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Initial Thoughts:

Well, I’m a huge Aria Giovanni fan, so when I saw there was a movie out featuring her… what can I say? I just hadto see it… My life wouldn’t be complete without it.

What you’re in for

This is an Andrew Blake movie and most of his titles have no storylines to follow. They’re usually an erotic music video that featuring supermodel type women playing with themselves and each other in a very erotic way and this one is no different. Basically, it’s scenario after scenario showing off Aria Giovanni, and introduces Blake’s newest starlet, Sierra. Since Aria Giovanni has very beautiful, large, natural breasts (it’s what she’s famous for actually) that’s what Andrew Blake focuses on. So Aria herself plays with and shows off her breasts along with the other women who play with Aria’s breasts.;

Aria Ass

Number of Sex Scenes

14 different erotic scenes featuring lots of lesbian action, female masturbation, hetero intercourse, light bondage, rope tying and even a playful catfight all featuring supermodel looking women that have beautiful breasts and pussies.

My Favorite Sex Scenes

The Cleavage Tease made me rather moist. It consists of short spots where she’s by herself on a staircase just showing off her cleavage and giving that sexy ‘Oh yeah, I want you’ look. Then there’s also spots where she jumps out of a pool and is submissive to another chick whose face we don’t see (but who does have a nice ass). Anyway, Aria’s all wet (that’s super fucking sexy to start) and she lies totally naked on the ground where she lets this faceless woman explore her body with a riding crop. It’s just so well shot and her body looks just perfect and her pussy…to die for. There’s another spot in this chapter where Aria is being fondled and is fondling Adriana. The scene takes place in a dining room type area where Adriana just wisks her shirt down to expose Aria’s breasts and lifts Aria’s skirt up and starts rubbing her pussy. They both eventually get naked and really start to explore each other. So that one chapter alone had me pretty worked up.

ThreesomePunishment…This is the chapter where Aria finally took the dominant role and started smacking Sierra with a paddle, while Adriana watched and masturbated. At one point Adriana is sitting right in front of the fireplace, just on the ledge, she grabs her vibrator and starts fucking herself with it, the camera jumps back to Aria and Sierra and then back to Adriana and she’s got the vibrator standing upright, by itself and and she’s straddling it, fucking it that way. I thought that was really hot. She was totally just doing herself while watching Aria dominate Sierra.

Legs and Lingerie is a keeper as well. Sierra, Adriana and Kelle all start to go at in a threesome with each other. Sierra starts finger banging Adriana pretty hard while Adriana rubs Kelle’s clit with her toes! And Adriana has some damn sexy feet too. They all take the time to each one to a rousing orgasm. Very nice.

Most Rockin’ Scene

(scene that, hands down, made me masturbate):It wasn’t so much a scene as a moment that made me reach down and touch myself. It was in the ‘Tight Blue Top’ chapter. There’s this one moment where they’re both topless and Adriana is sitting on the corner of the bed and Aria Giovanni starts fondling Adriana’s breasts and licking her nipples. At the slower speed that it’s playing at, how close of a shot it is and how beautiful Aria is. It could actually feel her gently licking my nipples too. It was amazing. The thing that pissed me off was that it didn’t last long enough.


Most Surprisingly Arousing Scene

Breast Works…This chapter starts with Aria putting on some panties, then she takes them off, then she puts on a bra, then she’s wearing no panties. At first I thought, after all that action, what’s with the dress up? But with the way that Andrew Blake shoots his models and the fact that it’s all in, not slow motion, but a slower speed than normal, and Aria’s just so freakin’ hot, it actually became very sexy. It was like Aria was modeling all this lingerie for me see, but I got to see the best part…when she takes it all off.

Most Annoying Thing

I love Aria’s natural breasts and I do realize that’s what she’s famous for but when the directors make her lay above a woman and rub them up against

I wasn’t a huge fan of the soundtrack either. Blake usually uses some type of instrumental music in the background, but I thought some of it sounded like he used someone’s Casio from the eighties. It didn’t compliment the scenes very well.

DVD Extras

A 30 minute bonus featurette Starring Playboy & Penthouse magazine centerfold model, Linn Thomas, which contains 9 different scenes. It’s like getting a second movie, unlike some DVDs where the extra featurette is a bunch of movie trailers. There is a photo gallery for Big Boobsthe movie “Aria” and the Featurette has its own photo gallery too.

Overall Thoughts

I am a fan of Andrew Blake’s style and an even bigger fan of Aria Giovanni, so the chances of this movie getting panned was slim. Andrew Blake’s movies are great because every scene is like a perfect picture. The actresses always look perfect and the scenery is always very minimalistic, yet pretty. It all just works together. So you can play this movie, turn away, turn back again and you haven’t really missed anything. It’s there being super hot in the background. I would have to say that if you’re looking for hardcore porn, this is not it. For the most part, this movie is rather softcore, except for the scene with Sierra and Vince Vouyer.

If you’re an Aria Giovanni fan, you must add this to your collection. It’s everything Aria. She looks gorgeous in every scene. It’s amazing how, no matter what they do to her, how much make up they put on or take off and whatever they do with her hair, she looks awesome! Even if you’re not an Aria fan, this movie is also filled with tons of other hotties that get themselves and each other off. It’s beautifully shot and beautifully set.

  • Starring: Aria Giovanni, Adriana, Kelle, Sierra and Vince Vouyer
  • Director: Andrew Blake
  • Studio: Studio A Entertainment
  • Length: 119 minutes

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