How To Be A Great Lover – Lou Paget

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What does it promise?

“… gives you the down-and-dirty details that you really want to know on exactly what men like and why, and shares the proven erotic techniques that make for incredible sex you’ll both enjoy.”

Benefits of Reading

You will learn how to give a great hand job, a great blow job and how to stimulate the prostate (internally and externally). You’ll also learn about kissing, safe sex, setting a sexy atmosphere, male and female orgasm and playing with sex toys with your lover.

Favorite Thing About the Book as a Whole

There’s 21 techniques in this book on how to give a great hand job. There is not only great descriptions but drawings along the way to help you out. She not only explains what to do, but what this will feel like to him and why to do it. It’s very easy to read and learn these techniques. And they work!!!!!It’s a resource that’s finally available to women, that really gives them step by step descriptions about how to pleasure a man. Most books and information just give you a round about description, but this takes you step by step with illustrations and everything.

Favorite Hand Job Technique

The following are the techniques that my boyfriend found to feel the best and I found the easiest to do. These are actual exerpts from “How to Be a Great Lover.” “The Rings” (requires a semierect to fully erect penis) “This gives a whole new meaning to the ‘okay’ sign.

  1. Apply your lubricant of choice generously to both hands.
  2. Form the ‘okay’ sign with both hands
  3. With a gentle and then more insistent rhythm, alternate encircling the head of the penis with the ‘okay’ ring of each hand and moving each ring down his shaft.
  4. As you approach the bottom with one hand, smoothly slip the other ‘ring’ over the top.
  5. Use both ‘rings’ at the top and twist in opposite directions.”

Sample Hand Job Tip

Men say three things about entering a woman that make it most pleasurable are heat, moisture and a snug fit. That’s why warm lubricant and gentle pressure are used in every technique. Your hands are creating an impostor vagina.

Favorite Blow Job Technique

The following are also techniques that my boyfriend found to feel the best and I found the easiest to do. These, again, are actual exerpts from “How to Be a Great Lover.” “TEA BAGGING”“Another mouth move that I’ve heard men totally enjoy is what I call Tea Bagging. Start with him lying on top and then ask him to get on all fours and crawl over you. Then scoot down beneath him, leaving a trail of kisses on his chest and tummy, then, when you mouth is beneath his groin, place your hands on his hips to guide and lower his hips, dipping his balls into your mouth. Invariably, his penis will harden and do a little bonk, bonk jig against your forehead. If you have enough space in your mouth, try to take both balls inside. But if you can’t, don’t worry-most women are not able to do this.”

Sample Blow Job Tip

“When sucking, it’s best to use short, intense bursts, rather than constant, long vacuuming, which concentrates too much suction on the head.” sample page Does it deliver what it promises? Yes! I really believe that if you want to give a better hand job, blow job or want to try some prostate stimulation that this book can help you please your partner better. The biggest complaint from men is that their woman doesn’t give a good hand job. Some of us women do not really know how to handle the penis. And believe me, there’s many women out there that don’t even attempt to because they just don’t know and don’t want to embarrass themselves. The penis doesn’t have to be handled softly, it needs a tougher, firmer touch. And Lou tells you all about how to go about it, step by step. If you have a dildo at home, I suggest trying some of the techniques out on it first, just to get you used to doing it. Don’t have a dildo? Then try a zucchini or cucumber. At least you’ll get the idea of how to perform each technique before trying it on your man. Or you and your man can make a night out of it. Get him naked, get out the lube and the book and get started. Sometimes learning new things with your lover is extremely exciting and can bring you both closer together. I know some women can’t just suddenly get better at something because then their lover will wonder how they got better. If you show him this book and tell him you want to try some great new techniques out on him, I’m pretty sure he’ll be all for it.

Overall Thoughts of How to be a Great Lover by Lou Paget

I saw an episode of Playboy TV’s “Sexcetera” and they did a story on Lou Paget. Lou Paget conducts sexuality workshops giving women and men tips on how to have better sex, because knowledge equals confidence and confidence will make you feel empowered, heighten the intimacy of your relationship, and enable you and your lover to enjoy yourselves in a variety of intense, new ways. They showed an excerpt from her workshop in which she taught women how to give a good hand job. This intrigued me because I am always looking for more information and ways to improve my sexual technique as well, so I had to go out and get this book. This book is basically her workshop crammed into 226 pages. Since I had one main agenda with this book, I immediately went to Chapter Six, Mastering Manual Stimulation. I have a Cyberskin Dildo, so I grabbed that, lubed up my hands and started reading and trying these techniques. I was doing this at my breakfast counter while my boyfriend was cooking dinner. Just by me reading the techniques aloud and trying them on the cyberskin penis, my boyfriend was well aroused watching what I would eventually be trying on him later. So I went through them and after dinner, it was time to really try them out. Oh my god! I have never seen my boyfriend have such an intense orgasm as he had that night from a hand job ALONE!!!! I stimulated in no other way, but a hand job, using Lou Paget’s techniques. I was amazed. And once you learn these techniques, you ‘ll have them to use forever. Now I can handle my boyfriend’s penis with true confidence. It was always a guessing game before, but just like her book promised, I’m more confident in giving a hand job so I enjoy myself more and as a result my boyfriend enjoys himself more. Don’t be embarrassed by wanting this book. We are not taught how to have good sex. We are always just taught the nuts and bolts of it. And unfortunately, most couples can’t discuss sex. So Lou has put her experience and her research down on paper giving women the chance to have confidence in the bedroom. Even if your lover tells you that you give a great hand job, there’s something in this book can make you even better.

Vital Stats

Author: Lou Paget Publisher: Broadway Books Format: Hardbound # of pages: 216 Erotic or Self-Help: Self-Help Easy or Difficult Read:Easy

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