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What’s the Hype?

Made by the lovely folks at Doc Johnson, the Pocket Rocket has been one of the most popular battery operated vibrator for years.

How’s it Supposed to be Used?

The PC description has always been that it’s a wonderfully relaxing neck massager.that’s true, but we gals have found that its use further south provides even more relaxing benefits.

Reason for Reviewing

There’s so much hype about the new, way-cool, I-Vibe Pocket Rockets that I thought I would officially give the original its due respect. Some people get lost in all the hype of the new technology, but I want my site to reflect the fact that even the oldies are still real, treasured goodies. So here we go.

The Pros

The Original Pocket Rocket is a great small size, making it nice and portable. You can easily toss it in your purse, briefcase, knapsack or suitcase. You can also easily keep it on your nightstand or the draw of your nightstand for quick and easy access.

Since it’s actually a ‘neck massager’ and not a ‘vibrator’, there’s an element of discreetness.if that’s what you’re looking for. The actual vibrator has “mini massager” printed on it, so no one is the wiser.

While the Pocket Rocket isn’t really an expensive vibrator, that also depends on where you shop, I’ve experienced several cheaper knockoff’s and I must say that they haven’t lasted as long as the Original Pocket Rocket. I’ve had mine for several years. The part that always seems to break is the twist on/off feature. You actually have to twist the center of the vibe to turn it on. With other, cheaper brands, I’ve found this part to break first and the fastest. I’ve been able to actually twist past the ‘on’setting and then the thing is broken. However, that has not happened with the Original Pocket Rocket. It feels like the plastic that it’s made of is a little thicker and sturdier than other brands. So this vibrator should last you a while.

Taking only 1 “AA” battery, it’s not an expensive vibe to power. In my experience, a regular Duracell or Energizer battery will last you more than several uses. The battery lasts a long time if you don’t keep it stored in the vibrator.

Don’t let its small size fool you.the Pocket Rocket does pack quite a punch. If you look below, it doesn’t bring me to orgasm immediately like the Hitachi Magic Wand can, but it is in my collection of regularly used toys.that should say a lot because I do not use or tolerate weak vibes.

It’s a great first time vibe to incorporate into sex with your partner. It doesn’t look sexual at all, so there’s a very non-threatening aspect to it and its small size allows you to hold it on your clit during intercourse without hampering any sexual activity.

The Cons

Although I’m not afraid of vibrators that make noise, there are many women who would rather have a silent vibrator. The Pocket Rocket is definitely NOT one of the silent ones. The sound can be covered up if you put on your TV or play some music at a decent level, but it’s in no way silent. I have an Oral B electric toothbrush and it’s a little bit louder than the Pocket Rocket. So, the Pocket Rocket is little softer than that. If you don’t mind the sound of an electric toothbrush, then the sound of this vibe shouldn’t bother you.

For those of you that like to set the perfect vibrations, there’s not much of a choice with the Pocket Rocket. You’ve got ‘on’ and ‘off’.that’s it. It’s not a vibe that you can really personalize as far as vibrational settings.

I have found that I use the Pocket Rocket more without the noduled cap that comes with it. The cap is hard plastic and those nubs don’t feel particularly exquisite against my sensitive clit, so I prefer to use it with the cap off. However, there is the Pink Pocket Rocket that comes with a jelly sleeve that I hear is a wonderful addition, but that’s another review.

It’s also not a multipurpose vibe, this one is used externally only gals. So it’s not one that you can penetrate yourself with too.

rocket open

Favorite Ways to Use

So in the few years that I’ve had the Pocket Rocket, I’ve come up with a few ways to use it because it’s not just about holding vibe to clit. That is the most popular way and it’s the way to get the most direct clitoral stimulation which is the most powerful.but here’s a couple more.

Over the years of using vibes, I’ve found that holding a vibe against my vaginal lips feels really, really divine. It’s not just the clit that enjoys the vibrations. So here’s what you do.Take the entire vibe, long ways and hold it against your vaginal lips. The entire vibrator vibrates, not the just the tip, so you do have a couple more options.

I also found a very sweet spot on the lower most part of my vaginal opening. Right at the very end where the two lips come together, is a very sensitive spot. So when masturbating, I love to put the flat tip of the Pocket Rocket right there. I doesn’t bring me to an immediate orgasm, but it does take me there nice and slowly.

Cleaning Factor

It’s battery operated and NOT water-proof so this vibe can not be placed in water or under the faucet. If you use a moist, warm, soapy cloth and then use just a moist, warm cloth to wipe it clean you should be fine. For years I’ve used Safe Suds. It’s an easy to apply toy cleanser that you just spray on.wait a minute and wipe clean. And your vibe is cleaned and disinfected.

Overall Thoughts

The Pocket Rocket is a great vibe for, not just the beginner, but the experienced vibe user. I’ve tried many vibes over the years and even with all the technological breakthroughs and advancements, I still keep the Pocket Rocket close by and bring it on trips with me so I’m never without vibrational pleasure. It provides me with delicious external vibrations that don’t get me off right away, but when I grab the Pocket Rocket I’m not looking for a quickie. It’s small size and discreet appearance makes it a great vibe to travel with, fitting easily into a small purse. Please don’t misunderstand and think that this discreet LOOKING vibe is quiet. It’s actually rather loud, falling just a few tones short of my Oral B electric toothbrush. Even though it’s meant for external use only, I’ve figured out some more ways to use it, making it even more versatile. It’s a great vibe to incorporate into sexual play with a partner because of its small size. It’s easy to hold on to your clit during intercourse in many positions. At just under $20.00, this high quality, mini, plastic vibe has lasted years for me and I highly recommend it for you.

  • Size: About 4 1/4″ long with attached noduled cap and about as thick as a nickel is wide.
  • Power Supply: 1 “AA” battery
  • Time to Orgasm: About 5 delicious minutes.give or a take a minute or two. Water Friendly: No.although some are, always check the description first.
  • Any Extras Included?: 1 Plastic nubby cap

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