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This weekend I watched Nina Hartley’s “Guide to Sex Toys.” The video basically starts out like a sex toy Tupperware party. All the sex toys are laid out on a glass table in the middle of the room so all 3 couples can see them. Nina picks up and describes each one, it’s use and whether or not she likes it and then she passes them around for the couples to see. She tells some of her own personal stories about uses of each and then has the girls pick out which ones they would like to try, while the guys are left at this glass table to peruse the toys themselves. I find this scene quite amusing, because of how the guys are looking at and feeling the products, as if they’re unsure.

Nina demonstrating rabbit vibratorSex Toy Party

Then the three couples go into another room and get busy trying these products out. But it’s not just bamm! stick a dildo in her, you actually watch the couples from the very beginning getting each other excited. Nina walks around the room and visits each couple and describes to the viewers what they are doing to each other. And she comments on how to do those things right. For example, one guy is performing cunnilingus and not only does Nina give you some pointers on cunnilingus in general, but the camera also gets in at pretty close shot so you, the viewer, can get a look at the technique. The couples also discuss what they’re doing and what they like about how their partner does it.

Lesbian Kiss

Overall Thoughts

This video is very educational, but what I liked the best was that the video can be appealing to everybody, men and women. The couples are on the younger side probably in their twenties and thirties. The cast is interracial. It is extremely educational, yet you don’t feel like some sexual retard watching it. You are educated, yet well entertained because it still has all the same features as a porno, except the script is really good and the actors don’t suck. The women are non threatening, so women can watch it and not feel as though these women on the tape are sex masters. Everyone basically looks very average, yet still attractive to watch.

I feel it is the perfect watch if you want to expand into using sex toys. It’s an even better watch for those of you who already use sex toys. I saw some products on there that I didn’t know existed and had to order them as soon as I was done watching.

UPDATE 2-24-09: Even years later, I’m still quoting information that I learned from this DVD to others with questions about sex toys. It is only now that I can see how important this DVD was to my sexuality, so I encourage you and your loved one to watch it together as well.

  • Starring: Mark Anthony, Dee, Inari, Nina Hartley, Ian Daniels
  • Studio: Adam & Eve Productions
  • Running Time: 87 minutes

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