Empire of Light – Vol. 1

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I was contacted by the director, Lux Noctis, to review this movie. My initial thought was that it looked very pretty and had good potential to be hot. However, they don’t refer to it as porn but as erotic art, which interested me greatly as I wondered if it would be too artsy to be arousing. Boy was I wrong!

If Andrew Blake, Michael Ninn and Erica Lust had a baby, it would be Empire of Light.

Empire of Light is 3 hours of super sexy, glamorous ladies masturbating and getting it on with each other in a music video style format. I find these style movies to be great because they have no storyline, there’s nothing to follow or keep track of.

It’s just hot scene after hot scene that you can watch all the way through, jump to a specific scene or simply leave it playing in the background to create a sexy atmosphere because you’re either getting treated to a sexy strip tease before things get started or you’ll be jumping right in the middle of the action and it’s all hot!

 It’s well shot, edited and produced.

I appreciate the fact that Lux played with high color, high saturation, black and white, brightness and darkness. Each scene had its own look and feel. He also played with speed. It feels as though things are slowed down, but not too much that you’re waiting for things to happen.

What I loved was that at this pace, you can really see what the ladies are doing. When a woman is rubbing her clit and lips, you can see every little thing, every little gesture and really appreciate the total sexiness that’s happening in front of you and it’s even hotter than real time because in real time, it’s all happening too quickly.

It’s discreet porn.

There’s no loud moaning or breathing or dirty talking. It’s just music, so unless someone sees your tv, computer screen, etc. They are none the wiser. I only had issue with some of the music. In the beginning, some of it seemed a little heavy handed. It didn’t detract from the scene, but I didn’t feel it complimented it that well. Fortunately, the music improved as the movie went on.

Every scene is pretty and sexy

I can’t say I had a favorite scene because they were all sexy and as a whole they all got me really worked up.

  • There’s a scene with 2 ladies engaging in sensual, erotic BDSM.
  • There’s 2 ladies getting it on with each other in a big tub, masturbating together in the bathroom, getting it on in a bedroom, in a club.
  • There’s another scene with 2 ladies getting it on in a spot light. Lots of ladies masturbate in rooms with various themes: comfy bedroom, comfy living room, club/disco room, a dungeon kind of space.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendations

Empire of Light is a hot movie. It’s 3 hours of complete sexiness. There isn’t an unsexy scene within. You’re either watching ladies flirt, kiss, fondle and get each other naked or they’re getting it on with another or getting it on with themselves.  It’s also just 3 hours of pretty and sexy to look at.

The sets and scenes all have a different feel, look and sound to them and there’s nothing sterile about it. Lux plays with color and black & white footage, bright daylight, darkness and everything in between. While I had an issue with some of the music, it doesn’t in any way deter me from recommending it because if you don’t like the music, you can always turn the volume down and play your own.

It creates a very sexy atmosphere to have playing the background while having sex. It’s great to masturbate to because wherever you play it, there’s something sexy happening and it’s totally discreet. Unless someone is looking at your screen, they’d have no idea you watching some hot porn.

I know, it’s not porn, it’s art erotica, but just like porn, it made me want to touch myself the whole time. At the time of writing, you can view some soft-core clips as a preview and download the movie as a whole from the website.

You can’t go wrong by owning it because of the amount of ways and purposes you can view it and hotness like this also stands up to multiple viewings. I know I’m keeping my copy handy so I can watch it over and over and over again. Currently it’s available in an HD, MP4 and Mobile versions.

  • Starring: Eufrat, Michelle, peaches, Brandy Smile, Nikita, Zara
  • Director: Lux Noctis
  • Running Time: approx. 3 hours

UPDATE: Unfortunately this movie is no longer available and has been discontinued.

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