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The Hype

Doc Johnson has brought advanced technology to the classic egg vibrator. The iVibe Egg features a smooth, metallic egg powered by a clever little controller that delivers innovative action like you’ve never seen. It vibrates, pulsates, surges, escalates and roller coasters… five unique actions from one item that’s as beautiful as it is modern, powerful and efficient.

Initial Thoughts

I bought the IVibe Rabbit first and thoroughly enjoyed it so when I heard that Doc Johnson used the same technology with the classic egg vibe, I just HAD to check it out. When I opened the package, I actually thought the controller was a little on the large size, but I do realize that it needs to be that way due to the amount of batteries it needs (3 AA’s) and the computer chip to do all the nifty things it does. Although, I wasn’t sure if all the technology was really necessary for an egg vibrator. I did like the egg though, well it’s really more of a bullet if you ask me. It’s not thick like an egg, rather it’s slender and smooth.

How’s It Supposed to Be Used

Unfortunately the remote doesn’t change the channels on your TV, (damn I thought I had a back up) but it does do a damn fine job making the egg vibrate. So go for it and use it on that clitty!

Some Explanation Before I Start Discussing

The Ivibe Controller with Egg offers the user 5 different types of sensations…

  1. Vibrate, the consistent vibrations we’re all used to
  2. Pulsate, quick bursts of vibrations
  3. Surge, 2 quick bursts of vibrations with a third longer burst of vibration
  4. Escalate, a session of vibrations that starts slow and gradually builds in intensity, but abruptly stops and then starts again
  5. Roller Coaster, basically a longer session of escalate with not abrupt stopping and starting

What I Liked

The power! The Power! The Power!!! When you turn this baby all the way up and set it on the “Vibrate” setting, it’s surprisingly powerful. I would say at that point it gives the Hitachi Magic Wand a run for its money…and I don’t say that kind of thing lightly.


I like the shape and size of the bullet. The small surface area of the top of the bullet allows for extremely intense vibrations. Since it’s long and thin (approx. 2 1/4″ long), it can be held long ways against the labia and boy oh boy does that feel good. Sometimes I don’t want to just hold the vibe against my clit. That brings me to orgasm really quickly, so in order to tease myself a bit more and get myself more worked up, I’ll use it that way. It’s also very small to incorporate into intercourse. It’s small to hold without getting in the way of any thrusting. Even though I thought the remote was a little large lengthwise, I found that the length worked just fine. I think by making it longer they were able to make it thinner to hold on to and it’s not that wide so you can easily reach the speed and function control push buttons. The buttons are easy to use too. You just push down on either end, the up or down side. You can push once, twice, three times, etc to build intensity or you can just hold your finger down on the button and it will increase for you. The function push button you have to push separately, holding your finger down does nothing, but that’s good because you won’t accidentally change the sensation you’re on.

My Feelings On the Different Sensations

I use Vibrate a lot! Like I said above, it’s very similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand in power when it’s turned up. Pulsate is not as good as vibrate. I find that it can get rather annoying, so I don’t use that one as much.

Surge is kind of fun, it gives a little bit more than just pulsate, but still I don’t use it as much. I would say my boyfriend teases me with this sensation when he uses it on me.

Escalate is more fun than Pulsate and Surge because each session of the sensation is longer. I like the feel of the longer buildup, but then it does stop abruptly, so that’s where the Roller Coaster sensation comes into play.

On Roller Coaster, once it builds up, it doesn’t just stop, it drops in intensity but goes in a loop so it immediately starts to build up again. It’s the abrupt stop of Escalate that I don’t like.

My Boyfriend’s View of It

He likes to use this one on me because there are so many different sensations to choose from. I usually hold the bullet against my clit/labia and he controls my pleasure with the remote. When he uses it on me there’s usually lots of giggling because he puts into use all the sensations I would use on my own. He thinks the remote is fun because of it’s look, feel and usability. I’m guessing if your man is into video games and things like that, this is one toy he’ll get a kick out of playing with. I honestly think the folks at Doc Johnson were thinking about that aspect as they designed this vibrator.

What I Didn’t Work For Me

Since this is more of a bullet than an egg, I don’t experience the same pleasure of inserting half of it into my vagina. An egg vibe is thicker in the center so there’s more girth for penetration. I also like to pop an egg vibe in and out of my vagina and I couldn’t really do that with the I vibe bullet…too slim.


Surprising Bit

With the amount of power that this delivers, I was blown away at how quiet the vibrations are, it really can be much louder. Since you’re holding the entire bullet in your hand when using it, that muffles the sound even more. If you play music or leave the Television on while using it, there’s no way anyone would here what’s going on. Just make sure you take your rings off, because it will get loud if it’s vibrating against metal. It’s not totally silent, there is sound to it, but it’s not as loud as other vibes out there.

Amazing Bit

I’ve heard different complaints about the egg vibes especially causing one’s hand or fingers to go numb. I always just assumed that was the nature of the beast, however, this bullet vibe didn’t cause such a problem…even on it’s highest setting. It doesn’t make my hands itchy either. I can’t explain why, I don’t understand the inner workings of these babies that much, but it was different…a good different, making it very enjoyable to use for masturbation and intercourse.

Cleaning Factor

It’s a battery operated vibe with a computer chip inside, so you don’t want to run any part of it under water. I have found that squirting a cleanser like Safe Suds on it, cleans and disinfects it just fine. If I don’t have that, then antibacterial wipes work well too. Just don’t submerge ANY part of it under water.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve had the I Vibe Controller with Egg for several years now, but have really started incorporating it into sex more and more lately. In fact, I’ve grown quite fond of it. I’ve been keeping it on my nightstand and have found that I am grabbing it BEFORE my Hitachi Magic Wand, which always ready and waiting. That’s truely a shocker, even for me! It offers some serious power to those that need it and also offers some nice subdued vibrations for those of us who like to get worked up slowly and the different features are fun to play with. It’s also small, easy and fun to incorporate into partner sex. Even my male friends that I showed it off to, thought the remote control was the best part. There’s something about that design that just gets them excited to play with it. I don’t totally understand it, but I’m willing to accept it. A vibrator like this is not inexpensive by any means, due to the high technology that is involved in making it. However, I am happy to say that one of our sponsors, SexToys411, sells it for a very reasonable price compared to many other online shops out there. I may not be a fan of Pulsate or Escalate, but I have heard from women who find those sensations just divine. So, unlike my initial question of “Do we really need all these sensations” is answered in the positive. We may not absolutely need them, but you know the song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun?” Well, we do and now we can really experience playtime with our egg vibrators!

Vital Stats:

Size: Egg/Bullet measures a little over 2 1/4″ long
Thickness: It’s a little thicker than the hole in the middle of a standard CD. If you don’t have a CD, I have found that the thickness of the bullet fits snugly inside a 1/4 Tsp, measuring spoon…so it’s that inside diameter.
Power Supply: 3 “AA” batteries (not included)
Water Friendly: No


Where It's Available:

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