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Studio: New Sensations
Director: Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell
Cast: Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, Riley Reid, Van Wylde

This is another Jacky St. James film, so of course it’s smart, emotionally sophisticated, and highly erotic. From the moment The Submission of Emma Marx began, I was hooked.

It’s seductive, explicit, and erotically powerful

The story isn’t so much about the hardcore kinky activities but an elegant and beautiful exploration of the psychological aspect of the dom/sub relationship. A theme rarely explored in your run of the mill porn fare.

Jackie St. James co-directed this with Eddie Powell. As with so many titles that Eddie Powell is involved in, it’s well cut together, the shooting is beautiful, the pacing is great.  Eddie Powell crafted a gorgeous movie that looks great without necessarily calling attention to itself.

It’s not only a treat for your eyes, but to your ears. The movie is expertly scored, an often underused ingredient in mainstream porn in my opinion, and serves to support the mood of the story and adds a special ingredient to all the sex scenes.

Penny Pax as Emma Marx

Penny Pax delivers a believable and nuanced performances

Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun make this movie, forming a dominant/submissive relationship that is genuinely appealing. It’s no surprise they received nominations for Best Actress and Best Actor.

Penny Pax is a naturally pretty woman that gives a solid and believable portrayal of Emma. Her performance is nuanced and she is able to convey so much with even just a  fragile facial expression at an introspective moment.

I wonder if her past experience in the realm of BDSM allowed her to bring an authenticity to this submissive character. Watching her transformation is enjoyable and inspiring.

Richie Calhoun is proving over and over again that he is a true talent in the adult industry. Not only does it look like he knows exactly how to please a woman in the bedroom, but he shines in his non-sex portrayal of the dominant Mr. Frederick.

This character could very easily be 2-dimensional and unlikable, but thankfully he’s complex, firm, charming and sexy.

Emma Marx Dining Room Scene

Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun in the tension filled dining room scene.

Enough about the acting, story and quality film making what about the sex? The movie breaks down into four sex scenes. While most porn titles have their lengthy cast of stars, another interesting thing about The Submission of Emma Marx is that it primarily focuses on two characters.

So three of those four scenes are with Richie and Penny. Their sex scenes are not only varied in theme, feel and setting, they move the story along. Kinkier sex is featured like spanking, whipping, restraint, blindfolding, hot candle wax and anal sex.

Each is presented with an elegance and style. The sex feels natural and there’s some steaming chemistry between all the actors. If you surrender to the story, like I did,  these steamy sex scenes become several degrees hotter because of the context.

This movie does a great job building and releasing tension. Following the opening scene with Riley It’s a slow filled build to Penny and Richie’s first scene together in the dining room. This engaging tension reaches a crescendo with this scene.

And this isn’t the only time Jackie strings you along. You experience this same kind of “OH GOD YES!” moment just before the last sex scene as well.


Penny and Richies scenes are filled sexy surprises, tension and uncertainty

The first scene with Riley Reid and Van Wylde was a scene I would have never missed if it wasn’t there.  Don’t misunderstand me It’s not a bad scene. Riley drives this scene and brings the hotness to it, but it’s the least captivating.

It just felt extraneous like the appendix of the movie. It was good. It just wasn’t exceptionally hot and it didn’t help to move the story along. All it seemed to do was add an additional standard 20 minute sex scene to the movie.

I guess in the current movie landscape there are certain minimums that a movie needs to be marketable. If the price I have to pay is an extraneous sex scene to have a great movie like this then I’ll take it.

Van Wylde and Riley Reid

Riley Reid and Van Wylde in a good but potentially unnecessary scene

 Overall Thoughts:

The Submission of Emma Marx is extremely solid. Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun are extraordinarily good. Their interaction is infused with subtlety and nuance.

The Submission of Emma Marx is a well written adult movie that beautifully handles the psychological aspect of a modern day BDSM relationship.

It’s presented in a fresh and sophisticated way that moves beyond the cliché zone occupied by other movies tackling a similar storyline.

I didn’t expect to actually be moved by the story, but that’s what happened. The Submission of Emma Marx is a porn that ranks high with the very best of the genre.

I’m so excited there’s a part 2 and I can’t wait to see how Emma & Mr. Frederick’s story evolves. That excitement is a rarity to see with a porn movie. Recommended highly !

Where It’s Available:

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Limon Vibrator from Minna Tue, 15 Jul 2014 23:46:55 +0000 The Limon from Minna Life offers revolutionary squeeze technology. I’ve learned over the years that being different isn’t always better. When I was offered a complimentary one for review, I jumped on it. Squeezing a vibrator to make it buzz is definitely different, but is that a good thing?

Easy to Use Squeeze Operation

Surprisingly, the squeeze technology is it’s best feature. I’ve spent some time with the Limon and I’m happy to report that squeezing it to make it buzz is not a bad thing. Just press the raised button to turn it on. A little light comes on and you’re powered up. When you want vibrations, squeeze it and you don’t have to squeeze that hard. When you stop squeezing, the vibrator stops vibrating, but it’s still powered up and ready to go.

Doesn’t vibrate your hand off

My first thought was that it will become annoying and vibrate your hand off if you have to squeeze it the entire time you’re using it. Surprisingly, that’s not true. I didn’t experience any discomfort or annoyances using it.


Range of vibrations

I always appreciate when a vibrator gives me the ability to experience a range of vibrations. Squeeze just a little and you get subdued vibrations, squeeze a lot and you get the full power.

Now of course it’s not as powerful as the electrically powered Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s also not quite as powerful as one of my favorite vibes, the Form 2, but the Limon offers deep, pleasurable vibrations that I’ve become a fan of. It’s not too much and not too little. For those of you with sensitive clits, this is a vibrator you should be able to enjoy with just a little squeeze.

Amazingly Quiet Operation

I thought my Form 2 was the quietest vibrator on the planet, not any more. The buzzing sound is reminiscent of a  low cell phone vibration. I can barely hear the buzzing, even in a quiet room. And I don’t feel the need to cover up the sound with music or TV, it’s that quiet.

Great for Sex with Your Partner

Hubby and I have found it’s a great addition to sex. We don’t need the vibrator to vibrate during our entire sexual encounter. We use it a little bit here and a little bit there, but there are times when just toss it aside and we both love that when it’s tossed aside, it stops vibrating. And the best part is that it’s still powered up and ready to buzz with just a simple squeeze.

Also, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a little vibrator in the blankets of our bed during sex and I have to try to feel all around to find it. There have been times I’ve had to abandon my search altogether and got another vibrator. There’s a little power light on the Limon that helps you to quickly find it.


The Limon has the ability for you to record and store the kind of vibrations you want. If you want pulses, you can have it. If you want just constant vibrations without needing to squeeze the whole time you’re using it, you can record that and lock it in too. While I’ve not been a big user of the customization, I appreciate that the folks at Minna have given us options and I like options.

Soft, Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Yep, this one’s waterproof making it possible to use anywhere and super easy to clean with some soap and warm water. It’s made of a medical grade silicone, so it’s super soft to touch your delicate parts with. Plus there are no cracks, pores or crevices for bacteria to stay around and fester in. When you clean this toy, it’s clean.



No batteries or cords to worry about, just keep it in its charger and Limon will be ready to go when you are.

Know Your Power Level Immediately

When you first turn it on, you’ll find out how much power you have because the vibrator will tell you by the amount of times it pulses.  It’s a useful feature if you can’t always keep the vibrator plugged in.

Lots of Yays, but Now Some Minor Nays

When charging, the Limon lights up like a little nightlight. This can be slightly annoying to some if it’s close to you when you’re trying to sleep. If you’re sensitive to light, simply unplug it before going to sleep. Or put something in front of it, like a box of tissues, to subdue the light.


The Limon charges by USB cord. You get the cord with the vibrator, but if you want to plug it into the wall, you’ll have to get a wall adapter. With the amount of technological gadgets we all have these days, I’m sure you have one or two of those in your home already. If not, they’re easy to get and then you can plug your Limon into any wall outlet.

These technologically advanced vibrators tend to aggravate me. They can be difficult and confusing to use and/or program. When it came to the customization offered here, the Limon was no different. It took reading through the instructions several times before I understood exactly how to do it. Then again, I like my old school on/off vibrators without all the fancy programs and to be honest, that’s all I use.

Overall Thoughts

So this time, different is better. The Limon’s revolutionary squeeze technology makes it worth the higher price tag alone. When I turn it on, it’s on. When I want it to buzz I squeeze it and when I don’t, I toss it aside and it stops. There are no buttons to find in the middle of sex to turn it off  and no annoying buzzing bed to deal with when you can’t easily turn it off.  I didn’t realize how great a feature this is until I used it with Hubby.

It’s not the most powerful vibrator I’ve used, I’d say it sits comfortably in the middle, not too much and not too little, but I’ve never had a problem getting off with it and that’s ultimately the bottom line when it comes to power.

The Limon is the quietest vibrator I’ve ever used.  It’s easy to use just about anywhere and under a variety of conditions in which discretion is necessary. That makes sex and masturbation even more enjoyable, no worries about anyone hearing you getting at it.

Over the years of reviewing vibrators, I’ve learned it’s my behavior after that is telling. If it gets thrown out, it obviously sucked. If it goes back in it’s box and gets stored away, it was just okay. If it stays on my nightstand, it’s a winner. Well, I’m happy to report that the Limon has earned a place next to my Form 2 on the nightstand. It’s definitely one I’ll be using again and again.

Where It’s Available:

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The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee Tue, 15 Jul 2014 22:58:53 +0000 available to buy here or Watch Online

Studio: NewSensations
Director: Jacky St. James
Cast: India Summer, Jessa Rhodes, Maddy O’Reilly, and Natalia Starr, with Xander Corvus, Steven St. Croix, and Johnny Castle

This is another outstanding release from Director/writer Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell. The subject matter of The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee is…sexual freedom. The film focuses on the unconventional sex therapy of the sexually repressed Anna Lee (Maddy O’Reilly) and intimacy-phobic Emmet (Xander Corvus).

Teases you with sexual tension

This is emotionally grounded quality erotica with a plot and it’s an engaging plot that is elegant, smart and sexy. It chock full of layered sexual tension with top notch performances from all concerned. Jacky St. James expertly creates deep moments for characters you actually care about. The accumulated sexual tension builds right to the final scene.

Blinfolded Maddy experiences total surrender

Blinfolded Maddy experiences total surrender

This movie can help you

This movie contains a few surprising gems. Sprinkled throughout the second half of the movie is practical advice and information to help overcome sexual repression . There are bunch of Laura Corn-esque sex ideas. It’s real practical and fun ideas couples could do and enjoy!

Sexual freedom, Expression & Aggression

There is a variety of sex sex scenes. Five of them to be exact. Each of them has a different sexual dynamic from audible voyeurism to anonymous aggressive sex.

Maddy hits it out of the park in her sex scenes. The last two scenes featuring Maddy were my favorite. The final scene with Maddy features an intense teasing slow blowjob and builds to aggressive rough sex. The sexual chemistry is great in this scene.

India Summer melts the screen with her dirty talk

India Summer melts the screen with her dirty talk

Another standout is the opening scene with  prototypical MILF India Summer. Blindfolded Maddy O’reilly is only able to hear the  enhanced sounds of India’s sex with Johnny castle.

India had some grade A dirty talk all delivered in a whispery commentary. A choice snippet of from India “Give that dirty little hole what it deserves”.


all natural busty new comer Natalia Starr oozes with sexy.

Natalia Star a newcomer had an amazing body. Soft pillowy breast and round rump that moved hypnotically while in doggy position. Once again Xander Corvus delivers both in the acting and sex department. Xander is great at subtle facial expressions that convey emotion.

Steven St. Crois and Jessa Rhodes have a stock sex scene with the standard tropes and I wished Jessa pulled back on her over the top moaning. This was for me the weakest of the five scenes. Despite that it is still a sexy watchable scene.

Maddy O'reilly awakens sexually

Maddy O’reilly awakens sexually

Overall Thoughts

This is a movie that fired on all cylinders for me. Well cut together, shooting is beautiful, the pacing great ( for the most part). There were only two moments I had an itchy fast-forward finger. Both times were in the first hour. The fapping quotient is high. Especially if you appreciate the Eddie Powell aesthetic and his cinematic shooting style. It’s a pleasure to watch, is well acted, executed and well worth repeated viewings. Delivers exactly what it promises. Recommended highly !

Where It’s Available:

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Ovo B11 Vibrating Cock Ring Mon, 24 Mar 2014 17:49:57 +0000 Our cockring of choice has been the Bo from Lelo (scoring a 88%). It is a great product but it is on pricier side of products. We are always on the lookout for well designed wallet friendly alternatives to the high end products.

This brings us to the  Ovo’s B11 Waterproof Silicone Vibrating Cockring. It has a  modern look, it’s wireless and affordable, we decided to spend some dollars and give it a try. Modern design is where form and function meet and unfortunately his product falls flat on the function.

Because this is for couples, we’re going to give you Mister’s take on it and then mine in order to accurately reflect how both a man and woman will experience this toy.

Very stretchy and easy to apply.

Very stretchy and easy to apply.

From Mister:

The B11 was easy to apply in the middle of sex, even without applying lube. It just slid down his cock. Once it’s on, the on/off button is there front and center and just push and go.

It was comfortable to wear, it didn’t strangle him. However, one big issue is that the design makes B11 top-heavy causing it to spin around his cock, so we had to keep pausing to put it back in position.

Even with the cock ring wrapped around his cock, he couldn’t really feel the vibrations, so he doesn’t see men using this on their own. If you can’t feel the vibrations, what’s the point of a vibrating cock ring?

Removable vibe is just not powerful enough.

Removable vibe is just not powerful enough.

From Her (Me):

While Mister had a few positive experiences with this cock ring, my experience was mostly negative. First of all, with any cock ring, the woman experiences the most vibrations in the woman on top position or any position that allows the couple to stay connected so the lady feels constant vibrations.

In looking at the photo of this cock ring, I misunderstood what part I would be grinding against. I thought I’d be grinding against the top part, which looked rather large and comfy. That’s not the case. Once the cock ring is put on the penis, the part you grind against is the side with the button. It’s much smaller and since you’re grinding up against the bullet vibe, even though it’s encased the cock ring, it’s still a hard and uncomfortable spot to grind your delicate bits on.

Plus, the vibrations aren’t that strong, at all. I was really surprised because I have a good amount of toys that have little, battery operated bullet vibes and those vibes can be super strong. This one is just a fail for me.

And to echo Mister’s thoughts about the cock ring moving around. Not only were the vibrations disappointing, the fact that we had to keep pausing to re-position it, just made it worse.

From Both:

We were excited that it was wireless cock ring that was very affordable, so we had high hopes for this one.

We were also impressed with how quiet the vibrations were. I don’t think I heard it at all when I was grinding up against it.

Even after using it, we took the bullet vibe out of the cock ring and played with it and the bullet vibe on its own was disappointingly weak. So it’s not like you’ll pay $15.00 (at time of writing) and get a really strong bullet vibe.

Overall Thoughts

We were disappointed by the Ovo B11 Vibrating Cockring. It looks slick. It’s made of silicone so it’s a toy could potentially last for a long time because it won’t get all stinky and disintegrate. It’s super quiet and super affordable.

However, the vibrations are weak. Mister didn’t feel them and neither did I. Even out of the cock ring, the bullet vibe is weak. The cock ring moves around so much that you have to keep pausing to re-position it.

Finally, it’s uncomfortable to grind up against. So it’s a slick looking, vibrating cock ring in which the vibrations are barely noticeable to either partner. Even at such an affordable price, what’s the point? Skip this one.

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Bush 2 Thu, 30 Jan 2014 18:00:28 +0000 Studio: Elegant Angel
Director: Mason
Cast: Jessie Andrews, Mick Blue, Katie St. Ives, Manuel Ferrara, Francesca Le, Alex Gonz, Dana DeArmond, James Deen, Dani Jensen

From the moment I saw Jessie Andrews on the cover only wearing a tube top, thigh high socks and roller skates, I was sold. Plus, it’s directed by Mason  who also directed the recently reviewed “Teach Me 2”  being so pleasing, I had to give this flick a watch.

So What Worked?

Pretty much everything. First, this movie delivers exactly what it promises, sexy women having dirty, non-stop sex that’s filled with fun twists while your eyes get some delicious bush candy.

Mason is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. There are so many hot, sexy, clever shots during this movie, I was in awe. Her ability to get close-up shots that are super sexy and not gross is fascinating.  It’s well edited, the shooting is beautiful and the pacing is great.

Just about every star brings their ‘A’ game so there’s not a weak scene in the bunch. Each scene had something delightfully surprising or unexpected, whether it was something someone said or an interesting position, making this a really fun ride.

The chemistry feels genuine and the sex scenes range from playful with the stars giggling and laughing with each other to fairly dirty with a hint of the weird (I’m looking at you Dana Dearmond).  All the scenes are packed with lady orgasms. While many flicks would end with the guy’s pop shot on her bush, Mason gives the viewer another yummy lady orgasm before moving to the next scene.

Each scene opens with Elegant Angel’s signature tease. I loved these so much, they were all in some way hypnotizing, making my panties moist and left me wanting more.

Jessie Andrews opening this movie with a bang!

Jessie Andrews opening this movie with a bang!

Jessie Andrews & Mick Blue

Jessie is powerhouse of an adult performer and she totally brought up, opening this movie with a bang. She was her signature blend of playfulness and dirty all mixed in with high intensity that took off like supersonic jet. I felt she really carried the scene and Mick’s performance just fell into the background for me. However, she did seem really into him and what he was doing, and it’s rare that Jessie delivers a bad performance, so this scene was still hot as hell.

 Little spoiler, the sex in front of the mirror…Ahhhhmazing!

Little spoiler, the sex in front of the mirror…Ahhhhmazing!

Katie St. Ives & Manuel Ferrara

While all the scenes are solid, this is my favorite scene. I dig Manuel’s style. I’m convinced he can dirty talk himself through anything. He always seems so into whoever he’s with and not afraid to ask for what he wants. He’s the winner of this flick. Whenever he starts his dirty chatter, my panties get moist. And big credit is given to the hottie, Katie, as she has no trouble keeping up with Manuel and all his requests. He’s throws her quite a bang and she gives it right back. Not only did Manuel make this my favorite scene, but their chemistry was popping and I felt they had the most variety in the scene. Little spoiler, the sex in front of the mirror…Ahhhhmazing!

Francesca Le oils her bush up pool side.

Francesca Le oils her bush up pool side.

Francesca Le & Alex Gonz

Compared to the two scenes prior, this one felt a little manufactured in the beginning, but Francesca and Alex quickly found their groove and the sex was hardcore, visceral and dirty. Francesca brought a tamed version of her filthy talk, but it was still there and hot as hell. Alex was super into her, there were a few times that I thought he was going to cum all over himself, I don’t know how he lasted as long as he did.

As always brings a healthy dose of the kink.

As always brings a healthy dose of the kink.

Dana DeArmond & James Deen

You could see a fuck ton of chemistry as soon as Dana & James appeared on the screen together. Dana brought her own blend of dirty & weird to this flick that I know all her fans would be proud of and James Deen had no problem giving it back to her. This moves like a freight train with the growling, fish hooking and hard banging, I didn’t get the chance to take a breath.

Dani Jensen combing her precious mound.

Dani Jensen combing her precious mound.

Dani Jensen & Manuel Ferrara

Holy shit can Dani orgasm. Wow! I’m amazed and impressed. She had several of them and you can feel it through the screen. Her chest and neck turning bright red and her legs shaking, even Manuel has to take a moment to sit back and appreciate it. I felt like Dani wasn’t quite in sync with Manuel to start, but they quickly found their way and the scene was pretty sexcellent.

What didn’t work?

Not a whole lot that’s for sure. If I had to nitpick, I came out of this thinking that Mick Blue’s performance fell a little flat with me. I feel he was a little less of a personality in this scene and while Jessie is a powerhouse, I feel she was the reason that scene really succeeded. Other than that, I really can’t come up with anything. This is a solid flick.

My Recommendation

Bush 2 is a great flick, packing some serious punches with some big names in the business. Fans will be their element. If you like a particular star within, their scene is not to be missed.

This movie will be enticing for those that are into bush. There’s certainly enough to play with and tug and rub your fingers through. Those folks that don’tcare either way, the bush is a well trimmed topiary sitting upon each ladies precious pubic mound,  it’s not distracting from the hot sex.

Definitely drop some cash on this one because I think you’ll want to dive into this goodness more than once. I’m going to check out the others in the series that’s for damn sure.

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Love, Marriage & Other Bad ideas Tue, 21 Jan 2014 17:06:15 +0000 Studio: New Sensations
Director: Eddie Powell, written by Jacky St. James
Starring: Richie Calhoun, Alison Tyler, Lexi Belle, Natasha Nice, Dana DeArmond, Amthony Rosano, Wolf Hudson, Xander Corvus, Jacky St. James

Love, Marriage and Other Bad Ideas is a  fun breezy comedy written by Jacky St. James and directed Eddie Powell. This is a smart flick with tender, humorous and even sympathetic moments and most importantly there’s plenty of sex.

So what worked?

The acting is far above your average porn comedy. There no muggin for the camera or wink wink moments. A movie like this can live or die by the casting. Comedy is not easy. The stars show some great comedic acting chops alongside sex that’s hot, sexy, tender, loving and in no way predictable.

This was my introduction to Richie Calhoun. Wow, he was a standout in this title as the surly therapist. His character was driving the storyline and he managed to deliver a relatable, humorous and a sympathetic character.

If you are a fan of  Eddie Powell (the art of masturbation), I know I am, you already know this movie has a beautiful cinematic quality, with soft lighting and his signature lingering shots. His style seems to add a warmth to the sex scenes. I appreciated that he put the focus on the couples having sex and BOTH of their pleasure.

For the most part the soundtrack is complementary to every scene and helps to set the tone. As a side note I was pleased that the music didn’t completely stop during the sex scenes. There was always some kind of underbed music, which I loved.  Music is tricky thing in porn. Rarely, is it any good the most you can usually hope for is bearable. When music is used skillfully I love it and it brings so much to scene.

You get a lot of variety in Love, Marriage and other bad ideas. There are a variety of body types and there’s sex scenes in different places: the bedroom, back seat of an SUV, bathroom and a bar.

All the sex felt real with great chemistry between the couples. The chemistry is there and that makes the scenes really hot.

Bush is making a comeback. I’m seeing it more and more in movies than I’ve seen in the past. Honestly, I like to see some bush when it’s well manicured as it is here.

Lexi Belle and Anthony Rosano

Lexi Belle and Anthony Rosano

Lexi Belle and Anthony Rosano

The 1st scene with Lexi Belle and Anthony Rosano  is an enjoyable, solid scene with good chemistry but it didn’t have that special spark that I usually prefer.

Dana DeArmond and Xander Corvus

Dana DeArmond and Xander Corvus

Dana DeArmond and Xander Corvus

The 2nd scene with Dana DeArmond and Xander Corvus deliver a hot and playful scene with several stand out moments. For example, Dana Dearmond looks into Xander Corvus’ eyes licks her own feet and acrobatically begins to give him an intense footjob. The genuine surprised reaction on Xander Corvus’ face was priceless  Their connection here was intoxicating. It’s definitely the hottest part of the movie.

Natasha Nice and Wolf Hudson.

Natasha Nice and Wolf Hudson.

Natasha Nice and Wolf Hudson.

They’re sex was hot, tender, loving and most importantly felt real, with great chemistry. They had quite a scene to pull off. I don’t want to give a whole lot away, but when they finally get it on, it’s super important that the viewers feel the strong desire to be together. It was like the floodgates opened and they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Alison Tyler and Richie Calhoun

Alison Tyler and Richie Calhoun

Alison Tyler and Richie Calhoun

The last scene with Alison Tyler and Richie Calhoun was filled with passion and desire. It’s that we’ve been wanting this for so long and now it’s finally happening so we need to savor each moment kind of feel to it.

The post coital cuddle and discussion is fun. The scene doesn’t cut away right after the cum shot. They kiss, they talk a bit and then the scene slowly fades into the next. And what they say actually moves the story along and nice change from the typical porn editing.

My Recommendation

Overall it is a solid couples film perfect for fans of the rom-com genre and edgy enough to not feel corny. Do yourself a favor and check it out. This movie hooked me right from the start. Love, Marriage and Other Bad Ideas is a fun, hot, sexy flick. It’s rare that a porn intrigues and sucks me in on both the level of storyline and sex. The last movie to do this was Wasteland.

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Teach Me 2 Fri, 10 Jan 2014 20:25:24 +0000 When I hear about a movie starring two of my favorite performers, the legendary, Nina Hartley having sex with young “kickin’-some-serious-ass-in-this-business” Jessie Andrews, I am all on board.

So what worked?

Club 59/Elegant Angel’s “Teach Me 2”, directed by Mason, delivers exactly what it promises, a refreshing take on the cougar/kitten genre and there’s plenty of sex.

The young hotties bring some new moves to the table too and it’s fun to see legendary stars like Nina Hartley experience a first. Who thought that was even possible? It’s also admirable to see the younger stars taking the upper hand in some of the scenes.

For the most part, these scenes are oozing with genuine chemistry. We start with a good amount of passionate kissing and soft caressing of each other’s bodies before tearing each other’s clothes off and getting to the hard stuff.

All the ladies have what feels like real orgasms and there’s a steady stream of them throughout each of the scenes. In signature Mason style, the camera floats around the scene and rarely lingers in any one place for too long giving you that feeling that you’re there watching the hotness unfold before your eyes.

Francesca Le and Lily Carter with earth shattering orgasms.

Francesca and Lily take you on one hell of a ride

Francesca Le & Lily Carter

A great start to this flick, Francesca and Lily take you on one hell of a ride. The style is raw and animalistic with a relentless forward moving pace. Lily delivers her earth-shattering, body shaking, multiple orgasms that always make my panties moist. Nasty, dominant, anal hazing Francesca Le is surprisingly tame. She still brings the dominance with the occasional hair pulling, soft choking and light dirty talk. She left her humiliation bits at the door which was appropriate for the style of this movie. While I do thoroughly enjoy those moments, it was impressive to see the range that she can bring to her sex.

a solid performance was given by Veronica and Sensi

a solid performance was given by Veronica and Sensi

Veronica Avluv & Sensi Pearl

While a solid performance was given by Veronica and Sensi, their scene felt a little more like your standard self conscious porn fare. Too much muggin for the camera and over extending themselves. It does the job adequately, but it’s nothing special. I wasn’t crazy about this scene.

The chemistry is popping with Nina Hartley and Jessie Andrews

The chemistry is popping with Nina Hartley and Jessie Andrews

Nina Hartley &  Jessie Andrews

This was the hottest scene for me. I tend to love Jessie Andrews and Nina Hartley in just about everything and this is no exception. The chemistry is popping. The lingering looking into each other’s eyes was really hot, along with the occasional direction of how to please each other via finger gesture or hand sucking was brilliant and definitely gave me a lady boner. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Inari Vachs & Riley Reid, less fulfilling than I was expecting

Inari Vachs & Riley Reid, less fulfilling than I was expecting

Inari Vachs & Riley Reid

The star of this pairing is Riley who delivered a solid, very giving performance. Some could say she was taking the legendary Inari on a ride. Although Inari’s performance was enjoyable, it was more lightweight and less fulfilling than I was expecting.

What didn’t work?

Each scene begins with an interview of the ladies. Some of you may love these, but I’ve yet to find a movie where the stars don’t appear uncomfortable and awkward. This movie unfortunately is no different. If the interviews weren’t there, they wouldn’t be missed.

The main issue is that the scenes seem to meander back into territory already covered. Each scene, no matter how hot and sexy, had moments that felt redundant or that the action had become repetitive which ultimately made them feel long winded. For me, the scenes could have been shaved back a notch.

My Recommendation

Not a perfect 10 but definitely a solid sex flick filled with sexy, legendary stars and hot, young, well-established starlets sexing each other up in the purest, most natural way possible.

All the pairings felt believable, which lead to some raw, genuine chemistry that you feel from the very first kiss to the last make out session. While I’m sure this entire flick will make you tingle in your nether regions, I highly recommend you not miss Scene 1 with Francesca Le and Lily Carter and Scene 3 with Nina Hartley and Jessie Andrews. I’m certainly glad there are more volumes in this series as I’d love to experience more.

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Art of Sex 2 Sat, 09 Nov 2013 18:12:25 +0000 Rare to find movies

What makes Art of Sex 2 a standout title is not what it is but what it’s not. Rarely, do you find a “couples friendly porn” title that has no plot, no girl-girl, no crazy costumes, no artistic lighting

You ask, what’s left?

In the simplest sense, attractive couples having sensual tender sex in a series of comfortable looking surroundings. To top it off they’re actually having a good time and the girls and guys are enjoying themselves equally. There is a steady stream of hot chemistry here.

Heavy breathing and natural moans are what get during the sex scenes. I found this extremely hot. All the performers are actually making sounds as if it actually feels good. No over the top screaming and obligatory repetitive porn screaming.

Ivana Sugar and Matt Bird

These are sensual personal sex scenes  full of hot eye contact, deep kissing and tender touching. It feels more like “real Sex” not the acrobatic swing from the rafters and it’s also not mechanical porn paint-by-numbers sex.

Lexi Lowe introduces each of the five vignette with a short story or “sex tip” to set up the flimsy theme of the following scene. She slowly strips down over the course of the movie but does not end up in any of scenes. There is hinted at masturbation after the final scene.


Cathy Heaven and Renato

Cathy Heaven and Renato

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

This  is a solid straight sex couples title without all the usual cliches. You get 2.5 hours great looking girls and guys having hot sex.

For me the weakest element would have to be the ho hum camerawork and editing. I really enjoy a cinematic eye when it comes to shots and editing Like (Art of Masturbation or Wasteland)

However, this may not matter to you at all and for a lot of people the adequate camerawork could be a benefit to the movie.

This movie is really going to appeal to the folks who like tender, sensual sex. The Art of Sex 2 will give you a steady stream of steamy sex with performers that actually have chemistry.

I would recommend this title to couples, guys and girls that like natural-ish performers having sensual tender sex without all the trapping of traditional couples titles.


  • Starring: Cathy Heaven, Ivana Sugar, Lexi Lowe, Madlin Moon, Matt Bird, Steve Q.
  • Director: Viv Thomas
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Wasteland Sun, 27 Oct 2013 02:38:36 +0000 available at IntimateSource or Watch Online

Okay, straight off I feel like I need to be very clear on this: good films are good storytelling and Wasteland is masterful in every sense of the word.

For those who say that sex scenes add nothing but cheap titillation to a movie, Wasteland’s brilliance lies not with its exquisitely filmed sex scenes but in its blending of hardcore sex and good storytelling.

“Wasteland” just might be the perfect porn movie

Wasteland does not play like your typical series of porn set pieces. The movie is intelligent, a touching depiction of a barren friendship is played out through deeply felt sex scenes that seamlessly connect to the tense psychological drama.

I like realistic psychological motivation, even in porn. Having characters that think and act like real people. Lilly Carter and Lily Labeau give outstanding performances. These are people having sex, not just bodies. This “motivated sex” makes the sex sexier.

Every moment and scene has a purpose. Absolutely nothing is filler. Once the movie gets rolling  No wasted minutes, no bad performances, just amazing start to finish.

There are the gorgeous visuals, the great casting (I never once thought someone wasn’t right or suited for their role), the dialogue, even the music. Perfection. It is a consummate blend of intensity, delicacy, and hardcore sex. Every scene was wonderful in its own way and instantly memorable.

Lily Carter takes care of Lily Labeau

Lily Carter takes care of Lily Labeau

Lily Labeau and Manuel Ferrara have stall shaking  bathroom sex in an LA club as Lily Carter peers over an adjacent stall coveting the action. The scene ends as Lily Labeau alternates between sucking, fucking and stroking Manuel off in the bathroom stall. Finally sucking Manual off onto her face.

In a back alley Lily Labeau has Carlo Carrera pants down and is working him over with her hands. Labeau coaxes and guides Lily Carter into reluctantly stroking and sucking Carrera’s dick as Labeau finger fucks her under her skirt and whispers in her ear. Carter blows Carrera to completion in her mouth.

Lily Labeau is the instigator in an erotic and passionate scene with Lily Carter. Licking, sucking and finger fucking with a constant stream of passionate kissing. There is a beautiful contrast between the soft and sensual sex and Lily Carter energetic/orgasmic body spasms that peak and valley throughout the scene. This scene is a showcase for Lily Carter

Here Lily Carter takes care of Lily Labeau with light touching and stroking of Labeau body. Which leads to Carter bring Labeau to a brilliant Orgasm with her fingers.

This is the second scene where Lily Carter is the Voyeur peeking through a cabin window on Lily Labeau and Xander Corvus. Xander fucks lily Labeau as Lily Carter masturbates just outside the window in gravel. My favorite line from this scene is said by Labeau “fuck me till you hit my brain”

There is a Short romp between  Lily Labeau and Lily Carter. Lily Labeau gives Carter oral with intense eye contact culminating in a body shaking orgasm.

Lily Carter meets Liza Del Sierra

Lily Carter meets Liza Del Sierra

Inside a sex club Lily Carter meets Liza Del Sierra. Lily and Liza drift room to room and briefly watch Tiffany Doll sucking and stroking Eric John and in another room they encounter Sarah Shevon sucking off Brian Street Team. Finally, Liza and Lily get to a private space where Liza dominates, finger fucks and chokes Lily culminating in Liza making Lily Squirt.

And there’s the last scene, nothing short of spectacular. Once Liza Del Sierra release Lily Carter back in the club she gets drawn into a hot rough orgy Lily Labeau who’s already involved with David Perry, Toni Ribas, Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar.

The four guys work their way around the two girls sucking and fucking them hard in every conceivable variation. Anally, vagianlly and all holes filled at the same time.

At one point Carter is fingered over Labeau’s face and ultimately Carter squirts her juices all over Lily Labeau’s face and chest. This is scene is dirty, debauched and explosive. Fuck yeah!

Carter is fingered over Labeau’s face and ultimately Carter squirts

Carter is fingered over Labeau’s face and ultimately Carter squirts

Overall Thoughts:

Whether under the LA night blinking skyline or the glow of sketchy club bathroom, Graham Travis’ Wasteland adds up into a perfect cocktail of a film. The raw natural chemistry in all the scenes are intoxicating.

This is a top flight couples film clearly not your typical gonzo fare. If you are a fan of either one or both of the Lilys this is a must have title. The collectors DVD set is well worth price and you get so much on the discs. I give Wasteland my highest recommendation.

It’s clear from what I’ve seen  A new era has been born for the porn movie industry by Graham Travis and Elegant Angel. I am so excited about the level of porn that has been released lately. This movie falls squarely in the Best of the Best category.

The Extras DVD comes with extended version of every sex scene in the film and two extra scenes one from Girl Crush 2 and another from Lesbian Workouts.

In the extended sex scenes on disc two there is an entire sex scene between Daisy Sparks, Proxy Paige, that didn’t make into the movie. It has a different tone than the scenes that made it into the movie so I understand why it was left out. However, it is hot as hell so be sure to see this scene for the ass to ass double anal with a stainless steel dildo.

  • Running Time: 117 min.
  • Production Date: 7 / 23 / 2012
  • Director: Graham Travis
  • Cast: Lily Carter, Lily LaBeau, Liza Del Sierra, Proxy Paige, Sarah Shevon, Sparky Sin Clair (aka Daisy Sparks), Tiffany Doll, Brian Street Team, David Perry, Eric John, Karlo Karrera, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, Toni Ribas, and Xander Corvus in sexual roles with Alec Knight and many more in non-sex roles


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Palm Ballers for Men Wed, 23 Oct 2013 22:26:37 +0000 Most of the male sex toys we have given high ratings to have come with with a hefty price-tag. This led us to wonder if we really need to spend so much to get great sensation and durability. The answer is simple. No.

Affordable,  durable discreet design

What you get with the Palm Ballers from NS novelties is a simple discreet design that is easy to handle and a cinch to clean. At first glance, this travel size odor-less bulbous toy made of super-soft Phthalate free TPE rubber could be confused for a brookstone/sharper image executive stress ball.

It has two openings that supposedly give different sensations. Visually one side looks smaller than the other but unfortunately, the difference in sensation was just not that noticeable for me.

There is a difference it’s just not something I would promote as a major feature.This is a minor quibble and really had no bearing on the enjoyment of the product.

I did discover that if you cover the smaller hole with your finger as you stroke a vacuum suck effect is created and offers a completely different sensation.


It’s light and easy to maneuver.

Fits comfortably in your had and it doesn’t feel like you are trying to do biceps reps while using it.

The material is thick and creates a substantial cushion between your hand and penis.

It’s very stretchy material so death grip masturbators may find the tightness/stimulation lacking a bit. However this may  be the perfect toy to help wean yourself from death grip stimulation.

Most male masturbators work best with lube and I used this with my favorite water based lube and had excellent results in both use and easy clean up.

In addition, I wanted to see how the material performed just with good old saliva. Surprisingly, it did very well and did not dry out as soon as I imagined it would.

Many sex educators have pointed out how a male stroker can used to simulate a super deep throat blow job and this toy is perfect for this. Especially since it’s not sticky and doesn’t have the weird smell that many male sex toys have.


Easy to use and a snap to clean

The palm baller easily turns inside out for cleanup and compared to fleshlight when it dried it did not have that sticky consistency that the fleshlight has.

Final Thoughts

In performance, design, and sturdy construction,  this stroker performed as well as our favorite high-end male products.

At around $15, it’s price makes it an excellent choice. Its performance, design and sturdy construction make it worth every penny..

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The Art of Masturbation Fri, 20 Sep 2013 00:47:06 +0000 The Art of Masturbation offers a fresh look at the solo genre.

If you’re like me, and I know I am, there are three things I love: natural looking performers, a strong visual style and authentic orgasms. The trifecta is, for the most part, what you get in the Art of Masturbation.

6 beautifully shot scenes are cleverly linked using a subtle visual element that carries the viewer through a woman’s day ( I don’t want to ruin it, it’s more fun discover it yourself). These scenes are about enjoying the moments in the journey not just the final destination.

This movie is elegant precision.

Desaturated colors and gauzy out of focus backgrounds are perfect visual companions to long lingering shots and Mr. Powell’s pin-sharp focused close ups, which I love. So sharp, you can see the goosebumps on breasts and the thread on panties.

Believable real orgasms in porn are rare

I was pleased to see a variety of authentic orgasmic moments from blink and you’ll miss it orgasms to panty soaking hotness. I give New Sensations and Mr. Eddie Powell credit for not portraying every orgasm as the cookie cutter screaming, writhing, peel ‘em off the ceiling kind.

In Scene 1

Rilee Marks is  peeping on a couple have sex. You can hear the couple’s moans and dirty talk, but we never see them, just a hint of a shoulder, blurred back, which is brilliantly creative and adds a palpable tension, that’s really hot.

In scene 2

we get a peek into a morning masturbation that builds in a slow, believable way. It opens with under the covers, over the panty masturbation. Hayden Winters has tight crisp blue panties and perfectly manicured nails that hover and tease across the fabric. Panty fans this is a scene not to be missed.  She teases and masturbates with her fingers and then culminates the strong session with a thick pink vibrator.

Scene 3

The intensity ramps up with Kiera Winters’ shower masturbation scene. It starts with tight teasing camera work of mundane shower tasks, soaping and shaving, that serve to create anticipation for a raw and intense face against the wall shower  finale.

Scene 4

 I didn’t connect with Capri Cavanni’s performance in this scene. It felt out of place in comparison to the authenticity of the other five scenes. It felt forced, and maybe that’s because, it was the only scene with cliche porn tropes like the breath in through your teeth really hard, because apparently that’s a sign of being turned on.

In addition, She was only performer with the typical porn look i.e. plump lips, fake nails and the boob job. She is sexy and beautiful however, my preference was for natural look of the rest of the cast. I hung in there to give her scene a full viewing, but I had to seriously fight the urge to hit the fast forward button.

Take note, for the foot fans there is a lot of focused foot shots and one point she even started sucking her own toes. So, if feet are your thing you may really dig this scene.

Scene 5

Allesandra Snow has legs splayed across the office desk, vibrator in hand, as she engages in a little semi-public office masturbation. She furiously works towards a giant release all while attempting to muffle her orgasmic screams as a curious co-worker listens in at the door.

Scene 6

Lilly Banks has her panties at her ankles, spread out on a couch. It’s paired down to the basics. She explores her body with her fingers and is completely absorbed in her own touch, it’s intoxicating raw sexual energy that culminates with her ass in the air and  fucking herself deeply with three fingers.

Overall Thoughts

Me and the hubby really enjoyed the The Art of Masturbation. It’s a good title for men, women and couples that appreciate a woman’s body and femininity.

Director, Eddie Powell has a great photographic eye and it shows in every frame of the Art of Masturbation. It’s a title that could hold up to repeat viewing because it’s chock full of little details to savor.

Five of the six scene had a delightful point of view, moments or performances that really clicked with me and exceeded my expectations. While there was the one scene that we didn’t connect with, What didn’t work for us, may work perfectly for you. Your mileage may vary :-)

This is a new video from New Sensations, I don’t know if they’re planning on making it a series, I hope they do, the idea is great. If they do, we’re definitely interested in seeing how it evolves and what other performers bring to it.

  • Starring: Allesandra Snow, Capri Cavanni,  Kiera Winters,  Lilly Banks, Rilee Marks
  • Director: Eddie Powell
  • Studio: New Sensations
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Pirate’s Pendant Vibe Thu, 01 Aug 2013 19:29:28 +0000 Hubby and I go to lots of parties, bars and clubs, so I thought this would be interesting, fun accessory to wear out and about. If anything it’ll at least be a good conversation piece and if I get to buzz a lady or two, even better.

It’s discreet

The Pirate’s Pendant Vibe is basically this is fancy bullet vibe on a chain, but it’s got a cool design and is available in a variety of metallic finishes and most importantly, doesn’t look like a vibrator at all.

I wore this to a party and unless someone specifically commented or inquired about my groovy necklace, they had no idea it was a vibrator. And when they found out it was, they couldn’t wait for me to turn it on and show them how it worked.

It’s easy to use

A simple push of the button on top, like a click pen, will give you access to five different styles of vibration:

  • Low constant vibration
  • High constant vibration
  • Pulse
  • Fast pulse
  • Quick pulse, quick pulse, long pulse

Each push of the button brings you to the next style of vibration and the last one turns the vibrator off.

The chain is long enough that you can easily put it on and take it off without undoing the chain, easily lifting over your head. The chain is easy to undo if you prefer not to have it on while using the vibrator.

Discrete fancy bullet vibe on a chain fits in the palm of my hand

It’s powerful

I like powerful vibrators and the high constant vibration was more powerful than I expected and did bring me to orgasm. If you put the bottom pointy tip against your bits, all those vibrations coming through that tiny little area makes it feel even more powerful.

There’s also a good difference between the low and high setting so if you’re sensitive to intense vibes, the low should be fine for you. The pulse feels like the low intensity pulsing and the fast pulse feels like the high intensity pulsing.

The long pulse on the last setting feels pretty powerful; however, I’m not really a fan of those. I like the constant vibration much better.

Can’t turn off without scrolling

You have to scroll through all the settings/styles before you can turn the vibrator off. Plus, all the pulse settings that are good for warming up are at the very end, so if you use those first, you have to turn the vibe off and on to get to the constant vibrations which are usually necessary to reach orgasm.

I don’t know why most of the companies make them this way, but it seems silly to have to turn your vibrator off and on again as you’re getting more aroused and closer to orgasm.

It’s loud

While the Pirate Pendant Vibe is really fun and discreet in its appearance, its operation is not. Compared to the Tantus Touch Little Secret Vibrator which was almost silent in its operation, the pendant vibe has a much higher pitch.

Loud music or TV will cover the sound, but if you want to use it in a quiet room, you’ll hear it. And if the chain hits the vibe, that only makes it louder. It’s not the loudest vibrator I’ve ever used, but it’s not the quietest either…I’d say it’s mid to quiet vibrator.

Made of safe materials

This vibe is phthalate free, meaning it’s made of materials that are safe for you to put on and in your body. It’s made of ABS hard plastic with a metallic coating which is a non-porous material so there are no cracks and crevices for germs and bacteria to build up in after multiple uses.

When you clean it, it’s really clean. Even though it has a raised design on it, the whole vibe is smooth to press and rub against your body.

Easy to clean

I’ve used my spray toy cleaner with success. You can also use a warm, soapy washcloth. I’ve cleaned mine a few times and the finish is holding up well.

It’s splashproof

Generally splash proof means that water can be splashed on it, but you can’t submerge it in water like in a bath or shower.

Push button operation and easy to replace battery.

Push button operation and easy to replace battery.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

The Pirates Pendant Vibrator is an attractive, discreet looking vibrator that works well for a fun night out. It’s a naughty pirate costume accessory with the skull and crossbones design on it. It makes for a great conversation piece.

It has a good range of vibrations that can get quite powerful within its 5 settings and can be easily operated by pushing a button, like you would a click pen.

While it’s discreet in appearance, it’s not that discreet in volume. It runs on 3 watch batteries that are included so you can play with it as soon as it arrives.

It’s made of safe, body friendly hard ABS plastic, so it’s easy to clean and should last you a while as long as you don’t abuse it.

Since I go to a lot of parties and events, I have found this vibrator to be a fun accessory and if you’re looking for something fun that you can wear out, this is great.

However, if you’re looking for a small discreet vibrator to hide away in your nightstand, there are better options for you.

  • Pendant size: 2-1/4″ x 3/4″
  • Chain Length: 26”
  • Power: 3 watch batteries (included)
  • Water Friendly? Splashproof (don’t submerge in water)
  • Extras: 3 watch batteries to get you started, chain for pendant
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Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Lube Tue, 23 Jul 2013 06:36:41 +0000 I have always found it difficult to find a flavored lube that actually tastes really good. Most of them are too sugary or just taste disgusting and nothing like what they’re supposed to taste like. A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the Sliquid Swirl Blue Rasberry and it was really, really good so I thought I’d give another flavor a try.

Tastes Good, Smells Good

This one is also a hit. It’s got a sweet fruity taste that’s not overpowering and smells really yummy too and the smell doesn’t fade away right away. All the sexy stuff smells yummy.

It’s water-based, making it versatile.

Since it’s water-based, you can use it for all kinds of sexual encounters: oral sex, intercourse. It’s safe to use with condoms, in the vagina and with all sex toys. It will wash away and wash off of you and your toys with soap and water. And it will easily wash out of the vagina too.

It’s Glycerin Free.

While it has not been scientifically proven, rumor has it that lubes containing glycerin can cause yeast infections. (Feel free to read more in this article from whether it’s absolutely true or not, you can be on the safe side and avoid all glycerin with this Sliquid Lube. Not only is it touted to be safer for the vagina, but I feel like because there’s no glycerin, it’s not too sweet, go figure.

It’s also Gluten Free.

These days folks are more health conscious and the topic of gluten has become a big deal, whether to really ingest it or not. I’m not a doctor or a scientist, so I can’t say whether gluten lube will cause a problem, but I imagine that if you have a sensitivity, ingesting gluten in any way could be a problem. So if you have to avoid gluten and you love a fruity taste, this lube is for you.

It’s also Paraben free.

Paraben has been known to be a dangerous substance to use on and in your body. To my knowledge, it’s added to many lubes to help it stay slick, however, because some of us are more sensitive than others, paraben is a no-no. Luckily, this lube is paraben free.

Doesn’t get really sticky

I’m amazed, this is a water-based lube and most of them get very tacky and sticky after a while, but after using this lube for quite a while now, it doesn’t get sticky as quickly. Just keep in mind, when your water based lube, any water based lube gets sticky, don’t add more lube, add water. Keep some water by your bed and adding just a little water will reactivate it.

Overall Thoughts

While I’m a big fan of Sliquid Swirl’s Blue Rasberry Lube, I’m an even bigger fan of their Strawberry Pomegranate. It’s tastes really good, it’s not too sweet and smells even better.

Being glycerin free, gluten free, paraben free and made of all vegan ingredients, it’s safe to use on and in the body. It’s water-based so it can be used with all sex toys, condoms and during intercourse, oral sex whatever you want.

Unlike most water-based lubes, it doesn’t get tacky right away and even when it does, just adding a bit of water will reactivate and make it usable. With so many uses and so safe for the body, while tasting and smelling really good, I highly recommend this lube.

  • Company: Sliquid, LLC
  • Size: 4.2 oz
  • Flavor: Strawberry Pomegranate
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Empire of Light – Vol. 1 Sat, 20 Jul 2013 03:02:47 +0000 I was contacted by the director, Lux Noctis, to review this movie. My initial thought was that it looked very pretty and had good potential to be hot. However, they don’t refer to it as porn but as erotic art, which interested me greatly as I wondered if it would be too artsy to be arousing. Boy was I wrong!

If Andrew Blake, Michael Ninn and Erica Lust had a baby, it would be Empire of Light.

Empire of Light is 3 hours of super sexy, glamorous ladies masturbating and getting it on with each other in a music video style format. I find these style movies to be great because they have no storyline, there’s nothing to follow or keep track of.

It’s just hot scene after hot scene that you can watch all the way through, jump to a specific scene or simply leave it playing in the background to create a sexy atmosphere because you’re either getting treated to a sexy strip tease before things get started or you’ll be jumping right in the middle of the action and it’s all hot!

 It’s well shot, edited and produced.

I appreciate the fact that Lux played with high color, high saturation, black and white, brightness and darkness. Each scene had its own look and feel. He also played with speed. It feels as though things are slowed down, but not too much that you’re waiting for things to happen.

What I loved was that at this pace, you can really see what the ladies are doing. When a woman is rubbing her clit and lips, you can see every little thing, every little gesture and really appreciate the total sexiness that’s happening in front of you and it’s even hotter than real time because in real time, it’s all happening too quickly.

It’s discreet porn.

There’s no loud moaning or breathing or dirty talking. It’s just music, so unless someone sees your tv, computer screen, etc. They are none the wiser. I only had issue with some of the music. In the beginning, some of it seemed a little heavy handed. It didn’t detract from the scene, but I didn’t feel it complimented it that well. Fortunately, the music improved as the movie went on.

Every scene is pretty and sexy

I can’t say I had a favorite scene because they were all sexy and as a whole they all got me really worked up.

  • There’s a scene with 2 ladies engaging in sensual, erotic BDSM.
  • There’s 2 ladies getting it on with each other in a big tub, masturbating together in the bathroom, getting it on in a bedroom, in a club.
  • There’s another scene with 2 ladies getting it on in a spot light. Lots of ladies masturbate in rooms with various themes: comfy bedroom, comfy living room, club/disco room, a dungeon kind of space.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendations

Empire of Light is a hot movie. It’s 3 hours of complete sexiness. There isn’t an unsexy scene within. You’re either watching ladies flirt, kiss, fondle and get each other naked or they’re getting it on with another or getting it on with themselves.  It’s also just 3 hours of pretty and sexy to look at.

The sets and scenes all have a different feel, look and sound to them and there’s nothing sterile about it. Lux plays with color and black & white footage, bright daylight, darkness and everything in between. While I had an issue with some of the music, it doesn’t in any way deter me from recommending it because if you don’t like the music, you can always turn the volume down and play your own.

It creates a very sexy atmosphere to have playing the background while having sex. It’s great to masturbate to because wherever you play it, there’s something sexy happening and it’s totally discreet. Unless someone is looking at your screen, they’d have no idea you watching some hot porn.

I know, it’s not porn, it’s art erotica, but just like porn, it made me want to touch myself the whole time. At the time of writing, you can view some soft-core clips as a preview and download the movie as a whole from the website.

You can’t go wrong by owning it because of the amount of ways and purposes you can view it and hotness like this also stands up to multiple viewings. I know I’m keeping my copy handy so I can watch it over and over and over again. Currently it’s available in an HD, MP4 and Mobile versions.

  • Starring: Eufrat, Michelle, peaches, Brandy Smile, Nikita, Zara
  • Director: Lux Noctis
  • Running Time: approx. 3 hours

UPDATE: Unfortunately this movie is no longer available and has been discontinued.

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Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Hand Jobs Thu, 04 Jul 2013 17:46:37 +0000 Understanding how your partner’s body works and how to touch it with your hands is so important to giving and receiving great sex. Unfortunately, there’s a common misunderstanding among too many men that you just poke at the vagina to give pleasure, along with too many women thinking that you grab the cock and pump ferociously until he cums.

So a DVD that specifically focuses on how to give hand jobs sounds like a much needed resource.  However, since this is also porn, I was interested in seeing how well the stars stuck to the premise. Would we really see only hand job techniques on men and women or would all that valuable information get lost and take a backseat to the porno style sex?

Infomercial footage feels tired and fluffy

It  starts off as a playful infomercial featuring male stars giving rave reviews about the hand jobs they’ve received from Penny Flame. Unfortunately, they continue to use it as a transition between segments and it becomes tired and feels like fluff.


Easy, Valuable Information in workshops, but also lacking

Two different workshops, one focusing on giving a female a hand job and the other on giving a man starts off the information part of the DVD. Penny discusses lube options and explains its importance. She gives separate female and male anatomy lessons focusing on the really sensitive areas and how to pleasure each gender with only your hands. On her friend, Harmony, she demonstrates different vulva massage techniques, how to stimulate the clit, directly and indirectly, and then with her male friend, Justice Young, she shows different stroking techniques and how to pleasure the head/glans. The demonstration of finger penetration and g-spot stimulation on a woman was way too brief.


A nice touch was Penny inquiring with each partner about what they like and having each of them explain and guide her to doing those things. There’s valuable information within each workshop that’s easy to learn, but it all seemed to end very quickly and I immediately thought that if this was a Nina Hartley DVD, there would be so much additional information not just about how to give a hand job, but about male and female sexuality in general that would round out your education on this topic and it’s the simple things that were missing for me. For example, in the workshop, Penny just squirts the lube directly on her partners’ genitals. In my experience, lube can very cold when just poured onto your warm genitals. You should at least put it in your hands first to warm it up, but Penny doesn’t mention that during the lube talk or demonstration part of the workshop and that’s something that I know Nina would.


Amber Rayne and Daniel’s Scene is the hottest and most educational

I enjoyed Amber and Daniel’s scene the best for several reasons. Firstly, they stuck to the premise through the entire scene. They only gave each other hand jobs; they don’t even get their mouths involved. Also, you learn a lot in this scene. Daniel brings Amber to orgasm three times using different techniques. First, he uses his hands only. Then he uses a little finger vibe and the last time she gets on top of him and rides his hand to orgasm. Each way followed all the rules mentioned in the workshop.

Then when it was her turn, she only used her hand and the great close-ups showed different techniques that can be used to pleasure the penis. Daniel is uncircumcised, so viewers learn how to work with that. She brings him to orgasm by stroking him with 2 hands and through all of it there was great chemistry between them and that’s hot!


Alexis Texas and Christian’s Scene Starts off really well

While Christian gets his mouth more involved in giving Alexis a hand job, he keeps his hands actively involved too and the great close-ups in the beginning really show how you can warm a lady up without even taking her panties off. You can also see real well how you can trace, with your tongue, her lips and above her clit. Alexis shows him and tells him how to rub and touch her throughout the process. There’s great chemistry; he’s totally digging just seeing her get excited and she’s genuinely digging what’s happening to her and he brings her to what appears to be a real orgasm.

When it’s her turn, she starts off with a slightly different technique than Amber did. They also showed some semblance of massaging the perineum. However, it looked like she was she was rubbing too lightly and I believe for that to be really pleasurable; you have to apply some pressure during the massage.  Anyway, most of the techniques you see are good, however, the scene started to fail for me when she starting doing a lot of posing and looking into the camera, which ultimately felt fake. Eventually it seemed like she was getting tired and he wasn’t going to cum so she jumped on top of him and he quickly banged her until he came. That was disappointing since this is about hand jobs and the quick interviews in the beginning set up the premise that Penny‘s techniques brought them to incredible orgasms.


Penny Flame and Anthony Rosano’s scene was the most disappointing

This is a shame because there was a lot of chemistry and their sex was really hot overall. What disappointed me was that the scene with our expert is the scene that veered away from the movie’s premise the most.  In the workshop Penny stated, don’t go right for the clit. As soon as Penny’s panties came off, Anthony immediately sucked on her clit. He also fingered her right away without really rubbing or massaging her vulva like we were taught in the workshop earlier. If there was a voice over explaining how this is an exception to the rules we learned earlier, I wouldn’t have had a problem, but there wasn’t. Even though Penny seems to be genuinely enjoying what he’s doing and the camera is getting good close-ups so you can see the technique, the rush to all of this can be confusing the ultimate message of “take it slow” for the viewer. However, even though rules were broken, there’s still valuable info to learn about techniques and guiding your lover in the scene and Anthony ultimately brings her to orgasm with just his hands.

Penny starts out her hand job with a different technique than the other ladies, so there’s still something to learn but before she starts, she puts the lube in her hands first to warm it up. It killed me that it took the whole DVD to even bring this important fact to light. Anyway, she shows off all the techniques she discussed in the workshop. They even get into a 69 demonstrating how a lady can receive pleasure while giving it and from what I understand about male sexuality, some men get more excited with their lovers pussy in their face while getting a hand job so it’s all good.  Unfortunately, they don’t tell you that, Nina would have at least made the comment.

Unfortunately, Penny the expert, does not bring Anthony to orgasm with these awesome techniques that the guys raved about at the beginning. Instead, she jumps on Anthony’s cock and they have lots of intercourse. It’s hot, there’s great chemistry, however, this is the last scene on a DVD about hand jobs and it ends with the guy pounding away and shooting his load on her ass.  I was just so disappointed that they didn’t stick to the hand job premise.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

As excited as I was about this DVD, I’m somewhat disappointed in the lack of sticking to the premise. Only 1 out of the 3 women brought their male partner to orgasm with a hand job. Please don’t misunderstand; I’m not implying that the techniques are bad, although that’s what one might think.  From what I understand, some guys just need more than what a hand or mouth can provide to reach orgasm. It’s just so disappointing that there’s no explanation given to that simple fact and that explanation can be helpful in understanding how to please your guy and how a man’s body works.

I’m familiar with many of the techniques shown, discussed and used. Hubby and I have been successful with them. I also loved that in every scene you saw the couple communicate about how they liked to be touched and that was a positive addition to sex making it a better experience for both which I think is super important since so many people have difficulty sharing what they want. All the women seemed to have genuine orgasms from the hands only stimulation they received.

While there were lots of things that didn’t work for me on this DVD and I felt the information was lacking, ultimately, good, valuable information is there. The techniques are easy to learn and incorporate into sex. The voice overs and pop-ups make the information even more clear and fun to learn. So even if you add a couple of the techniques into your repertoire or heed a bit of the advice, you’ll find your lover enjoying him/herself a lot more during sex.

At the time of writing, this DVD is $27.00 to purchase and I just don’t feel like it’s worth it because you can buy Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide to Oral Sex for only $9.50 and that has a TON more information in it. However, Penny Flame’s guide here has an overall younger, hipper feel to it and if that’s what you’re looking for, then I highly recommend that you at least watch it either by rental or online viewing; it’s a more affordable way to go for this one to get some new techniques and be well on your way to becoming a better lover.

  • Starring: Alexis Texas, Amber Rayne, Anthony Rosano, Christian, Danny Wylde, Harmony, Justice Young, Penny Flame
  • Directed by: Penny Flame, Tristan Taormino
  • Studio: VividEd
  • Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Extras: Watch scenes with or without instructions and voice over, DVD-ROM compatible, Safer Sex Mini Feature
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Fleshlight – Original Pink Lady Wed, 05 Jun 2013 02:27:45 +0000 The Fleshlight is probably the most popular and widely known Male sex toy in the world.

The Fleshlight claim: “This smooth insert is the most realistic feeling recreation of a young woman’s vagina.”

I received the Original pink lady Fleshlight and was definitely curious about the claim that this feels as good as the real thing. The first thing I did was watch a small video on the Fleshlight site about the preparation of this toy. I can hear the grumbles now. Preparation! Ugh, What do mean preparation I want simple stuff.  In total the Fleshlight had a 10 minute, set it and forget it, prep that is absolutely worth it. This small preparation step will make all the difference in your Fleshlight experience.


First experience

The first time I tried the Fleshlight was without any prep just some lube and the “Original Pink Lady” sleeve. It was okay but honestly if that was my only experience with the Fleshlight I probably would have just preferred my hand and some good lube. It would be unfair to judge the toy at this point because as we already mentioned for the best experience  there is a small preparation.

The full experience – A pleasant surprise and a gem!

The next step was to try the Fleshlight with a full prep for the complete experience. I filled a small metal bowl with warm water and put the sleeve in . I put a bottle of Sliquid lube in the bowl and let it sit for 10 minutes. During the ten minutes the sleeve was supposed to absorb the heat from the water and the water would nicely warmed the lube.


I did not have  huge expectations after my first unprepared experience so when I put the sleeve back in the case and applied the warm lube I was flabbergasted by how good it felt. The sleeve holds the warmth extremely well and for a long time. The combination of the warm lube and warm silicone sleeve was absolutely amazing and far exceeds just your hand and some lube.

The suction feature

Once I acclimated to great feeling I wanted to play with vacuum aspects of the Fleshlight  On the end of the case is a small cap and if you close it completely it creates a vacuum feeling and as you release the suction decreases. My cap was never quite able to close all the way to create strong suction the way screws on maybe it doesn’t quit sit exactly to create complete suction however it was not really an issue as my preference would be for just enough air release to have a nice even stoke.


Then it was clean up time. I pulled the sleeve out run warm water through it and then I let it dry completely before I reassembled the Fleshlight  This is a fairly humid area so it took a full 24 hours for the sleeve to dry completely. Depending on your area drying times would probably vary.

It’s Not Perfect

The Fleshlight does have some drawbacks. Not drawbacks in the experience or how it works just some drawbacks that come with the nature of the toy. The Fleshlight case is well designed with caps on top and bottom however because the nature of the material the sleeve is made from it is not a good idea to store the sleeve closed in the case. So keep in mind that for best care you will need to be able to store the sleeve outside the case so it has good air flow and won’t mold from trapped moisture.

To get the best experience you really need the prep time. So, for some a 10 minute prep time might  just be too much hoopla to go through.  Unfortunately because of the prep this toy doesn’t really fall into the secret stealthy kind of toy. You need space to place it in warm water for 10 minutes and then you will need to leave the sleeve out to dry overnight. So being discreet is not one of it’s strengths.

The Wonder Wave sleeve

I also got to try the Wonder Wave sleeve this Just like the original except it has bands of texture going along the inside of the sleeve. My recommendation would be to get the wonder wave as you first sleeve instead of the “original”. The Wonder wave texture will increase stimulation and can be used to increase your stamina.

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Tenga Wavy Egg – Male Masturbator Sun, 05 May 2013 02:19:18 +0000 I was not sure of what to expect from the Tenga egg A disposable one time use male masturbator.  It’s position in the consumer market is an interesting one and because the disposable nature of the egg this shouldn’t be directly compared to something like the Fleshlight it would be a closer comparison in use to a Senso lips or my new favorite the palm baller.


Wonderful design outside

The packaging and design are slick and so well thought out. Enclosed in a plastic egg is an egg made of super stretchy material the interior of the eggs have six different textures:  Egg Wavy, Egg Clicker, Egg Spider, Egg Twister, Egg Stepper & Egg Silky. The egg I tried was called wavy.

Marvelous experience inside

The use of the egg is just plain simple remove the egg apply the enclosed lube to egg. Place the egg on the head of your penis and masturbate while stretching the the egg up and down your shaft. The stretchy material transfers great feeling from your hands and fingers. From what I could tell the the stretchy material did not hold any heat like a Fleshlight insert does it was more a soft velvety jelly.


With discretion at you convenience

Masturbating with the Tenga egg produces almost no sound and it compact and discreet. If you are carefully and clean and let the egg dry you may be able to 3 to 4 uses out of one egg. However remember they were designed for multiple use they were designed for one time disposable use and in that aspect they are perfect.

TENGAWAVY-7Overall thoughts and recommendation

If discretion and convenience are your top priorities then Tenga egg is a great product for you. At 7$ o pop it may be a long term cost effective toy but the price does not in any way diminish the value of the Tenga egg. It excels in discrete design and convenience. You can buy the Tenga eggs in a six pack and at the time of this review they are about $30 dollars for six eggs. That is $5 dollars an egg and if get two or three uses from an egg (which Tenga does not recommend) but from my experience is possible that averages out to about $1.75 per egg which is less than a fancy cup of coffee.

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Star Wars XXX Fri, 06 Jul 2012 14:00:42 +0000 I’m a big fan of Star Wars, not a hardcore ‘I own everything that Lucas Films has come out with’ fan, but I’m a big fan. I loved the movie, “A New Hope” which is what’s parodied here. I also love good porn, so when I saw the trailer for this movie, I was really excited. A naughty version of Star Wars, Princess Leia getting it on, sexy Storm troopers fucking their way through the galaxy…Sign me up! I was ready to love this movie and recommend it to everyone before I even saw it. Unfortunately, what I saw not only disappointed me, it actually made me cranky.

While there’s a strong story, the sex is not strong.

It’s important that a porn parody stay true, to some extent, to the original work. If you are ultimately making a porn movie, the sex has to be the star and unfortunately in Star Wars XXX it wasn’t. Axel Braun stayed true to Star Wars “A New Hope”, it was very heavy on story and that’s not a bad thing. I just watched Teachers from Digital Playground that was a three hour flick filled with mostly sex scenes, really good ones, and also had a very strong storyline so it’s realistic to say that a strong story and strong sex can exist together in porn. It just didn’t here; the story was the best part of the flick.

Axel Braun added his own comedic and naughty elements with some very clever scripting that at times, had me laughing out loud. I thought Seth Gamble’s portrayal of the whiny Luke Skywalker, in the non-sex scenes, was really well done and Tom Byron as the alcoholic Obi Wan Kenobi was absolutely terrific. His constant desire for a cocktail and his great timing, made me laugh really hard throughout the movie. It got to the point where I knew that there was something good, non-sexually speaking, if Obi Wan Kenobi was in the scene because Tom would bring it.

I don’t expect every sex scene to be a home run, but for a porn movie to be worth a watch and especially a purchase, at least half the sex scenes have to be really hot to totally smoking.  Either that, or there has to be a least one or two totally smoking scenes that I can recommend to watch because they were off the charts. Unfortunately, the majority of the sex scenes in Star Wars XXX failed to get me even remotely wet. So what went wrong?

No chemistry among actors.

The most important ingredient in a hot sex scene is chemistry among all the stars having sex. I’d prefer the chemistry be real and genuine, but I’ll take fake reactions if they can pull it off as believable. This is a fantasy world for us that we escape to get excited. It should feel like those people on the screen are having a great time and are totally into what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with. You can have the most standard sex, but if there’s great chemistry, that can be the hottest sex scene ever.

My main issue is it felt like there was little to no chemistry in just about every sex scene. I want to give Kimberly Kane and Aiden Ashley credit. They had some good chemistry. In fact, there were times where it looked like they couldn’t get enough of each other and that was really hot. The only issue with their scene was that their top heavy wigs seemed to be getting in the way and that they thought their wigs might fall off; so the choice of those wigs negatively affected their ability to just relax and get down with each other. During the orgy in the cantina, Gia DiMarco was so bothered by her neck piece that she kept pulling at it. I’m thinking, why didn’t she just take it off before having sex? Struggling, when you’re not supposed to be struggling, is not sexy.

Sex with Chewbacca is NOT hot.

I understand that it can be difficult to have sex with a bunch of additional crap hanging off of you, but sometimes you just have to say maybe this scene isn’t worth doing and scrap it. Sex with Chewbacca did NOT work because he had to keep his costume on. It was very distracting and annoying that sexy Stormtroopers, Eve Laurence and Brandy Aniston, had to keep picking the hair from the costume out of their mouths, off his cock and out of their genitals. I give them an A for effort, but it didn’t work.  Plus the big costume hands on the Chewbacca costume made it difficult for Dick Chibbles (Yep, that’s his name.) to really do anything to the Stormtroopers. All these issues took me out of the fantasy of it all so they lost me.

Sex sounded and looked fake.

Gia DiMarco was moaning so loud during the orgy scene in the cantina and did it so repetitively no matter what was happening to her that it got annoying because it sounded fake. Plus, Danny Wylde and Derrick Pierce were just pumping away on these ladies; it looked totally mechanical. I’ve seen these two guys in other porns and they’re usually fabulous entertainers, enthusiastic about what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with or so it seems. To see this mediocre performance from them was disheartening.  Speaking of the orgy scene, Han is in the cantina when that scene is going on…why isn’t he having sex? He’s the stud of the Star Wars movies; he could’ve jumped in on that.

There were also times where you’d see a star look just off camera, as if they were getting instructions from someone which is a huge porno pet peeve. Obi Wan is banging a Sand Creature (Jennifer White). She didn’t have that much enthusiasm, kind of quiet, barely moaning. Then she looks just off camera and then suddenly pops back in and starts kind of growling. It felt as though someone off camera told her to start growling and then she did.


Even in the last big threesome scene at the end, Allie Haze (Princess Leia) looks off camera as if to get more instructions or maybe even to see if she’s almost done while Han is pounding away. That kind of stuff takes the viewer out of the sex, because the star having the sex left it themselves. If you look away you look bored, you look concerned, you look like you’re receiving instruction, you look like you’re not into the sex you’re having and ultimately it breaks the fantasy. It happens, I know, but then why isn’t it edited out?

Lack of creativity during sex was disappointing.

Usually in scenes that involve more than just a couple like the cantina scene, the Stormtroopers and Chewbacca or the Leia, Han and Luke threesome you can get some interesting and creative sex happening because there are more sexy brains thinking about what to do and different desires and styles among the actors. Unfortunately, in each of those scenes when the sex partners were swapped, the sex that was then had was exactly the same as what we just saw before the switch and that repetitive sameness is snoresville.

Poor music choices.

The choice to use the cantina music non-stop for 30 minutes was not a good decision. It played from the moment that Obi Wan and Luke entered the cantina, through their negotiation with Han, through Kimberly Kane and Aiden Ashley’s scene and through the orgy scene. That’s too long and the volume was never lowered to an underbed level, it became unbelievably annoying.

Camera work lacking.

Over my 17 years or so of watching porn, I’ve learned getting good vantage points, interesting shots and keeping things moving is important in our current world of high edits and fast pace. It felt like there were lots of single shots. The camera would just stay in one place for a long time and when it would move, it felt like you were watching the camera man searching for something to focus on. Sometimes I didn’t understand why we were focusing on something when a simple panning in or panning out could have increased enjoyment. It just felt static.

Star Wars XXX is touted to have a big budget.

They had a really big cast, I’m sure that was a big factor. However, this movie had an overall feeling of a home movie parody of Star Wars. It didn’t “feel” expensive or slick. It looked like things were just banged together instead of highly designed. For example, in the last scene, with Leia, Han and Luke, Leia’s one foot is front and center in the shot and the silver paint is peeling off her white shoe. Could they not have bought her a pair of silver heels?

There were little things like that sprinkled throughout the movie that just looks kind of cheap. Chewbacca’s costume was really good and I’m sure expensive, but his makeup looked kind of creepy and maybe that was the point, but it wasn’t attractive and this is porn. Many waves of confusion and frustration poured over me during my viewing and I really wanted to like this.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

The idea of Star Wars XXX got me totally excited. Seeing both my favorite things, Star Wars and porn, come together could have been a great experience and I really wanted it to be. I had a stack of porn in front of me to review and I chose Star Wars because the idea of it even existing got me the most excited. Unfortunately, there was so much time spent on writing the story and the script, which was quite clever and even very funny, and getting everyone properly costumed, that it felt like the sex took a back seat on this one when it should have been the star.

From a total lack of chemistry between the stars to some of the costumes being too burdensome and impractical to wear during sex, to a cast that looked like they were going through the motions all too often, resulting in uninteresting, boring and mechanical sex to even more unfortunately, what seemed like poor choices in shooting, editing and music/audio selection; this porn is more frustrating and annoying than arousing and titillating.

It’s a fun parody of Star Wars. Without the sex scenes it’s fun to watch, the cast did great in the non-sex scenes. For a little over $36 for the regular DVD (at the time of writing and I’ve seen it online for almost $50) you get 2 discs, a non-sex version and a hearty behind the scenes the featurette. My advice on this one, if you’re a hardcore fan, I recommend renting it, watching it online or even just downloading to own, which is cheaper, to see their take on “A New Hope”. But if you’re looking for hot porn in the Star Wars movie, this is a miss.

  • Starring:  Aiden Ashley, Allie Haze, Brandy Aniston, Brian Street Team, Bryn Pryor, Chi Chi LaRue, Danny Wylde, Derrick Pierce, Dick Chibbles, Eve Lawrence, Gia Dimarco, Jennifer Dark, Jennifer White, Kimberly Kane, Kris Kelvin, Kris Slater, Kyle Stone, Kylie Ireland, Lexington Steele, Lily Cade, Lizzy London, Marcus London, Peter O’Tool, Rihanna Rimes, Rocco Reed, Ryan Driller, Ryan McLane, Rylie Richman, Seth Gamble, Tom Byron, Tommy Pistol
  • Director: Axel Braun
  • Studio: Vivid
  • Running Time: approx. 2 hours 30 minutes
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Teachers – Jesse Jane Fri, 22 Jun 2012 14:00:11 +0000 Teachers from Digital Playground sounded like a fun porn romp starring Jesse Jane, who I’ve found to be very entertaining in most of what she does, so I thought this movie had a lot to offer

The plot is solid, simple and fun.

Not even a full 5 minutes into Teachers and Hubby and I were fully entertained and there hadn’t even been any sex yet.  The basic plot is that a group of hottie girl students’ secret sexual encounters notebook keeps falling into the wrong hands and they’re trying to get it back.

More sex than story.

In this three hour porn, there are 8 sex scenes each lasting anywhere from 20-25 minutes in length. The first sex scene happens about 9 minutes in and I think that’s the most non-sex time that’s spent on the story line between sex scenes.

Must See Scene: Katsuni, Riley Steele and James Deen Threesome.

Katsuni plays the sexy French teacher, she speaks some French too (OMG hot!), and just oozes sexiness in this scene. She keeps students, Riley and James, after class for “punishment.”

This scene had a lot of great elements for me. First, the chemistry among them all was insane. James Deen is a porn superstar. No matter what movie I’ve seen him in or who he’s having sex with, he usually looks like he’s totally into the lady/ladies he’s having sex with.

While Katsuni and Riley didn’t have full out sex with each other in this threesome, they looked like they were genuinely attracted to one another and as a result what they did do with and to and each other looked really hot, making the scene smokin’ hot.

There are moments when Katsuni is getting so excited in the standing positions they‘re in, that she can’t even hold herself up because she’s giving in to the pleasure. And Riley is a champ, James and Katsuni are throwing her a serious bang and she’s totally game.

James Deen, Riley Steele, Katsumi

James Deen is the winner in this scene.

I also really enjoy when all the stars stay involved with each other in a threesome and everybody’s getting some attention. Katsuni, James and Riley were connected in some way, most of the time and some of it was pretty clever and I give credit to James Deen.

He did a lot of talking and on the spot directing during this scene, but his style is not distracting, or annoying or unexciting. He speaks very softly, directing his partners to do what he wants, and it doesn’t feel false. It feels like he’s seeing the sexy opportunities that arise during a scene and takes advantage of them. I don’t think this scene would’ve had the same steam factor without him and that’s credit to good casting.

The Jenna Haze, Stoya and Evan Stone threesome is banging.

Students, Jenna and Stoya, seduce their sex ed teacher Mr. Stone and it’s another case of how the casting of who is having sex with who in this movie is very well done.

Evan Stone and Jenna Haze are both enthusiastic, energetic performers and by adding the more subdued hottie, Stoya, to the mix there was good balance in the scene. No one star was overpowering another which can happen.

Jenna Haze is also a great dirty talker.

The dirty talk Jenna comes up with is hot, clever and hysterical and it all fits so well into the mix without sounding cheesy or fake. She kept the filth coming which pleased me tremendously, making her the winner of this scene. It’s another lady, lady, man threesome where everyone stays actively involved with each other and the ladies look like they’re genuinely into one another so a lot of hot sex and even hotter anal sex happens.

Well Cast

All the stars, even Jesse Jane at 31 years old, look like they could be students. Ben English as the dean and Lisa Ann as the receptionist look appropriate for their roles especially since they’re having sex with the students and they don’t look like old creepy people having sex with young people. All in all, everyone is hot and attractive.

Holy Orgy

With all the threesomes in this movie, three scenes in succession, I didn’t know how the movie would top itself in the end. Where do you go for there? Well, you have a sexy threesome on a bus turn into a 9 person orgy!

Orgy scenes always have a lot going on and it’s difficult to focus on any one thing and capture it all, but there was a lot of chemistry and everyone looked like they were having a blast which made a great ending scene.

Camera work, lighting and editing were well done.

Some of the scenes happen in a dreamlike, flashback setting as people are reading the notebook and the look of those scenes with blurred out edges and softer light reflected that. What I really appreciated was the choice to keep it that way through the entire sex scene and that look is kept consistent throughout the movie.

The camera got some good shots and there was this slow panning and moving of the camera to catch all the action and it made everything feel very organic. Plus they were creative enough to move the story along with very short non-sex scenes and keep the hot sex front and center.

Only 2 scenes felt weak.

Lisa Ann is a hot MILF and her scene with Scott made my panties wet in the beginning with tons of chemistry between them and lots of making out. Lisa is very enthusiastic when she gives a blow job. Things went south for us when the sex started to feel repetitive and Lisa’s moans and groans and dirty talk seemed to be on repeat.

The Angelina Valentine, Mason Moore and Erik Everhard threesome scene didn’t work for us either because there’s a lot of sameness in it. First, Angelina and Mason look very similar, which could be hot to some, but not us. Between both of their very similar fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake nails and fake hair, we were overwhelmed. Their performances were very similar in style and repetitive and it all ultimately felt fake.

Jesse Jane, Stoya, Riley Steele

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

Teachers is a fun movie with a strong storyline that moves along briskly. The sex scenes are hot, long and frequent. Hubby and I couldn’t make it through the whole flick without jumping each other’s bones.

It’s well cast in that all actors are appearance appropriate for their parts and most of them are well paired in their scenes to create steamy sex. They all are super-hot. The production values are top notch.

If you prefer your sex to contain only a man and a lady, you may want to skip this one or just rent it for the two couple scenes. However, if you’re a fan of group sex and especially the lady, lady, man threesomes framed with a fun and strong storyline, I highly recommend Teachers.

  • Starring:   Angelina Armani, Angelina Valentine, Ben English, Erik Everhard, Evan Stone, James Deen, Jenna Haze,  Jesse Jane, Katsuni, Lisa Ann, Mick Blue, Riley Steele, Scott Nails, Stoya, Tommy Gunn
  • Director: Robby D.
  • Studio: Digital Playground
  • Running Time: approx. 3 hours
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Tantus Touch Little Secret Fri, 08 Jun 2012 19:34:57 +0000 I recently had the opportunity to meet the founder of the company, Metis Black, at a conference and learned that the folks over at Tantus are out to do some great things for us when it comes to making quality sex toys. I consistently heard great things about Tantus and their toys.  When I returned from my trip, I remembered the great folks at had sent me The Touch Little Secret Vibrator from Tantus for review, so I was excited to see if this cute little vibe lived up to the hype.

Attractive, Discreet Looking Vibrator

It’s a shiny stylish silver bullet vibrator covered with an attractive light blue 100% ultra premium silicone cover.

Simple operation makes it super easy to use

The Touch has to be one of the simplest vibrators to use. It has one button on the bottom of the bullet vibrator that you push, like a click pen. One click turns it on, the next turns it off and you can do it all with one hand so it’s also a great vibrator to use during intercourse and oral sex. There aren’t tons of programs and vibrations to confuse things, just on and off. And it only offers constant vibrations which is always my preference.

Silicone cover subdues strong vibrations

The bullet vibrator offers some serious power; however, the silicone cover subdues a lot of those vibrations so it wasn’t as powerful as I was hoping when using it with the cover. It’s a great vibrator to get things started and is a great addition to intercourse and oral sex, but I was hanging off of the orgasmic cliff for a while and needed to take the silicone cover off, which is fairly easy to do, in order to reach orgasm. While it didn’t bring me to orgasm with the cover, if you have a sensitive clit or find you’re sensitive to vibrations, this is a good vibrator to try because of the subdued vibrations with the sleeve.

The Tantus Touch is super quiet

There is hardly any sound coming from this vibrator. It’s just a low hum that can be covered with any music, TV or any or other sound in the room. I didn’t have anything on and I could barely hear it, and it was without the silicone cover on it. It’s almost silent with the cover on. Ahhhmazing!

Super easy to clean

Silicone is a non-porous material which means there are no little microscopic cracks and crevices that allow germs and bacteria to hide in and build up in after multiple uses. Since there are no pores, when you clean the cover with soap and warm water, it’s really clean. Just leave it out to air dry and keep it stored in its box or lint free cloth to keep lint and dust from sticking to it. I’ve cleaned the bullet vibe with spray toy cleaner and it seems to be fine.

Well Designed

The cover is has a flat surface at the top that’s great for holding against your clit. Hubby found the push button to be very easy to use while giving me oral sex and it was small enough that it didn’t get in the way of his head or mouth while he was holding it against my clit. He just held the flat surface against my clit and did his thing and it all worked out really well for him and felt really good for me. He commented after that this is a “really cool little vibrator”.

For masturbation, I too found holding the flat surface against my clit to be enjoyable. Plus its small size makes it easy to use with a dildo as it doesn’t get in the way. I also played around with penetration before I got myself too heated up and it was quite pleasurable to get things started. As I got more excited, I slipped the cover off and used just the bullet. I held it long ways against my vulva, between my lips, which felt really nice and when I was ready to orgasm, I held the tip of the bullet against my clit. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience.

While this toy has not been designed for anal insertion, there’s no flared base, it was quite nice to hold the flat surface against my anus. It vibrated things quite nicely.

Battery Included

It uses 1 N battery that comes in the package so you can play with it as soon as it arrives.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

The Tantus Touch Little Secret Vibrator is a great vibrator if you’re on the hunt for something quiet and discreet that won’t buzz your bits off. It’s a pretty vibrator that’s amazingly quiet whether the silicone cover is on or off. The clickable on/off button makes it super easy to use with one hand and its small size makes it easy to incorporate into intercourse, oral sex or masturbation with a dildo.

Since it’s made of silicone, it’s easy to clean with soap and warm water and once it’s clean, it’s really clean. You can also share this vibrator with playmates if you have them.

It’s only got one level of constant vibration, which I’m a huge fan of. The numerous settings can be annoying to use, making the vibrator more annoying to operate, so if you like to kick it old school like me with simple constant vibrations, then this is a vibe you should consider.

While the vibrations are not the most intense I’ve experienced, taking the cover off, will create stronger vibrations. If you’re not a fan of intense vibrations, then this is a great vibrator to consider as the silicone sleeve subdues the vibrations. So if you’re looking for a small, discreet looking, quiet vibrator, I highly and enthusiastically recommend the Tantus Touch.

  • Size: From top to bottom is about 4 ¼” long and a little under and inch wide at its thickest point. Flat top measures approx. 1” long x ¾” wide
  • Company: Tantus
  • Material: Cover 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
  • Water friendly? Yes
  • Power: 1 N battery that’s included.
  • Extras: 1 N battery
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