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icegasm-FULLI’m always hunting for clever items for sexual pleasure.

Whether it’s actual physical pleasure from a sex toy, visual pleasure by just having it around, something that can solve a sexual problem or can create a fun experience for an individual or couple, I want to experience it and report back to you about it. So when contacted me about testing the Icegasm Kit, there was no way I was saying no. People tend to experiment and play with ice cubes, this is taking that idea another step further, bringing a new experience to ice play.

Impressive design

From the initial inspection of this item, I was impressed, not just with the idea, but the design and what you get. Here it is: Take a pocket rocket style vibrator, modify it so you can screw a modified ice pop handle into the top of it and you’re done. You’ve got an ice dildo that vibrates!

The kit arrives with just about everything you need: a pocket rocket style vibrator, ice tray to make 4 ice pops with handles, all wrapped in gift-basket-style plastic wrapping along with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet.

It looks like it’s still in the beginning stages of production. Mine had a bit of a homemade look to it, however, it wasn’t an ugly unfinished look & it didn’t feel unfinished with sharp edges or anything like that. It looks quite festive. But upon inspection, I can see how certain things would change as more mass production gets underway. All in all, well done even at this stage!


False Start

When we initially tried the vibrator, it didn’t work. We tested our batteries and made sure we put in new ones, and it wasn’t that. Upon inspecting, we realized that the motor must have shifted during shipping and it wasn’t making the proper connection. We pushed the motor up from the bottom of the battery compartment and it started working just fine and has been working ever since.

Easy easy easy

If you already know how to make ice pops in an ice pop tray, you’ve conquered the hard part. Fill the tray with water, put in the freezer, wait a few hours or overnight and they’ll be ready to go.

Once your ice pops are frozen, run the tray under some cold water, so you can remove the pop from the tray, screw it onto the vibrator. Turn the vibrator on and you’re ready for some icy fun!

Tasty possibilities

Each ice pop dildo can be a different flavor, making it a yummy addition to oral sex for your lover. Just be careful with sugary substances like many fruit juices, the sugar can promote the growth of bad bacteria causing a yeast infection. Do your research on that first.


The more the merrier

I like that there’s 4 separate ice pops. As one melts, there are 3 more on standby for you. Since my husband and I tend to play with other ladies and couples, we found this would also work well for sexy parties. Each lady can have her own ice pop dildo, the ultimate in safe sex toy sharing. The only issue, there’s only one vibe, so you have to wait your turn.  Great party toy!

My Experience

I found the ice to be WAAAAAY TOO COLD to really enjoy the experience. I’m all for a quick bit of ice on my nipples or nether region, however penetrating my warm vagina with an ice dildo proved to be a numbing and even somewhat painful experience. My husband tried inserting it and removing it quickly, using it during oral to add temperature changes and we tried keeping it inside me to see if I would acclimate, but it was still just too cold for me to orgasm from using it in the traditional vibrating dildo style. Call me a whimp, but it’s not my thing.

However, that’s just me, if you’re a fan of extreme temperature play and can handle the cold of the frozen ice pop in any of your orifices, this is absolutely the vibe for you. It could also be fun in a hot tub environment where it gets so hot that the extreme cold could be pleasurable. I’m a summer person, I love the heat, I love it warm during sex, so I just couldn’t get off with this toy.

Even though I didn’t get pleasure from the Icegasm Kit, this is NOT a bad toy. It’s a clever concept for sexual pleasure and it works exactly the way the makers of Icegasm intended it to work. They even supply you with everything you need, except the battery. You can play with it alone or with play buddies. It’s not a waterproof vibrator, however, I can see it being safely used during bath or hot tub play, just don’t submerge the vibrator in water.  If you put a towel down, you can use it in your bed, on the couch or whatever other furniture you desire. It has possibilities; you can make just plain water ice pops or freeze up your own mixture of frozen yummy treats. While not really pleasurable for me, I think the folks at Icegasm have a successful execution of a novel sex toy idea and I applaud them for that…and it’s available at a more than fair price of only $24.95 (at the time of writing). For the clever concept and all you get with it, I expected it to cost more and was pleasantly surprised.

  • Size: Vibrator measures approx. 4 1/4″ long.
    Ice pop dildo measures approx. 3″ long & holds 2 ounces of water
    Ice Pop thickness starts approx as big as a U.S. quarter (1″ wide), then gets thicker to approx. 1 1/2″ wide.
  • Company: Rad Novelties, LLC
  • Water Friendly: Not the vibrator
  • Power Source: 1 “AA” Battery, not included.

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