The Art of Masturbation

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88out of 100Very Good

The Art of Masturbation offers a fresh look at the solo genre.

If you’re like me, and I know I am, there are three things I love: natural looking performers, a strong visual style and authentic orgasms. The trifecta is, for the most part, what you get in the Art of Masturbation.

6 beautifully shot scenes are cleverly linked using a subtle visual element that carries the viewer through a woman’s day ( I don’t want to ruin it, it’s more fun discover it yourself). These scenes are about enjoying the moments in the journey not just the final destination.

This movie is elegant precision.

Desaturated colors and gauzy out of focus backgrounds are perfect visual companions to long lingering shots and Mr. Powell’s pin-sharp focused close ups, which I love. So sharp, you can see the goosebumps on breasts and the thread on panties.

Believable real orgasms in porn are rare

I was pleased to see a variety of authentic orgasmic moments from blink and you’ll miss it orgasms to panty soaking hotness. I give New Sensations and Mr. Eddie Powell credit for not portraying every orgasm as the cookie cutter screaming, writhing, peel ‘em off the ceiling kind.

In Scene 1

Rilee Marks is  peeping on a couple have sex. You can hear the couple’s moans and dirty talk, but we never see them, just a hint of a shoulder, blurred back, which is brilliantly creative and adds a palpable tension, that’s really hot.

In scene 2

we get a peek into a morning masturbation that builds in a slow, believable way. It opens with under the covers, over the panty masturbation. Hayden Winters has tight crisp blue panties and perfectly manicured nails that hover and tease across the fabric. Panty fans this is a scene not to be missed.  She teases and masturbates with her fingers and then culminates the strong session with a thick pink vibrator.

Scene 3

The intensity ramps up with Kiera Winters’ shower masturbation scene. It starts with tight teasing camera work of mundane shower tasks, soaping and shaving, that serve to create anticipation for a raw and intense face against the wall shower  finale.

Scene 4

 I didn’t connect with Capri Cavanni’s performance in this scene. It felt out of place in comparison to the authenticity of the other five scenes. It felt forced, and maybe that’s because, it was the only scene with cliche porn tropes like the breath in through your teeth really hard, because apparently that’s a sign of being turned on.

In addition, She was only performer with the typical porn look i.e. plump lips, fake nails and the boob job. She is sexy and beautiful however, my preference was for natural look of the rest of the cast. I hung in there to give her scene a full viewing, but I had to seriously fight the urge to hit the fast forward button.

Take note, for the foot fans there is a lot of focused foot shots and one point she even started sucking her own toes. So, if feet are your thing you may really dig this scene.

Scene 5

Allesandra Snow has legs splayed across the office desk, vibrator in hand, as she engages in a little semi-public office masturbation. She furiously works towards a giant release all while attempting to muffle her orgasmic screams as a curious co-worker listens in at the door.

Scene 6

Lilly Banks has her panties at her ankles, spread out on a couch. It’s paired down to the basics. She explores her body with her fingers and is completely absorbed in her own touch, it’s intoxicating raw sexual energy that culminates with her ass in the air and  fucking herself deeply with three fingers.

Overall Thoughts

Me and the hubby really enjoyed the The Art of Masturbation. It’s a good title for men, women and couples that appreciate a woman’s body and femininity.

Director, Eddie Powell has a great photographic eye and it shows in every frame of the Art of Masturbation. It’s a title that could hold up to repeat viewing because it’s chock full of little details to savor.

Five of the six scene had a delightful point of view, moments or performances that really clicked with me and exceeded my expectations. While there was the one scene that we didn’t connect with, What didn’t work for us, may work perfectly for you. Your mileage may vary 🙂

This is a new video from New Sensations, I don’t know if they’re planning on making it a series, I hope they do, the idea is great. If they do, we’re definitely interested in seeing how it evolves and what other performers bring to it.

  • Starring: Allesandra Snow, Capri Cavanni,  Kiera Winters,  Lilly Banks, Rilee Marks
  • Director: Eddie Powell
  • Studio: New Sensations

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