New Wave Hookers 2

New Wave Hookers 2
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90out of 100

Number of Sex Scenes

9 filthy, dirty sex scenes containing male and female sex, lesbian sex, lesbian threesome, 1 woman 5 guy orgy, 3 couple orgy, 2 girl 1 guy threesome, 1 woman 4 guy orgy. There’s anal sex, anal dildo sex, double penetration of vagina, dirty talk, lots of blowjobs and lots of Cumming on women’s hands and the women licking it off and rubbing it all over their faces and tits, real filthy.

Basic Storyline

Rip Hymen, plays a detective investigating the prostitution scene, after he watches Madison turn tricks with Peter North and TT Boy, he kidnaps her and brings her to a deserted building for questioning. Madison doped up on the high of her pimp Willie’s powers, tells him everything he needs to know. The movie is basically showing what Madison is explaining to Rip. The more Madison explains, the more Rip realizes that this is no regular prostitute business, it’s a group of women trying to take over the world! Will he be found out before Madison can divulge everything? Will this underground group of women succeed? You’ll have to see the movie to find out. (Come on, I can’t tell you everything.)

Madison Telling Her StoryAlley Blow Job

Hottest Sex Scenes

The action gets started right off the bat with Madison. She’s a true dirty girl picking up a business man, played by Peter North, and dragging him into the alley to give him a nasty blow job. She gets him so hard that he has to immediately push her up against the wall and bang her from behind. Once he’s ready to blow his load, he turns her around and blows it in her hand to which she licks it up and rubs it all over her face. But that’s not enough for Madison, she turns right around and blows the drunk guy sitting in the alley next to them. Not only does she blow him good, she jumps on top and bangs him really hard. And that’s just the first 10 minutes of the movie!

group sexLesbian Kiss

The initiation scene, featuring Ashley Nicole is pretty hardcore. 5 guys lay her out on a table and oil her up and then take turns banging her while she has orgasm after orgasm. I have to give her credit she blows two guys at the same time, meaning 2 cocks in her mouth. (That’s talent)

Then there’s the underwater city meeting with Cameo, Patricia Kennedy and Ricky Lee. Patricia Kennedy explains to Cameo the way to play with a dick. Then you see Cameo take it for the first time. And her first time she takes two cocks in her hole at the same time. (Filthy Whore)

I personally was really turned on by the lesbian threesome with Sandra Scream, Patricia Kennedy and April Rayne. First it started out with each one just playing with themselves, but then it turned into a lesbian threesome with Sandra Scream providing just the right amount of dirty talk to totally get me off.

Sex with the Lamp Post GuySavanna

Oh damn! Then there’s the scene with April Rayne and Savannah. They start to fuck each other to get this guy that pretends to be a lamp (you have to see the movie to understand) to have sex with them. The lesbian scene rocks. Savannah is so sexy with a perfect body and she fucks April anally with a big black dildo. That’s a scene not to be missed!

Overall Thoughts of New Wave Hookers 2

This movie is great filthy porn. Although she only had the 2 opening sex scenes, Madison rocked. I love Madison because she always looks like she’s having fun when she has sex. It’s not serious or put on, she genuinely looks like she’s having a great time and that’s so sexy.

My favorite line in this movie has to be from Randy Spears talking to Danielle Rodgers. After he answers the door and he realizes that she’s the whore he ordered he says, “Why don’t you come in the back and let me squirt on you.” I love it, total filth! And Jack Baker plays Willie, the pimp. He’s hysterical. Pay attention to the shit he says because it’s very comical.

Just about every scene in this movie was filthy, nasty and damn arousing. I had to watch it alone to do this review and damn did I wish the whole time that my boyfriend was around. But since he wasn’t I had to go back to my lesbian threesome scene and pleasure myself with the other girlies.

As far as the DVD extras go, this is an older movie so you don’t get too many. There’s a cast section where you can jump to one of the female stars’ scenes, some photos from the movie, a commercial for VCA’s website, and pictures of the box covers for other VCA titles.

UPDATE 7-8-2013: So hubby and I have been doing some upgrading to this site and I came across this movie and felt the need to come back and comment. This is still a movie we STILL watch today. It’s really very comical to us and the sex scenes are really rather filthy. We’ve gone through our porn collection and tossed many DVDs over the years, but not this one. We need to keep this one around.

  • Starring: Savannah, Madison, Sandra Scream, Ashley Nicole, Danielle Rogers, Cameo, Patricia Kennedy, Ricky Lee, Amanda Stone, April Rayne, Jamie Lee, Marc Wallace, Peter North and Randy West
  • Director: Gregory Dark
  • Studio: VCA Classic
  • Length: 1 hour 13 minutes

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