Soloflesh – The warm water filled sex toy for men

95out of 100Excellent!

The Soloflesh PSD is made of 100% silicone material, which is hypoallergenic, non-porous, and easily cleaned with soap and water.

The silicone skin is thick and durable; It comes in ebony and original skin tone which is a traditional Caucasian tone. It’s detailed and visually appealing and was scent free when I opened the box.

There is no need to powder the Soloflesh the silicone is not sticky or tacky, which is good. Life-sized when filled with warm water and yet compact and easy to stash when not in use.

Soloflesh compact

Packs small, plays big!

The instructions say you can fill this product up to twenty pounds of water. In each of my tests I felt comfortable filling up to between 10 to 12 lbs of water. It was a comfortable manageable weight. It was good to know I had additional 8 lbs leeway. I was never concerned about over filling it.

Admittedly, first time filling it up was awkward and clumsy; it got much easier. I filled it up a few times and let it sit around and moved it about to see if any leaks would appear. This product never even hinted at a leak and once it was sealed up I was very confident I would not get a bed full of 10 lbs of water.

Soloflesh nozzle and closure strap

It has weight, warmth and an incredible realistic feeling vagina.

Soloflesh uses the novel approach of water pressure rather than “tightness”. The result is the feeling of gentle, natural pressure and warmth that envelops you evenly and completely.

The vagina placement is anatomically correct and is easy to access from any position. The pressure from the outside walls, transmitted through warm water to the walls of the inner canal creates a snug fit.

The free-floating inner canal adapts to your personal size and shape, just as a woman does, creating a custom fit for you. It’s responsive to subtle variations in pressure, making the inside feel real.

The warmth of the water can be felt not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. Every time you come in contact with the exterior, you will feel the lifelike warmth as it realistically jiggles and slaps against you.

Close detail of the Soloflesh

Overall Thoughts:

The Soloflesh is an outstanding entry that does exactly what it promises. It’s responsive to subtle variations in pressure, making the inside feel real. It’s pretty darn impressive. More than just another stroker, the soft warmth and slippery pressure are a remarkably good simulation of penetrative sex. A well designed creative product well worth the price. I give Soloflesh my highest recommendation.

The Soloflesh does have a lifespan. It does wear with use. The life expectancy varies with actual use. The makers claim the life expectancy of 96 uses at 30 minutes per use when used as recommended. The durable silicone should last a good amount of time with proper care.

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