Juli Ashton, Black Boots

Black boots featuring julie ashton
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What a hot flick! Once again award winning director, Chi Chi La Rue, makes a flick that is so hot, it’s almost off the charts. This movie is about Samantha (Juli Ashton), and how she is trying to make a living for herself. She quits her job as a shoe saleswoman because she’s sick of her perverted older male boss. Having quite a fetish for shoes, she sees an ad in the paper for a boot black in a local swingers bar. She goes on the interview and after her major hot sex scene with Randy Spears, the bar owner, she’s hired! (That was no surprise! Come on it’s a porno.) Anyway, her first night at work tends to be one of the hottest nights of her life in which she finds her true sexuality.
Upskirt PeekFoursome

Chi Chi La Rue has covered many fetishes in this movie, and did very well at that: Leather, shoes, boots, interracial partners, anal sex, lesbians, a little bit of bondage, lots and lots of dirty talk and a 5 person orgy! Chi Chi La Rue covers the cheerleader have sex with the football players fantasy. And it’s very exciting at that. Tina Tyler is quite the dominatrix, putting on a very exciting performance in a sex swing. Damn, can that girl talk dirty! She was great. Juli Ashton shows true talent in this movie. Her anal scene got me all worked up! She puts on quite a show.

sex swing sequencesex with the football players

The orgy scene starts out with Juli and two other women, now keep in mind that this scene starts directly after her anal scene. So you don’t even have time to breathe. This red head, with an extremely nice ass, walks over to Juli and the other woman and they all immediately start to go nuts on each other. The sexual energy and emergency to pleasure one another was incredible. It was as if the sexual beasts in them were unleashed and they’ve been deprived of any sexual pleasure for years and years.

And if that’s not enough, just a short time later Randy Spears and another woman joins the threesome, making it an all out naughty fest. And the dirty talk between everyone is like putting the cherry on top of the sundae. And once you’re completely worked up and ready to satisfy yourself, your lover, your friend and everybody in the room; it’s over. Awww!

Overall Thoughts

There’s just an absolute ton of sex, some of the hottest, dirtiest sex I’ve ever seen; but it doesn’t get boring or old and I didn’t feel the need to fast forward through any scenes either. And best of all, all the stars are extremely attractive, both the men and the women. The DVD contains multiple angle viewing, so you don’t miss any of the action, an exclusive interview with Juli Ashton and never before seen footage. This movie is right up there at the top of my list. This movie is so steamy, it’s too hot to handle!

  • Starring: Juli Ashton, Vicca, Sharon Kane, Dee, Cassandra Knight, Tina Tyler, Liza Harper, Mikki Taylor, Wynona Winter, Leo, Randy Spears, Anthony Stone, Rod Fontana, Brick Majors, Evan Stone, Chris Marks, Richard Magnum and John Strong
  • Studio: VCA
  • Director: Chi Chi LaRue
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