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What’s the Hype?

It’s a vibrator designed after the i-mac computer and comes in the same array of colors. The I-Vibe Rabit has advanced I.C. Chip technology that allows you perfect control over your pleasure.

How’s It Supposed to Be Used?

Although it does make a pretty centerpiece, you kick back, send it in, turn it on and enjoy all its wild pleasures.

The Best Parts

First and foremost, it’s power. If want it to, those rabbit ears can go all crazy on your clit. Speaking of the rabbit, it has been attached to the shaft so it can flex back, now you can insert all 7 inches of the shaft without worrying about whether or not the rabbit ears will lie up against your clit, a major improvement from the classic Jack Rabbit. It’s a convenient all-in-one toy. There’s no separate controller or battery compartment to keep track of, it’s all at the base of the vibrator. The control buttons are at the best position too. Once you insert the vibrator, the buttons are on top, facing you. When you’re holding on to it Harry Carry style, all the buttons are right at your fingertips.

ivibe detail

The Useless Parts

The LED lights on the controller. It looks like a remote control. I don’t think women will care too much about it.It’s probably a design feature to make it more visually appealing to men. By them using it on their women, they get to play with the remote control electronic looking thingy.

The Most Amazing Parts

It’s amazing what the I Vibe can do! With function 1, the rabbit ears will provide steady, consistent vibrations, while the pearls swirl around the shaft and the head consistently rotates. With function 2, the rabbit ears will provide steady, intermittent vibrations, while the pearls dance around and the head rotates in a clockwise then counter clockwise motion. With function 3, the rabbit ears provide short, quick pulses, while the pearls dance around and the head quickly swings back and forth. During all these functions you can separately control the intensity of the rabbit ears and the speed of the rotating shaft and dancing pearls.

The Most Surprising Part

I expected a vibrator that did all this to be really loud, all the pearls moving around and the head rotating in different ways, along with the rabbit ears vibrating and pulsating; but it’s really, really quiet. Even with all the elements in action, I can’t believe how quiet it is. The classic Rabbit doesn’t do as much and it’s much louder.

My Favorite Way to Use

When I want to really lay back and totally spoil myself, I use Function 2. The intermittent vibrations get me really excited but don’t immediately bring me to orgasm. It’s like a tease on my clit….here’s a quick vibration that builds then pauses, then here’s another one then pauses and it keeps going like that taunting and tantalizing me, until I can’t stand it any longer and have to explode, then I jump to Function 1 to finish myself off. I also like the clockwise, counter clockwise rotation of the head in Function 2, it feels more intense then if it were just spinning like in Function 1.

What’s It All Add Up To?

I thought the classic Jack Rabbit was the bomb of all vibrators, providing multiple forms of simultaneous stimulation for woman like me who need everything and more from a vibrator, until I tried the I-vibe. It’s most definitely a major needed improvement upon the classic. All the major complaints were solved: Rabbit ears lie up against the clit no matter how far you insert it into your vagina, battery and controls are all on the toy instead of on a separate unit, it’s powerful beyond belief and there’s more features and sensations than ever before. Retailing at around $80.00 and in some places higher, it’s definitely a superior vibrator and it’s made by Doc Johnson so it’s a quality toy that will please you for years to come. Usually when you buy toys, some of them just aren’t what you expected and they wind up sitting there collecting dust, well this one will not. It’s right there at the top of my toy pile, so I can easily grab it whenever I want it and I have found that I want it A LOT!

  • Size: Shaft is 7 long
  • Power Supply: 4 AA batteries, not included
  • Time to Orgasm: Depending on which setting you use, about a minute and a half to a luxurious 5 minutes or more, if you really want to indulge.
  • Water Friendly? No

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