further the more he bangs. And luckily his pot belly is highlighted by this bright light shining on it above him. It was very unattractive. Unfortunately, this guy was in another scene.

Plus one of the male stars of the movie is an older, fat, balding guy and he’s in more than one scene too. They tried to get lots of shots without him in them, but there was still a lot of him. So out of 7 sex scenes, 4 of them, unfortunately had unattractive guys. I was not impressed.

Women couldn’t get dirty

I understand that this is fantasy land and that many times the women will stay pretty no matter what they do, but these ladies couldn’t let a hair on their head move. All the sex was so posed, so fake and all that equals porn that’s just not arousing. Sure I like my ladies pretty, but I want to see them get it on.

Women are supposed to have power

In the Behind the Scenes, the director expands on the storyline saying that the women are supposed to have all the sexual power and they use it against the men. The women in this movie seemed  so submissive. They didn’t take control, they didn’t talk dirty, you didn’t even get to see any of them reach orgasm. One scene started with a lady masturbating, it was almost hot, but as soon as it started they cut to her giving the guy a blow job.

Who’s this movie for?

Usually, when I watch a movie that I don’t really enjoy, I try to figure out who it would appeal to, even if it’s not me. I understand we all have our different kinks and what excites one person, will not excite someone else. Hubby and I discussed this question after watching in full and honestly, I’m not really sure who this movie is for.

While there’s a heavy storyline, I don’t think it’s that strong and it’s a trilogy movie. So if you like storylines, there are better titles I could recommend that would give you a full story to its conclusion for the same price or cheaper. If you like pretty ladies, costumes and sets, there are other movies that offer those things with a better storyline and better sex scenes. If you’re a woman looking to see a movie with attractive men, this isn’t it.  If you like POV sex, then you may want to give it a view, but if you like POV movies, you don’t need a storyline and there are better POV movies out there for less money as well.

Most confusing bit

I learned in the behind the scenes that the director comes from a world of fashion programs and working with models. Sure things are pretty, but I would expect someone with his background to design even more elaborate, even prettier sets, take more chances with camera angles and lighting and allow the actors to be “in” the scene.

Sad bit

One the scenes in the behind the scenes movie, shows the actor and actress from the first sex scene. At one point she has to stop the scene to tell him to stop pushing her hips because she can’t bounce up and down on him. She’s sounds pissed. They do the scene and then when it’s over, she gets up, he gets up, they don’t say anything or even look at each other, they just walk away. It proved to me that there really wasn’t any chemistry.

Overall Thoughts

This has to be one of the worst porn movies that I’ve ever seen. In many movies, there’s something that sticks out as funny, sexy, hot, amazing, etc. This movie was pretty, but not gorgeous. It had pretty ladies, but not gorgeous, hot model types. The acting out of the sex scenes was terrible. Even the narrator character reading through the plot for you, screwed up his lines and it wasn’t edited out. The English was dubbed over and that became annoying to watch after awhile because the sound was off, just by a tiny bit and the sex scenes were the same as well.

The sex was standard, even though there were threesomes and orgy scenes. The sex scenes were formulaic: bj, vaginal sex in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then anal in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and doggy, then cum on her face. It was totally predictable.

With the women constantly playing for the camera and not the guy they were having sex with, there was no chemistry. There was no dirty or filthy talking in the scenes, if there anything, it was basic and nothing to write home about. The sex positions were so posed that the sex looked and felt fake. There was also very little kissing in this movie which can also be hot to watch. The women weren’t able to get down and dirty at all, everything had to stay perfect, which becomes uninteresting after awhile.

While there were a few attractive guys, unfortunately, the most unattractive ones were in most of the sex scenes, making this movie unwatchable for women that aren’t just looking for pretty women.

After thinking long and hard about who would enjoy this movie, I can’t seem to come to a conclusion because I always come up with another movie that’s better, that’s a complete thought and at a cheaper price. Since did not enjoy this movie and don’t recommend it to anyone else, I certainly don’t have any interest in watching the 2nd or 3rd movie. I don’t think I’ve ever been as upset about loss of time after watching a porn that I didn’t spend any money on.

  • Starring: While there are over 40 actors in this series, the following are the featured performers: Julia Taylor, Jennifer Love, Claudia Rossi, Lydia St Martin, Angel Dark and George as Caesar
  • Director: Antonio Adamo
  • Studio: Daring Media Group
  • Running Time: Movie is 101 minutes
  • Extras: Audio language options: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
    Subtitle language options: Portuguese, Dutch and Greek
    Behind the Scenes
    Photo Gallery

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