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The Hype

Two of Adult’s all-time hottest superstars are finally unitediin this ultra-sexy Justin Sterling production of Jenna Loves Kobe.

Initial Thoughts

The first scene alone started out with sex right up front, no storyline, no buildup, just Jenna and Kobe stripping down and going down on each other. Later on, in this first scene, Jenna fucks Kobe with a pretty pink strap-on, so I thought, “Hey, a strap-on in the first scene…I’m in for a treat!

What You’re Really In For

Jenna Loves Kobe is a high quality fuck flick. There’s no plot to follow, just sexual situations in which the sex is immediately played out. The attractive stars, female AND male, and the attractive, upscale settings keep it from looking cheap and cheesy. Although I didn’t think anything from Club Jenna would appear cheap and cheesy. There’s a total of 5 sex scenes consisting of lesbian sex with strap-on action and lots of oral sex and vanilla sex. The first scene opens with exactly what the viewers want to see, Kobe and Jenna getting it on and there’s no disappointment there. Then you have Randy Spears and Tommi Rose, all done up in a pink wig and pink thigh high fistnets. Next you get a some Steven St. Croix and Zana action in a jungle style living room. Moving on to April masturbating on top of a piano and then getting swept off her feet by Lee Stone for more guy-girl action. Finally, the movie closes with, at this point, the long awaited pair Jenna and Kobe.

Jenna and Kobe in tubHottest Scene

Even though the first scene with Jenna and Kobe was really hot and included Jenna banging Kobe with a strap-on, I’m not kidding it gets really intense, I was most aroused during the closing, hot tub scene. Both hotties start out wearing these very feminine, very dainty nighties as they caress and undress one another and get into the tub. If you love to watch extrodinarily hot women kissing, rubbing, grinding and lapping each other up in a hot tub, this is sure to be your favorite scene too. It was just so passionate and erotic, I had to watch it several times. And the fact that Jenna keeps looking directly into the camera while all this is going on, is going to make you want to spill semen in your lap. My panties were soaked. It felt as if she was putting on this hot lesbian show just for me, really intense.

Annoying Bits

This movie has a music video feel to it, now it works for Andrew Blake, but something went terribly awry here. Because of the type of music chosen for all the non-Jenna scenes, I felt no connection to what was going on, on the screen. I almost thought I lost all excitement for watching porn, but that’s not true because when Jenna’s last scene came on, I was definitely wet. I think the music edited into the non-Jenna scenes wasn’t very sexy and unfortunately the music covered up most of the moans and groans that I usually find arousing. Also, non of the actors were looking into the camera.

There was just this distance and I couldn’t feel what I was watching. Jenna and Kobe kissing in tubAlso, all the scenes without Jenna and Kobe just didn’t have the intensity I had hoped for. Like I said above, all the guy-girl scnes were very vanilla and repetitive. Once we got to April and Lee Stone’s scene, I so wanted to press fast forward, so I could just get back to Jenna and Kobe. I just felt like the middle scenes were put on the DVD just to take up space. The editing was also questionable. There were times when the camera caught an actress looking a little disinterested in what was going on. I caught Kobe Tai in a moment and April in a moment and I felt that those things should be edited out. There was also a lot of special effects to keep things interesting and music video like, but they became a little annoying and unnecessary after a while.

Rockin Bits

The DVD has bonus scenes of Jenna and Kobe from other movies. The Jenna scenes are hot as blazes. In fact, the bonus scenes got me wetter and more aroused than the entire movie. If you don’t already own these movies, or haven’t already seen them, there’s a threesome scene with Jenna, Felecia and Bobby Vitale from Photoplay, lesbian scene with Jenna and Janine from Where the Boys Aren’t 7, a rockin hot scene with Jenna and Dasha from Where the Boys Aren’t 14. I actually want to view that movie now and see if that’s the hottest scene in it. And finally there’s a Jenna masturbation scene from Photoplay also.

Funniest Bit

There’s also lots of special effects to keep the non Jenna scenes interesting but there’s one thing that made me laugh out loud. Zana is on all fours over Steven St. Croix blowing him. At one point they decide to edit in some fast forward action. This happens periodically in the movie, but they did it while her head is bobbing up and down, so now her head is bobbing up and down at light speed. It was so quick and pointless and so out of place, I had to laugh.

Jenna Jameson in tub

Disappointing Bit

In the DVD Extras there’s behind the scenes footage which unfortunately doesn’t have any narration or comments from cast members, but it also shows clips of a Jenna and Kobe scene that was not included in the actual movie. Jenna was fucking Kobe with a vibrator. I don’t know if it was a warmup type thing that they got on camera, but it probably would have been pretty hot, if also included in the movie. I was like, “AAAAwwwwwwwwww, what’s that about. I want to see that scene too, that looks hot.” I felt a little cheated for a minute.

DVD Extras

Besides the 4 Jenna and 3 Kobe Tai bonus sceens you also get behind the scenes footage, interactive menus, chapter selection, positons room (which takes you directly to the action), slide shows from the movie, Jenna Jameson’s biography, Kobi Tai’s biography, previews, tons of phone sex and web site information. Overall Thoughts I was really excited to see Jenna’s newest release. Like I said above, I had high hopes once the strap-on came out, but after that, the next 3 scenes were rather disappointing. If I didn’t actually have to right a review, I would have used that fast forward button in a heart beat. Luckily though, every scene Jenna does is hot. She’s a true professional that knows she’s performing for her viewers and by knowing where the camera is at all times, she’s able to, with her eyes alone, bring you right into the scene. I do believe that this movie was geared specifically towards Jenna Jameson and Kobe Tai fans, with it being there first time together and if that’s why you’re purchasing this movie, you won’t be let down.

  • Starring: Jenna Jameson, Kobe Tai, Tommi Rose, April, Zana, Randy Spears, Lee Stone, Steven St. Croix
  • Director: Jim Enright
  • Studio: Club Jenna
  • Running Time: 78 min.

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