Cyberskin Realistic Dildo

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79out of 100Good

What’s the Hype

Feels like a realistic penis!

How’s It Supposed to Be Used

It’s my favorite paperweight. I love to see the reaction of my coworkers as they pass on by. Besides that, you fuck yourself with it.

The Best Parts

It’s super duper soft. It feels like a real erection. And it feels even better when you lube it up, I couldn’t stop stroking it. The 8″ length goes in nice and deep, it’s not lacking there.

Silliest Part

The balls are so squishy, every time I picked it up, I had to squish the balls. Annoying Parts: Although the length is good, the thickness wasn’t quite enough. As I got excited, my hole started to expand, as does most women’s, and the cyberskin dildo just wasn’t as pleasurable any more. I mean the thickness is comparable to that of a real man’s, but for some reason it felt too thin after I worked myself over. This jimmy jammy just kept sucking up all the lube, so if you don’t believe in using an artificial lube, then this toy’s gonna suck you dry.

What’s It All Add Up To

I have seen many companies claim that their dildo is the “realistic” and well, they weren’t. The Cyberskin Dildo does feel incredibly real. Although it took me a very long time to actually get intimate with it. I just couldn’t get past how real it felt and kept squishing the balls. The realness was actually distracting. I think I’d much rather keep it as a paperweight on my desk so I can fondle it every once in a while and make my friends squeeze the testicles, then I would fuck myself with it.

  • Size: 8 inches long
  • Extras Included: 1oz. sample of Climax Personal Lubricant and a 9 gram bottle of Cyberskin Renew Powder

Where It's Available:

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