Nexus Excel – Male G-Spot Massager

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What’s the Hype

Irresistibly thick and hard, the award winning Nexus Excel provides a breathtaking fit, perfect for giving a strong massage straight to the G-Spot. Featuring the unique Nexus stainless steel roller ball perineum massager and handle for manual intervention, the Excel also boasts a sleek shaft which fits snugly into place to provide a deeper, more satisfying experience.

Quality first impressions

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing theNexus Glide and the Nexus Excel is the larger brother/sister to the Glide. Like the Glide, the Excel  has a modern packaging and includes full instructions. Made of phthalate-free medical grade polypropylene plastic the Nexus Excel feels solidly made. It  is just over 1.75” diameter at its widest point and a 4.5” circumference at its widest part. The insert-able portion is 4.5”. A handle that is 1.75”. Just like the Nexus Glide, the Excel has the removable roller ball. When you are using the the Excel the roller ball is positioned underneath the scrotum and is designed to to stimulate the perineum.

Inexperienced need not apply

The Excel has a larger girth than the Glide and during insertion I could definitely feel the difference.  You will need to be properly warmed up and the Excel is for those men who like full plug feeling in addition to prostate and perineum features the Nexus Excel has to offer. As we know the anus is not self lubricating. So lubrication is a must. I used a generous amount of silicone based lube . The Nexus Excell can be used with water based or silicone lube; which in my opinion is a good thing. So whatever your lube preference is, this toy will handle it. I found the shape and size of Excel was not an exact perfect fit for my anatomy on the outset. Unlike the Glide where I had absolutely no trouble with insertion it took me a little more finesse to get the Excel comfortably inserted. I would spend a little longer preparing myself in order to make insertion of the Excel easier.

Once inserted, the Nexus Excel places just the amount of pressure on the prostate and perineum with addition of a fuller feeling.. This allows you to proceed hands free with your masturbation or even sexual intercourse. The Nexus Excel creates a strong forceful orgasm and in my case there was  no need to manipulate the toy at all. The stainless steel roller ball is comfortable and adds just the right amount of pressure and stimulation. Any movement of the handle creates an additional massage of the anal canal. I did not manipulate the toy with the handle at first.  However, with the right amount relaxation, experimentation and experience; I am sure manipulating the handle can bring extra stimulation that would probably lead to even more powerful orgasms. The claim that this toy will give you stronger orgasms was absolutely true for me.

Excel with a Partner

The Nexus Excel can be used equally solo or with a partner and it is perfect ingredient to spice up partner play. It can be inserted and it allows full mobility. So you can have it inserted while receiving oral sex or during intercourse while you are on you back or side.

Clean up

Many people are concerned about anal hygiene and of course this is even more important when comes to reusable toys. The medical grade plastic is easily cleaned  with a mild soap and warm water. The roller ball is easily removed for cleaning. Excel has included a small tool to enable easy removal of the roller ball. The roller ball simply pops out and back into place. With regular care and cleaning I can see this toy lasting a long time.

In the End… the bottom line.

I would recommend the Excel to the man experienced in anal/prostate play. A first timer to anal/ prostate play may find this toy a little too intimidating. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the other smaller Nexus toys and you want to take your anal play to next level the Excel combines the best features of the smaller toys in one dynamic product. The Nexus Excel is an easy to use,  uncomplicated, feature rich, luxury toy. It gets high marks for design and performance.  I would recommend  it for a the experienced user that wants to add a top quality, luxury toy to your arsenal.

Vital Stats:

Size: Just over 1.5” diameter at its widest point
Insert-able portion is 4.5”. A handle that is 1.75”.
Company: Nexus
Water Friendly: Yes
Extras: A small tool to enable easy removal of the roller ball.

I am Mister Man and since 1999 I have been Ann Andiani's resident masturbatory guinea pig for all the male sex toys.

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