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I’ve been watching Papaya Toys for a while now

Their products and philosophy have been winning all kinds of awards in the adult industry and when there’s such high visibility and praise, I certainly like to know what’s going on. I’ve been chatting with Papaya Pam, a lovely lady that’s super enthusiastic about what she does, and have finally received my first complimentary Papaya Toy for review. Hint, hint…I’ll take more please. 🙂

Initial Thoughts

Even though I received a lovely pink vibrator, I love pink vibrators, it wasn’t as pretty as I expected it to be from the photos online. The blue band looks a little rough around the edges. This is clearly a waterproof toy because this baby is sealed up from getting corroded by water and maybe that has something to do with it. But it just feels a little less pretty, polished.

It’s a big toy!

I like my toys to have some substance to them and the Candy Stick does not disappoint! The whole toy measures a little over 10 inches long and little over 1.5 inches in diameter at its thickest point, the bottom of the shaft, looking like nothing to be messed with. I immediately knew that this is a toy to use when I’m really horny and looking for something to really fill me up. So ladies, if you’re looking for a toy that offers some length and girth, this is a great one for that.

However to those of you that fear thicker toys, do not fear the Candy Stick. The thickness is graduated, meaning it starts a little thinner at the top, the part you would insert first and gets thicker the deeper you penetrate yourself with it. So when you get really excited and your vaginal opening expands, it will be able to accommodate the thicker shaft and that’s the part that you will feel most around your vaginal opening. So bigger is really better at the bottom!


When I get a new toy, I always read the directions and learn how the buttons function before actual playtime; I’m a geek like that. I want my playtime with my toys to go as smoothly as possible. I remember commenting to Hubby that right out of the package, the buttons seemed backwards than what’s intuitive. However, once you hold the vibrator for penetration, the buttons are actually in the right place. I’m a righty, so the button on the right is the on button and the button on the left is the off button. Clever move Papaya Toys!

The Candy Stick has 3 programs: vibrate, pulse and like a revving/pulse combo thing, that’s what it feels like to me at least. When holding it to penetrate yourself, the on button will be the one on the right. Pushing it once will bring you to the next program and it’s a circle. You start with vibrate, next push is pulse, next push is revving, next push brings you back to vibrate. In any of the programs, if you hold down that right button, the intensity/speed will increase. To turn it off, you push the left button once. If you hold the left button down, you’ll decrease the intensity/speed. So pretty simple.

Range of vibrations…slight

The highest intensity didn’t feel that strong to me, so I don’t feel like there’s a great range of intensity, there’s a slight difference. So if you find that you’re real sensitive to vibrations and they can become too strong for you, this is a good vibrator for you. If you like strong vibrators, I’d rate the highest intensity/speed at a mid range compared to other stronger vibrators I’ve used.

Those that want power…

Do not discount this toy, especially if you’re a fan of thicker, textured dildos. For me, vibrations are most effective on and around my clit and vulva. I love external vibration. Once you penetrate yourself with the Candy Stick, the vibrations are all internal. So for this toy, I did not hold the vibration strength at a very high level. The vibrations add an additional sensation while it’s inside me, but where the Candy Stick delivers is with it’s thickness and texture. I will explain…

Thick and Ribbed Dildo

Originally, I thought this would be quite the thickness to take in. However, I didn’t find it too thick at all, nor was it too thin. It was just right. And with each thrust, I was able to feel the ribbed texture at the opening of my vagina. This felt so incredibly divine. I’ve not counted the vibration strength that high because even without the vibrations, this makes an incredibly pleasurable dildo to fuck myself with. I started out with slow thrusting because I wanted to make sure I could feel the texture and if that actually added any extra pleasure, but it turns out, I got so excited, I kept going faster and faster and faster and then I climaxed and it was over.

Dildo’s a Good Length

Because the toy is so long, it gives you a lot of room to play with as far as penetration and thrusting, but it’s not scary long. The insertable part is about 6 1/2″ long. When I use short dildo toys, I sometimes run out of dildo to hold onto while I’m trying to deeply penetrate myself. With a longer length like the Candy Stick, I don’t have to worry about that and have the option of experiencing shallow or deep penetration. I can do short quick thrusts or long, slow deep thrusts. So length, girth and texture of this baby rocked my world.

G-Spot Pleasure?

Even though the Candy Stick is curved at the tip, from my experience and with my body, I don’t feel like I can categorize it as a g-spot toy. The curve wasn’t quite curvy enough, but the ability to penetrate myself deeply made up for that.


As soon as I removed it from the package I could tell the Candy Stick was totally waterproof. The buttons are located safely underneath the silicone material it’s made out of, so there’s no water getting in there. When you open the battery compartment, you can see a thick O’ring that seals the batteries safely within the compartment and once you twist that compartment shut it’s closed and sealed. So feel free to play with the Candy Stick in the shower or bath. I know that most people can really only find privacy and peace and quiet in the shower or bath and this vibrating dildo is the perfect toy for that kind of thing.


It’s a really quiet toy, even on its highest intensity. It might have to do with all the silicone that the motor is buried in. I’m not sure, but I can happily report, that if you’re looking for a quiet vibrating toy, this one’s really, really quiet.

Made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone

That means that this is a safe vibrating dildo to use in and around your body. Silicone is non-porous meaning that you can completely clean this sex toy after each use. You don’t have to worry about your natural juices being absorbed into the material and hanging around there, creating bacteria and an overall stinky toy after a while. When you wash it, even with just soap and water, it will be clean, totally clean. Speaking of…

Easy to Clean

Since it’s waterproof, the Candy Stick is easy to clean because the whole thing can be submerged in water without worry of it breaking. It’s also easy to clean because it’s made out of 100% medical grade silicone which is a non-porous material meaning you can get it completely cleaned with soap and water. You can also boil, just the textured dildo part in boiling water for a few minutes to totally disinfect it which means…

You can share the Candy Stick with a sexy friend(s)

As long as you go from vagina to vagina, you can share the Candy Stick with a sexy friend because there are no pores in the silicone material for anybody’s natural juices (jizz) to get built up in. However, make sure you clean your Candy Stick between partner/friend/playmate uses. And as always, if you really, really want to be safe, put a new condom on it between playmates.


Since this toy is made of silicone, you’ll either want to store it in its original box or keep it in the satiny bag it comes with or a lint free cloth. In my experience, silicone can be a little sticky and fuzz, lint, dust are totally attracted to it. If you do keep it out in the open, make sure you wash it off before using it.

How did I use it successfully?

I always like to talk about at least one of the times I used a toy to explain how it can be used for those that are new to toys out there. I’ve been playing with them for a while and I’m not afraid to experiment with where and how I use them. So here’s my story…

Since it’s a silicone dildo, silicone can be a little sticky so using lube is really, really important. Water-based lube only because silicone lube will ruin the toy. So to ready myself, I lubed it up good and put it on the pulse program (the 2nd one) and rubbed it between my vaginal lips. I’ve learned over the years that skin is very sensitive so I was able to feel the vibrations and the ribbed texture together which felt quite nice and got me really excited and ready for penetration.

Once I was dying to penetrate myself, I slowly inserted the dildo and could feel every rib. It felt really kewl! I started out with slow, shallow thrusts because that’s what I’m comfortable with in the beginning. I like deeper penetration as I get more excited. And of course as I got more excited, I thrusted deeper and deeper, first slow then faster. I also grabbed my Mystic Wand to vibrate my clit. I like to get a lot going on to really get off. So I was thrusting the Candy Stick with my right hand and and holding the Mystic Wand just above my clit with my left hand. As I got to that brink of orgasm, I tossed the Mystic Wand to the side and just slowly and deeply thrusted with the Candy Stick and brought myself to a strong orgasm. Just explaining this makes me want to go use it again! I got rid of the Mystic Wand as I got close to orgasm because I didn’t want my orgasm to be short and intense, but slow and deep. So once I get to that brink, I keep thrusting even during my orgasm and as long as there are no vibrations on my clit, I can experience a stronger, longer and sometimes deeper full body orgasm.

Overall Thoughts

Even though it doesn’t have a really strong vibrations, I still consider the Candy Stick from Papaya Toys to be a great sex toy because it’s not just a vibrator. If you couldn’t penetrate yourself with this toy, it would have rated horribly. However, the vibrations you feel are internal if you use this toy as it’s intended and in my experience, internal vibrations are never really as strong as the external and clitoral, so the vibrational strength didn’t matter as much to me for this particular toy. Plus, if you’re not a fan of seriously intense vibrations, then this toy is perfect for you as well.

Because the dildo is so damn wonderful that also overrides the less intense vibrations. The Candy Stick looks scary long, but it’s really not. The actual insertable length is about 6 1/2″ long, but with the entire length being 10″, that gives you the ability to play with shallow and deep penetration without running out of insertable dildo and loosing your grip. The Candy Stick also looks really thick, but if you’re patient and wait until you’re aroused and use plenty of lube, this toy will feel divine. It’s one of very few toys that I’ve been able to really feel and enjoy the texture, which is another plus, plus, plus!

And it’s quiet. You don’t even need the running water or insertion to muffle the sound of the vibrations. It’s just not a loud vibrator, so those looking for quiet vibrators, this is a good one for that.

It’s made of 100% medical grade silicone which means it’s non-porous, safe to use in and around your body and totally easy to clean and disinfect for many future uses and gives you the ability to share with playmates.

At the time of writing, the Candy Stick retails for a little under $60 and I’m okay with that. Medical grade silicone is not a cheap material to use, especially if you’re covering a longer, thicker toy with it. Silicone is a material that should, with proper care, help your toy last for a good long time because it won’t get all dirty and stinky since you can totally disinfect it. It’s got a variety of uses: in water out of water. You can use it externally and internally so you’ve also got options there. Plus some thought and design had to go into this toy to make it work as well as it does. The only thing I can’t report on now is how long the motor will last, but even as just a dildo, this toy is fabulous.

It’s not the prettiest, slickest looking toy I’ve received. However, it’s totally sealed up making it safe to use in the shower or bath and it delivers pleasure every time I use it. I’d rather have a “sort of pretty toy” that always gets me off good, than a beautiful toy that doesn’t really give me any pleasure. Even with all the toys I still have to use and review, the Candy Stick has earned a place on my nightstand so it’s available for me to use over and over again.

Vital Stats:

Size: Entire Unit from top to bottom approx. 10″ long. The shaft (insertable part) measures approx.
6 1/2″ long.  1.5″ wide at it’s thickest part.
Power Supply: 2 “AA” Batteries (not included)
Water Friendly: Absolutely, can be totally submerged under water so feel free to use it in the bath or shower.
Extras: Satiny bag for storage.

Where It's Available:

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