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The Hype

“Jenna takes control of this comical adventure with ten of the nastiest sex scenes ever filmed. Watch her with her best boy/girl action ever! Put her in a bottle and take her home … a genie that’s guaranteed to please!”

Initial Thoughts

I was surprised and excited to see that there were 2 discs when I opened the package, oh goody, lots of extras. That’s always a plus. This is also my first exposure to Jenna’s hubby, Justin, so I was anxious to see the two of them together as well. I had heard lots of good chatter about this movie and knew that Jenna was good at playing comical roles, so overall, I anticipated a good experience. Then I read the back cover and saw that one of the extras was a full commentary with Jenna and Justin, which sounded really fun…

Basic Storyline

I Dream of Jenna has a simple storyline. Major Tommy Nelson (Steven St. Croix) finds Jenna’s genie bottle on a deserted island as he’s digging his S.O.S. message in the sand. He brings Jenna home, who’s very happy with her new master until he refuses to take her to his astronaut movie shoot. Angry, Jenna invites over her sister Katrina (Nikita Denise) to amuse her, but Katrina convinces Jenna to go to the set and get her master back…which is all part of Katrina’s dirty plan to trap Jenna back in her bottle and have Major Nelson all to herself. So what you have is the naughty frolicking and hot sex that Jenna experiences and witnesses as she tries to get her master back.

Jenaa Jameson as Genii Jenna Jameson Steven St. Croix

What You’re In For

I thought the comedic scenes were well written. Jenna, as the trouble making genie is a real hoot to watch. Apparently from the commentary, you learn that those antics aren’t much of a stretch for her. These comedic scenes are nicely laced through 9 sex scenes in which 8 scenes are really rather lengthy. There’s lesbian 3 somes, orgies, group sex, FFM threesomes, messy blow jobs, hetero couple sex, lesbian strap-on sex, anal sex. It’s jam packed with action.

Most of the women’s genie costumes are gorgeous. They all look totally hot. The make-up was also smokin’ and the sets looked really good as well; especially the set inside the genie bottle and the set for the orgy scene. Hot porn stars, great costuming, good sets, good acting on the main characters’ parts, good music and a decent storyline, with lots of extras…You can’t go wrong

Jenna Jameson Thressome

Hottest Scene

The lesbian threesome with Jenna, Nikita and Autumn was off the charts! And that was the first full, all-out sex scene in the movie. Set on a beautiful patio at night, Nikita and Jenna just tore up Autumn. What I would’ve given to be her at that point! Jenna totally toke charge, bending Autumn over, licking her ass and then standing up and pulling her by the hair to kiss her, but the fun the doesn’t stop there. They have Autumn get down on all fours, facing away from the camera, wearing an ankle strap on each ankle with a dildo attached. At the same time, Nikita and Jenna each rode those dildos, reverse cowgirl. It’s pretty fuckin hot. I definitely felt my panties getting really wet on this one. They kept licking their fingers and reaching over to massage each other’s clits. It looked like both of them had an orgasm or came damn close and I thought the scene was going to be over, OH NO!! After the transition, Jenna’s wielding what appears to be a rather large strap-on dildo, she proceeds to get Nikita on all fours and just plows her, ANALLY. There’s no other way to describe it. Nikita not only takes the anal pounding, but begs for it as she’s sucking on Autumn’s strap-on dildo. Then Jenna pulls out, grabs Nikita by the hair and makes her suck on that dildo, then makes out with her. It was so hot, it looked like Jenna was just having a ball with this. An awesome, long scene.

Most Rockin’ Scene

(scene that hands down made me masturbate)

Jenna Jameson and Jewel D'nyle

The Jenna and Jewel D’Nyle scene was super steaming. Jewel plays an evil demon lady, taking on an extremely dominant role and really gives Jenna a run for her money! Not only is there lots of classic arousing lesbian action, but there’s even a couple of cat fights, in which Jenna tries to take charge. I thought I was going to spill semen on myself and I’m not even a man! Jewel can talk some serious filth, I’ll give her that. Between the moans and the filthy instructions that she was giving Jenna, my panties became soaked. No worriesthough, Jenna gets her later on in the scene by wielding a big, butt plug style strap-on and fucks the bajeezus out of Jewel. Jewel’s reverse cowgirl, anal orgasm is pretty intense as well. I’d have to say that Jewel’s quite a performer!

Scene I Could Do Without

The scene that I disliked the most and actually had to fast forward through was, funny enough, the scene that I believe got nominated for Best Blow Job Scene at the AVN Awards, but I guess it just wasn’t my bag, baby! Jewel D’Nyle, although hot in the scene with Jenna, became rather annoying while giving Steven St. Croix a blow job. The noises that she was making were just too much. It sounded like she was trying to hock a loogy, moan and talk all at the same time. Besides the blow job containing loads and loads of saliva, which can be good, but along with the constant hocking a loogy sound, I couldn’t take it. I watched most of it, but just couldn’t stay aroused. However, I do realize that there are folks out there would find it totally hot.

Favorite Lines

This movie had a few that are worth mentioning. Of course, when you actually experience them in all their glory, they’ll be even better…

Jewel to Jenna (while Jenna’s eating her out) “Make me cum all over that pretty mouth.”

Then when she cums, Jewels follows up by demanding, “Fuckin’ suck it out!”

Jenna to Justin (while he’s fucking her doggy style) “Give it to me harder, baby, spread me open.”

Most Amusing Bit

Randy Spears, in his scene with Inari Vachs, Steven St. Croix and Karianna, is going through an entire comical monologue while fucking Inari Vachs doggie style. He’s got, what I call, his molester voice on…real low and real seductive. Anyway, you could tell just by watching the scene that this one took more than a few takes to get right. Sure enough in the bloopers you see some of those problems.

Most Surprising Bit

I don’t know if it was the lighting, make-up or the way that things were filmed, but Aurora Snow has the pinkest private parts I have ever seen. I swear her vagina and anus are as pink as the painted toy vaginas out there. I was totally blown away by that and she does a long, gaping anal scene and that thing was pink, pink, pink! Unbelievable!

Most Impressive Bits

Erik Everhard in the orgy scene was amazing! He banged the bajeezus out of Lezley Zen and he did it over and over and over again! And he didn’t just bang, he banged hard, he banged fast, he banged deep and he banged while standing up! Go Erik!

While Nikita is sitting back in a chair and Steven St. Croix is munching box, she has herself folded in half. No shit, her legs are straight up and above her head; her feet are turned in so that the soles of her shoes are touching one another. Talk about flexibility…Damn Girl!

DVD Extras

  • Commentary with Justin Sterling and Jenna Jameson
  • 2 Bonus Masturbation Scenes with Jenna
  • Bonus Masturbation Scene with Nikita Denise
  • Bonus Masturbation Scene with Autumn
  • Bonus Masturbation Scene with Flick Shagwell and Brittany Andrews
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Outtakes/Bloopers
  • Photo Gallery
  • Fetish Menu

Overall Thoughts

I Dream of Jenna is a quality flick. It’s really got all the elements, good costuming, hot actors and actresses, sizzling sex scenes, good dialogue, some comedy and believable acting by the principle performers. One thing I really liked about this movie was the long length of each sex scene. You could really go to town on yourself or your significant other and not have to worry about the scene ending before you do, which was a real treat. The extras were pretty cool as well. The commentary was as fun as I thought it would be. Jenna and Justin are very funny together, giving you all the gossip and background info. You get an awful lot in this one package, so it’s well worth its cost. All in all, a sexy, fun time awaits you on this DVD set.

  • Starring: Jenna Jameson, Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears, Nikita Denise, Inari Vachs, Justin Sterling, Jewel D’Nyle, Brittany Andrews and many more…
  • Directed by: Justin Sterling
  • Studio: Club Jenna
  • Running Time: approx. 2 hours 15 minutes

Where It's Available:

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